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[Downloads: May's Suggested Itinerary for Malacca]

We embarked on a two-hour road trip to our neighbour's over the weekend. It was an impromptu decision to visit Malacca with the children [just 3 days before] and I sure was glad to have an itinerary whipped up in an hour. Looking back at my photo albums, I realised our last visit was a day trip back in 2010 and I must exclaim, "I Cannot Believe What Six Years Can Do To A City!"

Since when did a 5-storey H&M building and Hard Rock Cafe became guardians of Jonker Walk? They stood rather oddly on the left and right of the entrance to this historical shophouse-lined street - an awful juxtaposition in my opinion. I hope they stop right there with modernisation! I am a history junkie and like all things retro. So having two modernised buildings right outside Jonker Walk made me rather sad. Sorry, no picture because I cannot bear to photograph the scene. Nah! I did not enter H&M. It's not like we don't have it in Singapore.

Here are some How-Tos to ease your road trips:
  1. Car Seats. This is the most important requirement for all road trips for my children. They will have to be strapped into their seats as long as the car is moving. We have heard of many accidents on the road and the survivors are mostly the little ones strapped safely in their child seats.
  2. Plan A Drive To Coincide With Nap Times. We ensure this happens with every road trip. The children take their afternoon naps around 1400 to 1700 hours and a drive in the car around this time will have them sleeping like logs. We planned to leave Singapore in the morning for this trip though so as to arrive in Malacca by lunch time. Thus, we got the kids up earlier than usual, took them out for breakfast and some play in the park before popping them into the car for the long ride out. Wa La! They slept the whole road trip to our final destination. 
  3. Bottles of Water. Not only are bottles of waters needed for the children, they should also be prepared for the parents. Driving non-stop can be quite dehydrating with the scorching sun pathing our entire way from Point A to B.
  4. Get A GPS. You never know when you might get lost on the highway or tiny meandering roads in Malacca! It is always good to have a GPS available for "rainy" days. 
  5. Pit Stop. Plan pit stops if you think your children need to stretch out a little or for that toilet break lest the car seat gets dirty from a leak. We planned this road trip so well that they woke only on arrival in Malacca! 

We chose to stay in a 1929 hotel, a mansion owned by a local tycoon in those days. He incorporated his home with imported Victorian tails, stained glass windows and expensive furniture. Unfortunately, he fell ill and died just two years after. His son squandered his fortune and sold the mansion to a businessman who turned it into a hotel. Before its doors closed in 2000, the hotel took a turn for the words, operating only as a guesthouse. A restoration was in place and YTL Hotels stepped in with an acquisition in 2006. There, THE MAJESTIC MALACCA was reborn. Set in the heart of a World UNESCO Heritage Site, this hotel was presented with a Small Luxury Hotel plaque to be displayed with pride at their front door. The only hotel in Malacca to hold this title with honour. Read: Our stay with The Majestic Malacca.

SHOPPING FOR MINI KEBAYA AND SARONG was the primary reason why I chose Malacca for this road trip. I saw many pop-up stores in Singapore selling brightly-dyed Kebayas and Sarongs starting from S$60 for a Size S to S$90 for a Size L. I felt it was a little bit too pricey for a two year old who will probably outgrow her clothes within a year. Malacca, the Peranakan town, should have better-priced Kebayas and Sarongs don't they? It helps defray costs that Singapore Dollars are so strong now as well.

To my surprise, it was not easy to find little Nyonya Kebayas! I recall vividly the shop I bought my kebaya from some eight years ago. It was a large shopfront at Jonker Walk opposite Geographer Cafe. My husband remembers it too because he sat with a beer at the cafe while waiting for me. Though I cannot remember its name, I knew exactly how to get there by foot. Arriving with disappointment, it has been taken over by another clothing shop selling the millennium's fashion. However, a few shops away a J.Manis showcased beautiful Peranakan Kebayas at its window. I was excited but was quick to note that they only offer clothes for adults. The owner suggested a couple of shops at The Red House [you won't miss it driving into Malacca] but she also added that they are of low-grade quality.

