Faye's Big One

Jing Faye turned one year old exactly a month ago and we had a birthday party thrown just for us. Many practical husbands lament that first birthday parties are a waste of money because: 

(1) The kid doesn't know what's happening 
(2) The kid doesn't know what's happening with an exclamation mark!

Quite frankly, the party was to celebrate me becoming mommy a second time and to throw confetti in the air in celebration of Faye's thriving health! She will not remember anything from that Sunday but she will have an album of awe-inspiring photographs to reminisce from. I'd love to sit and flip the pages with her when she grows up, recounting the day's events and birth story over a cuppa babyccino.  

We chose to celebrate at Alkaff Mansion with a delightful Sunday brunch menu to pamper our family and closest friends. It was our way of saying Thank You for being there as supportive pillars through the course of my difficult pregnancy. I had surprise packed lunches dropping into my home, text messages that cheered me on, offers to babysit Ewan while I manage my weekly gynae's appointments, worrying prayers that were made over and over again for our safety and everyone went out of their way just to shower me with care. Because of them, I tided through nine months of wearisome pregnancy with faith and confidence.

As with my first pregnancy, I was expected to move about as little as possible. However, it was not practical especially when I am a Stay At Home Mom with an inquisitive toddler. I had to remain active for his sake and frankly speaking, I wouldn't give any weekends up for a fun-filled family day out. Unfortunately, my pregnancy was deemed high-risk and I ended up checking into the hospital for complete bed rest [Read] because I was too eager to get through my daily routines like any normal pregnant mom. Bed-resting wasn't relaxing at all. I was given daily jabs every morning and every night to keep my contractions at bay. My line for the 24-hour drip needed to be changed every three days which meant I had 10 needle holes at the back of my hand for a total of 30 days. There were tears from worry and tears from pain. I am definitely grateful that my 2.1kg baby was born with fully-functioning lungs! Our closest family and friends never ditched us but kept us optimistic with their love. I was even blessed with a bunch of adoring friends who threw me a baby shower in my hospital room just to chase my troubles away [Read]! We hadn't had the opportunity to express our gratitude to these precious people who stepped in with moral support. Faye turning One was our chance. I swore that they will be pampered with good food and great ambience. Their children will be treated to a play area so alluring that they will get free time to indulge in the menu we've prepared for them.

For every party I throw, I made sure I worked with friends in the circle. If I was going to spend some money, I choose to give my business to my friends. It isn't because we are friends that they get my endorsements but because they are really good at what they do. Here are the good people that made Faye's birthday a winner!

I spent almost the same amount of money for Ewan's First Birthday but I DIY-ed the party together with a talented friend. I started planning six months before his big one and had all the time in the world to conceptualise. With two young children to take care of, I found it a formidable task to decorate the venue on my own this time. So, I engaged StitchxMarker and they came up with a cardboard forest for our little party guests to play in. They are a pair of amazing duo who are terribly talented in what they do! I had themed Faye's party "Woodland Animals" and they hand-painted a forest full of lovable animals for the play area! Did I mentioned we had cushioned logs, teepee and a cardboard bonfire for imaginative play? Their eye for detail was not to be taken lightly of. We did a site recce and they took into account the beautiful screen that Alkaff Mansion has at the Bar. Their hipster trees blended in beautiful into the background with black geometric lines. Aren't they smart to find inspiration from the surroundings?

Photographed by Androids In Boots
Photographed by Android In Boots
Photographed by Androids In Boots

Children always walk away with goody bags at birthday parties. I didn't want to give them a bag full of candies and chocolates (baddy bags) but a gift that is useful. One that they could play with during the party would make it super awesome! I brainstormed a series of ideas with A.Muse Parties and we decided that a pair of forest friend mask and matching tail for each kid would make a swell gift! I will have raccoons, deers and bears bouncing away in the house! How adorable a scene that would make. I had known Hanzhi, the Creative Director behind A.Muse Parties, since 2010. We were two of many shavees from Hair For Hope. She was a young photography undergraduate back then and was already working on several projects to inspire the community in Singapore. She single-handedly worked on an impressive exhibition at Esplanade MRT featuring the stories behind a group of female shavees including myself. My mother, who lost her battle to cancer, was so proud to be part of this exhibition Hanzhi put up.

