The Majestic Malacca

"When in Malacca, stay at The Majestic" 

It definitely seems like it for us since we've never stayed anywhere else other than The Majestic Malacca with every drive up to this UNESCO World Heritage City. The hotel is awarded with a prestigious status to be part of the Small Luxury Hotels [SLH] of the World group of luxurious boutique hotels. Overlooking the Malacca River, the main building is a restored 1920s Straits Settlement mansion decorated fully in its original porcelain tile flooring. Looking at its opulent facade, a regular family will not think twice about checking the rates at this beautifully preserved hotel.

Yet, it does not come with an exorbitant price to stay a night at Malacca's most historical accommodation. With a SGD180++ per room per night rate from their Book Direct Best Available Rate promotion, we got to enjoy free breakfasts, a one-time set dinner for the family, two deluxe spa treatments for the parents [to be utilised only from Thurs to Sun], a historical walking tour, free parking and internet connection. Totally value for money especially when competing 5-star hotels are priced similarly with just a basic breakfast inclusion. 

This is our third stay at The Majestic Malacca with the first two sans-kids [well, just because we weren't parents yet]. Nothing had changed! The immaculately trimmed bonsai tree at the driveway, the teakwood fittings, rattan furniture, victorian tiles and Peranakan upholsteries were still the same as when we first visited in 2008 when the hotel was fully restored and reopened with much fanfare. This is not a complain but a compliment that after eight years, they are still up-keeping the property in its original glory.

Facing the Melaka River and Morten Kampung, it boasts a location away from the tourist attractions. Our view from our room, nine levels above ground, overlooked a relaxing scenery of a lazy river and small-scale ferris wheel in a Pirate Park. There are opportunities to explore a Malay Kampung, go for a river ride or simply walk across the street to a newly-built shopping mall with an aquarium within.

To get to Jonker Walk, many travellers may walk but with our two cute little baggages, we decided a drive is much needed to keep sane in the sweltering heat.

Arriving at this 90 year old building felt rather wistful. I love historical buildings and if I could, I would love to own and live in one. Reading up on the history of this mansion left me a tight knot in my chest. Owned by a tycoon who decorated his home with imported victorian tiles, stained glass windows and expensive furniture in 1926, he only got to enjoy his fortune in this home for two years before he passed away. His son eventually squandered his inheritance and sold the mansion to a businessman in 1955 who turned it into a hotel.

With every step I took in the lobby, I imagined what life was almost a century ago. Visualising where each room might be; if his family shared a close-knitted relationship and what are their favourite hobbies. When he first bought/built this house, did he ever think it would become a luxury hotel it is today? I doubt.

It is a beautiful place to lounge with pockets of seating area indoors and outdoors. Set in a Peranakan style, many local tidbits and sweets lined empty tables around the room to quench thirsty visitors and satisfy greedy children. Oh like mine - greedy children they are. 10 gem biscuits are never enough for each kid in one seating.

I loved how the hotel dressed their ladies in traditional Kebaya, adding cultural heritage to the overall experience. My husband's maternal and paternal grandmothers are Nonyas which makes him half a Ba Ba? With that, his children are now one-quarter Peranakan too. We should dress our part and not lose the little bit of Peranakan roots passed down by our ancestors.

The deluxe room is 35 square-metres furnished with warm timber floors and a four poster bed. For our family, we requested for a baby cot and welcomed one kid to join us on our King-Bed. A rollaway bed can be arranged if needed at an extra charge of SGD35, which I found rather reasonable.

It is probably the vanity in me because I determine the beauty of a space by its bathroom. Our room housed a lovely open-concept toilet lined with black and white tiles and separated from the sleeping room with wooden screen doors. Oh that elegant clawfoot bathtub was so relaxing to luxuriate in.

We were welcomed at check-in with tea and sweets for two in traditional china. This is, however, the first time we couldn't sit to enjoy our pot of Chinese tea because the children were chasing us to bring them for a swim at the swimming pool.

The hotel's swimming pool sits in between the spa and gym. It is a modest lap pool, good enough for a casual exercise regime or a water gun war for a young family. As I lounged at the spa on one of three traditional Peranakan Chinese day beds waiting for my treatment, I watched my family burst into hearty laughters as they splashed the afternoon away.

I had been to several Spa Village branches in Malaysia and they had never once disappointed me. This branch in Malacca is especially beautiful because of its architecture and fixtures. Every corner is photo-worthy for a Travel magazine and I took the opportunity to pretend to be a model. *haha*

There are two floors in this spa with the first level featuring hair washing services and the second level, treatment rooms with a comprehensive list of massages available for booking.

Although the husband and I could not enjoy our massages concurrently because one of us had to babysit the children, we managed to enjoy some private time away from chores on our own. We booked ourselves in for our massages on a back-to-back time schedule and indulged in a relaxing experience at the Spa Village.

Oh one problem though. I could hear my children laughing and screaming at the pool while I indulged in my Swedish Massage!

The Mansion is the hotel's main dining room on the second floor of the original building. It overlooks the Malacca River and Kampong Morton with an ambience I would describe as Antique. However, it is not exactly Chinese Antique but British Colonial in style.

We had our Breakfasts and Dinners at The Mansion throughout our stay [because of entitlements] and I must say the experience was pleasant especially with Rajan waiting at our table. Meyer and I, well... tired and up to our necks with whiney kids [only Ewan actually], couldn't see eye to eye at every meal. We did not hold back on our disagreements while placing our orders with Rajan [twice in fact!]. I was sure Rajan felt a little awkward but he continued to serve us with much pleasure and delight. He knew when to step back and when to jump in to assist. That I thought was great EQ on his part.

While seeing how disappointed Ewan was with daddy's badly folded paper aeroplane which couldn't fly, Rajan dropped in at our table and folded one perfect paper plane for the boy! He played a few rounds with my son until we were done with our dinner. When he did not see Rajan at dinner on the second night, he asked, "Where is my friend?"

As always, the people makes a difference in every experience. Although not every staff in the property works with a passion i.e. being personable and absolutely warm, we were taken care of by a handful of passionate staff.

The stay was not perfect and I have to be honest about it:
- Remote Control: We checked into our room with a remote control with drained-out batteries.

- Air-conditioning: It died on us on the second afternoon and it was a hotel-wide issue which was quickly rectified

- Master Switch: This needs to be looked into seriously. Once the Master Switch is turned off, it seems like all power sockets lose its electricity flow as well. That is technical silliness I must say. We needed all lights to be switched off at bedtime but would also love to have our devices charged by the next morning. So if you want that to happen, switch all lights off manually instead of using the Master Switch.

- Internet: We received signals in our room, lobby and restaurant. However, while walking from Main Building to New Building, internet is lost. We did not get seamless connection and it can be a little irritable.

The Majestic Malacca. Historical, luxurious and rich in culture. For now, it is still, "When in Malacca, Stay at The Majestic." until a competitor comes their way. I will choose history over technology any day so technical faults such as those mentioned above are still tolerable in my opinion.

Ah! With the Pokémon Go craze around the world, you would be stoked hear that The Majestic Malacca is a PokéStop! [Note: If you are a parent, take a step back on chasing special Pokémons while in Malacca because you really should spend time watching your children in a foreign country.]

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