We took a drive around and found a shop called Sixty 3 Heritage on the next street selling mini Kebayas for girls! They do batik shirt for boys too but they got sold out during my visit. Pity. The prices were really a steal in my opinion considering they are half the price of what Singapore has to offer. Each Kebaya, regardless of size, retails at RM105 i.e. S$35 per set. They were having a sale and there was a 30% storewide sale when I visited. I'm not sure if the "Sale" runs the whole year through but it is still 20% cheaper than Singapore if we were to purchase it at retail price.

There were only a handful of choices to choose from for each size because they are all handmade. Same goes for the beaded shoes which I was hoping to bring one home with. Each design came only in one size and I couldn't find a design that suited me in a Size 5. Double Pity.

In addition to Kebayas and Sarongs, they carry a wide range of Peranakan accessories as well - tiffin carriers, kerongsang, cucuk sanggul, silver belts and more.

Because each set is handmade, it is important to bring your little ones along for the fitting. Each Kebaya is designed and embroidered differently. The length of each design can also be different even though they are labelled the same size.

TIP: Sixty 3 Heritage is a chain and they have three shops alone at Jonker Walk. I recommend the one opposite Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum because it features the shop within a traditional Peranakan house in its original condition. The other shops are smaller and modernised to include air-conditioning. Why not experience shopping and historical culture at the same time.

No. 63, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, 75200 Melaka

Opening Hours:
1000 to 2200 hours

Website | Facebook

JONKER STREET LIBRARY is the perfect escape for dads to bring their children to as moms go about their shopping spree. But I'm also that mom who would rather spend time reading to my kids or watching dad read to them in a corner. So, we visited the Library together as a family. We were running away from the scorching sun. True enough, it was a quiet respite despite it being non air-conditioned.

It is a house turned into a library from a large collection of books donated by people from all walks of life. I zero-ed in to the children's section and my children couldn't stop pulling books off the shelves. As we read, Meyer noted quite surprisingly that he used to own one of those books when he was a kid! Oh what are the odds and how nostalgic to read it again, this time to his offsprings.

The furniture and design of the Library is rather Chinese. Nothing Peranakan in there and that hollow in the middle of the house [the courtyard] made a breezy hole in the house to keep the residence cool. Natural daylight streams in, providing light in our reads. As with all libraries, code of conduct remains the same from culture to culture - Please Refrain From Speaking Loudly.

104, Jalan Hang Jebat, Jonker Street, Melaka

Opening Hours:
Tues to Sun - 1000 to 1700 hours 
Fri and Sat - 1000 to 1900 hours

MAMEE JONKER HOUSE is also at Jonker Walk! I was so excited about this latest attraction in Malacca that I put it on my itinerary. By hook or by crook, good or bad, I had to come for a visit. A visit to my childhood snack "factory". Mamee Monster!

When we walked in, I was all so animated while my husband went, "Oh Gosh Mom! This is so lame." I got the children excited about the activities [Mamee Musem, Noodle Doodle and LilMonster Kitchen] they have in store for visitors only to leave the premise after a walk through the Mamee Museum.

[1] Mamee Museum
Price: RM5 per person
Age Limit: None
Min. No Pax to Start: None

I was skeptical about paying for this because I cannot tell how big or small this museum is. A quick calculation and S$1.70 per person is an alright price to spend just for a look-see. I would say, we were in and out within five minutes. There are three small sections to the museum. The front of the museum featured a mama-shop selling all kinds of Mamee products in a traditional way. The middle section is a modernised techie room where you get to see yourself in a TV screen in front of you when you plonk yourself on the sofa [no idea what's that got to do with Mamee]. The last part of the museum is about the Potato Chip Man character. They set it up like a football pitch - no idea what's that suppose to mean either. Well, just for photo opportunities I guess.

[2] Noodle Doodle:
Price: RM5 per person
Age Limit: 2 to 6 years old
Min. No Pax to Start: Six

This activity is the only one that my children can participate in because of its age restriction and I had wanted to let them experience it. However, there is a minimum number of participants to start the class. We had only two - Ewan and Faye. Although they mention they can still commence this activity for our children if we paid entry for  six people, despite having only two, we decided to skip it. I don't forsee we will finish eating six Mamee Instant Noodles filled with MSG when we get home.