Aha! Now that she has started her own party designing company, I didn't think twice about giving her my support! I was never once disappointed with the party props she provided me with and Faye's animal masks/tails door gifts were the most impressive. She tirelessly hand-sewn every single one of them. [Read About My Other Party Props With A.Muse Parties]

I wanted very much to give my adult guests some time to enjoy their meals without having to baby after their children in the high chairs. Neither do I want our littlest guests to sit at the table with a iPhone whiling away with time. I had to get them some entertainment! Some kind of fun that would make them laugh till they bend in stitches and go home smiling in their naps. The Magic Empire came right up in my evoke set. How can I ever forgive myself if I engaged someone else? Sherman Tang, the founder of The Magic Empire, is a friend I've known since I was 12! Besides, I heard only positive comments from mutual friends about the shows he had hosted. He was booked out 3 years ago when I wanted him or Ewan's first party and he was again this year for Faye's. I think I bugged him enough for him to make a back-to-back show for us! Big fat Thank You Sherman. Without you, I wouldn't have pictures like these to remember by - the heartiest laughters from these little ones that demonstrated beyond doubt that you are the best entertainer in town!

Photographed by Androids In Boots

Photographed by Androids In Boots

Oh cakes, cakes Oh cakes. The birthday cake is the most important aspect of a first year birthday party. We had a tier of Elderflower and another tier of Cookies and Milk. I really am not a fan of fondant so we had to go with cakes as they are supposed to be. Who does the prettiest ones in town? Cupplets! I left Sam to decide on the flavours, colours and design of the cake. The birthday cake was one of the most significant feature for me but I trusted her so much, I couldn't bear to interfere the work of an artist. They executed Faye's first month party dessert table, my dad's 60th birthday and his solemnisation cakes to perfection. I couldn't trust them more than giving them full reign to my daughter's birthday cake. Just look at this!

Sam commented on Instagram, "It's number 1, very heavy for a 7 by 10 inch. I never thought sticking sheets after sheets of 23k gold leaf will take me so long tot he point I almost wanna slap myself with it." *hhahah* I couldn't help but laughed out loud and told her, "Ah! You brought it upon yourself! I didn't ask for 23k gold for a top tier!" Nevertheless, I am touched that she put in so much effort to our party and totally surprised that we've got GOLD on our cake!

Photographed by Androids In Boots

Photographed by Androids In Boots

And this cute little cake smash of a cake was also baked by Cupplets. Faye, unlike Ewan, hated the mess to a point when we had to stop the cake-smashing fun because she cried in retaliation. I WILL NOT let the cake go into the bin! I brought this Lemon Lavender cake home, saved it by shaving off the disfigured parts and savoured the core of it for days. Oh I am missing the taste of it already. Time to pay the cafe a visit soon.

Photographed by Androids In Boots

Your role is the the most crucial. 

I depend on you to make my 
"she will have an album of awe-inspiring photographs to reminisce from
come true.

If not for you, we will not be able to capture the essence of Faye at one year old.

We were touched by the personalised package that was hand-delivered at our doorstep.

You brought your service to a close most beautifully.

Love, Meyer and May

Now that both my children's first birthdays are over and done with, there will no longer be any elaborate celebrations for subsequent years, until maybe when they turn 21. Ewan's second and third birthdays were intimate DIY affairs at home with the people closest to him. They were equally fun and meaningful it its own way. Our children (and even us as children) are fortunate that they needn't worry about a shelter over their heads or food to fill their tummies. They've got toys, books, experiences, clothes and comfort. I am excited to propose a different kind of birthday when he turns four next year - donating his toys/books to other children who will benefit from it more than he does. At four years of age, I believe he can better comprehend the values I am about to teach.

Thank you all for your gifts to Faye! For now, she will have to keep them all until she is of age to understand the art of giving. I will share Sabah Quake victim Ameer's insightful soccer boots story over and over again, hoping to bring up children with generous hearts. Thank you all for your generous hearts - for loving me and for loving us.

Androids In Boots: Facebook | Instagram | Web
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  1. What a delicately planned party! Indeed 1st year party is a must to cheer the mum on and celebrate a year of good health for our child(ren)!

    1. Thank you Ashlyn! This will be my last First Year party! I am happy that I don't have to pull off tiring big parties anymore and yet, sad that the first year just flew by us just like that! Bittersweet. But so glad we've got great photo memories to keep.

  2. Such a gorgeous party! Happy first birthday to Faye!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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