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All Great Conversations Happen at Bedtime

All great conversations happen at bedtime. All wounds heal at bedtime too. So let us talk.  Even though the children do get a fair share of wrath from me, they do a lot more to make me a proud mother. They really do. I mean if you see the way I reprimand them at times, you probably wouldn’t comprehend why I love doing my job despite the tension. Mommies would understand.   I was sharing with Ewan last night in the dark about how his JSA bowling coach told us parents to not hang around too much and baby them because these 12 year olds only want to do us proud. Should they make a little mistake knowing we are standing behind, they would cringe and feel terrible. So let us give them the space to learn this new sport with their new friends.  Ewan agreed wholeheartedly and “Yes”ed the notion.  I told him last night in bed that I never ever judged him when I watch him bowl or play badminton or do anything that’s embarrassing at all. There were only pride and pleasure when I watch him from af

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