What do you get to do here? Nothing much.

1. Doodle on your personalised Mamee Chef Noodle Cup
2. Mix and Match your favourite seasoning and condiments

[3] LilMonster Kitchen:
Price: RM15 per person
Age Limit: 6 years and above
Min. No Pax to Start: Six
Duration: 90 minutes

Ewan and Faye are not of age but what is this activity all about?

1. Watch how Mamee Monster Snack is being made
2. Make your own Mamee Monster Noodle

Tip: You can skip it if you are not a real fan instant noodles or if you are, just go have a look-see!

No. 46 and 48, Jalan Hang Jebat, Jonker Street, Melaka

Opening Hours:
Mon to Thur - 1000 to 1700 hours
Fri to Sat - 1000 to 1900 hours
Closed on Tuesdays except for public holidays and eve of public holidays

Website | Facebook

For Reservations:
WhatsApp Henry at 012 6180778 or email

MELAKA RIVER CRUISE is on my To-Do list because I've been there so many times but never took the chance to go on a boat ride. I am sure there are a lot more to see other than Jonker Walk and the Red House in this cultural heritage city.

I was so happy that I found all the beautiful murals of Malacca from this boat ride. I had seen many tourists sharing photographs of street art splashed across the walls of old shophouses but I knew I wouldn't have the opportunity to hunt for them this trip because the children will not be cooperative with walking. I jumped out of my seat and started filming all the murals we found along the way by the river banks. This will have to be on my list the next time we return sans-kids.

How To Get To The Murals: 
1. Locate RC Hotel on the map and the murals are right there along the banks behind the hotel.
2. Locate 1825 Gallery Hotel on the map walk behind it. The murals can be admired from the opposite side of the bank.

These are also very beautiful accommodations that you can consider during your stay at Malacca.

TIP 1: There are many jetties along the river but only two are in operation with ticketing and boarding.

Tip 2: Do not sit at the front of the boat because you do not want the dirty murky Malaccan waters to splash into your face!

Tip 3: If you want to disembark at a half-way mark, maybe to a jetty nearer to your hotel, you can check with the skipper. It really depends on their mood I guess because when I first asked if he can drop us at Majestic Hotel, he said no. But when we arrived at the nearest jetty to our hotel, he stopped the boat for us.

Address One:
Jalan Laksamana, 75000 Malacca
[next to Quayside Heritage Centre, close to the Maritime Museum]

Address Two:
Spice Garden, Jalan Tun Mutahir, 75300 Melaka

Opening Hours:
0900 to 0000 hours

45 minutes

RM15 [Adult] | RM7 [Child]


MELAKA SUBMARINE MUSEUM not only feature a REAL submarine, we were delighted to find two Fighter Jets on display as well! It took us 17 minutes to arrive at the museum from our hotel and we were the first visitors to arrive at 0900 hours. I love it that we had the whole place to ourselves. No photo bombers!

I hardly see the daddy photographing anything while on holiday but he couldn't stop taking pictures of the fighter jets and submarine! I am glad he enjoyed this trip to the Submarine Museum as much as the kids did. There are no guides to the museum but descriptions and stories of each display are put up for those who'd like to know the history of the submarine or jets.

It was the family's first experience to come face to face with fighter jets and submarines! We were taken aback by how small a working space these submariners have to work in inside this humongous ship! The main bulk of "space" was used to store torpedoes and basically a very very thick wall to protect what the submariner was meant to protect.

There are sleeping quarters, dining room, kitchen, toilet but they can only accommodate one person at a time. Even with that one person in the kitchen, there is no room to stretch your hand out from side to side. The bunk beds were not double-decked but triple-decked. Poor guy at the bottom-most bed will have to roll in and out of bed. If you are claustrophobic, this is definitely not the job for you.

Tip: Enter the submarine before your children because there are submariner mannequins in there which I thought was rather eerie. Go ahead of them and prepare the children of who they are going to "meet" or steer them away from those mannequins if you prefer it that way.

