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The Greatest Award Your Child Wants To Receive Is Your Recognition

The school year has ended. Our Primary Schoolers received their report books and brought them back for our review. Some of us had our children received Character or Academic Awards while some of us hadn't. I was so happy for my children's friends who brought pride home with medals, trophies and certificates and I wished with all my might for those children who brought back no awards, that their parents were just as proud of them. Proud of what their children [our children] had learnt from this nasty Coronavirusnised 2021 - skills like Adaptability , Overcoming Fear , Accountability , Responsibility , Resilience , Respect  and Compassion . This week, our Primary Sixes will be bringing home their PSLE results! Will you find it a cliché if I say, " The Greatest Award Your Child Wants To Receive Is Your Recognition "? Come on. We all know how deep inside we would all love an "Academic Star" or "Aspiring Author" out of our children. Bringing home an acc

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