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Truths About Your Fourth Trimester

Dear Faye [and my future daughter-in-law], Daddy and I went on a theatrical date and we caught The Fourth Trimester. I felt compelled to share all these that nobody ever told me when I was pregnant.  This list isn't to scare you away but to prepare you of what's to come so that you will not get a rude shock when your baby arrives.  Truths about your fourth trimester [the trimester when your baby is born]:  - Breastfeeding can be hard because it can be very painful as your baby suckles and overuse your nipples  - It can cause you fever and infection if you do not empty your breasts in time. It’s called Mastitis and hey, please know that you can continue breastfeeding your baby if you want to… through lots of pain  - When you breastfeed, and if the baby is suckling well, you might experience excruciating contractions in your womb as though you are going through another labour. That happens for a reason: your body is trying to close the gap caused by pregnancy and bring you back t

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