Dataran 1Malaysia, Klebang, 75200 Melaka

Opening Hours:
Mon to Thur - 0900 to 1700 hours
Fri to Sun - 0900 to 1830 hours

RM3 [Adult] | RM1 [Child 7 to 12 years old]

MARITIME MUSEUM OF MELAKA is none other than the big pirate ship you see when you drive into Malacca town. The name of the ship is Flor De La Mar. It is a replica of the Portuguese ship which sank in the coast of Malacca while on its way to Portugal. I enticed the children to visit this ship on the context that it was a Pirate Ship. Actually, I was not sure if it was a Pirate Ship but the outlook and feel of it felt like one to me.

Inside, you will find yourselves lost in the depths of a museum. We could climb anywhere we wanted and even had a peek at the Captain's room. I never would have imagined how deep a ship can be if we hadn't visited Flor De La Mar. The sun was blazing down at us though and it made us quite fidgety from the heat. thankfully, the museum within is cool and you'd be happy to know that it comes with a complimentary audio guide with the entrance fee!

Muzium Samudera, (the Flora De La Ma), Jalan Quayside, 75000 Malacca, Malaysia

Opening Hours:
Daily - 0900 to 1730 hours
Friday - 0900 to 1215 hours and 1445 to 1730 hours

Website | Facebook

PIRATE PARK by the Melaka River, can be seen from our room at The Majestic Malacca. A vintage ferris wheel stood out in the horizon. It looks totally walkable from our hotel and so that was what we did. We walked. Only wished for cool weather and unpolluted air.

We crossed a whimsical bridge set cross the Melaka River to get to the Pirate Park at 1700 hours. It looks old and deserted but a quick check on the admission board read, "Opens 1700 to 0000 hours"! We entered at our own risks [the gate was not closed anyways] and headed straight to the ticketing booth. Ah! There were two ladies in there and they shared that the Pirate Park will only open at 1900 hours. The opening hours on the board outside the Park was Wrong.

I had thought there was only going to be a single ferris wheel. Little did we know, there are a lot more play than that! Vikings, Haunted House, Rock Climbing and more. Rates-wise, they are pretty affordable from RM3.20 to RM10.60 i.e. S$1 to S$3.50.

If you are in the vicinity, go take a look a amusement park scene.

Tip: There are corpse props outside the Haunted House that can look frightening to the children. Steer them away or distract them if you are paying the Park a visit.

Jalan Tun Ali, 75300 Melaka

Opening Hours:
1900 to 0000 hours

SKY TOWER AT THE SHORE is the highest point in Malacca to enjoy the view of this UNESCO Heritage City! My initial reaction was, "What? The observation deck is on the 42nd floor and it is the highest point in Malacca?"

Yikes! Too much of a city dweller I am!

We haven't had anything planned on our last night in Malacca and a round-up of the city would be great. Besides, it is just across from our hotel and we wanted to explore The Shore to see what it is made of.

The entrance fee to the Sky Tower rather affordable at S$8 for an adult and S$5 for Ewan. Faye, being two years old, entered for free. However, the expenses do not stop there. There is a fish pond on the top where you can feed but fish food is chargeable at S$1.70 per pack.

To add to our cost, we paid another S$15 for a photograph to be taken on a glass deck that protrudes out to the city. We walked out of the buildings rooftop into a glass box where a photograph of us was being captured. They did not allow us to take our own pictures and if we wanted one, it is payable.

We took one for remembrance.

Tip: Better for a day view!

The Shore, 75100 Melaka

Opening Hours:
1030 to 2200 hours

RM25 [Adult] | RM18 [Child 3 to 12 years old]
RM5 for Fish Food
RM45 for Photo


We covered all these and more including swimming, indulging in local delights and driving around the city in three days and two nights. I was asked, "What? What can you do in Malacca with three days? I am sure a day will be more than sufficient!" Not really my dear friends, we have yet to visit the

- Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum
- Melaka Zoo and Night Safari
- Take a Trishaw Ride
- Malacca Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary
- Melaka Wonderland Water Park

and the list goes on! I could probably add one more day to my itinerary because well, my little ones still take afternoon naps and so, we have that three-hour window taken away for rest. 

May's Suggested Itinerary for Malacca

Our little Travel companions 
August 2016 - Ewan at 4 years old and Faye at 2 years old 
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