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The little one’s down with flu. While she was home with me, we played, rested, studied light and did some Art. Faye requested I came up with an Art lesson for her since she would have missed her Art class in school and at Da Little School House. I decided to work on some home-made bookmarks since we are always in need of them. It was a therapeutic activity and we both loved it a lot!  

Ewan came home, saw what we put together and squealed, “Oh so cute! Can I colour in the hedgehog? And can we make more?” It was just Mr Shadow [my son named him] and his book on the blank sheet of paper at first. After he coloured the hedgehog in, he asked me if I could draw a tree in the background. To make it as though Shadow’s leaning against it to read his book! Sure can do!  The books all have titles and Faye was the one who named them.  According to her, the Believer the Beaver needs a guide to lead him to Trees and the Randy the Racoon would probably be interested in Trash Cans cause city racoo

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