The Making of #mmlittle家 - Home Styling with 3LittlePicks

3LittlePicks has one of the most beautiful collection of Home Accessories in Singapore! I fell in love with almost everything in their store but I had to pull myself back lest I burnt a hole in my pocket. 

I cannot remember which year it was when I first bought my first little pick but I remember the quality to be good, which led me to buying more and more. Being the thrifty me, I will always wait for a sale to fill my cart. Well at least I felt better saving some dollars as opposed to paying full price! So here I am bringing you a discount code of 12% off with no minimum spend [they usually cap a minimum spending for discount codes] for YOUR SAVINGS! [see code and deets at the end of the post]

It was such joy decorating with 3LittlePicks. As soon as my boxes arrived, I dropped everything and started tearing off the bubble wraps. Oh Ewan and Faye liked that a lot! They pricked and stomped on the pop-pops while I busied my creative mind with ideas on where each product best fit. 

Centerpieces make a difference in a home. I have always admired the dining tables in showrooms and lifestyle furniture shops because they looked so immaculate and welcoming! I endeavour to create the same experience for our own dining table. 

However, I have no experience whatsoever and could only go by instincts. 

So it seems, 3LittlePicks made it rather easy for me with their huge range of home accessorising items! 

During Christmas, I added a few bunches of gold mistletoes and acorns to the table. In this picture, three items are from 3LittlePicks:
1. Bloomingville Elegant Contrast Vase
2. Bloomingville Large Golden Decor Cherry
3. House Doctor White Marble Board

As reluctant as it may be, but Christmas was over in no time. I updated our table centrepiece for the New Year, giving shades of pinks a try and it does look quite chic! The desktop calendar is so beautiful! It has a monthly calendar cards with golden foiled details and bespoke floral print at the back that sit on a solid brass base.

I haven’t used a paper planner for the longest time and this is by far one of the best instrument for the children to learn about days! Ewan and Faye love to ask, "What are we doing tomorrow?" or "What are we doing today?" I decided to keep this planner open on our dining table; opened to the week we are in.

There, I write all the things the children were going to do for the week - Dinner at Gramps, Piano Class, Swimming Days, Zoo Day, Gardens By The Bay Day, etc. Whenever Ewan asks, "What are we doing today?" I would direct him to the planner and have him read his daily schedule. It's awesome!

Items are from 3LittlePicks after the table update includes:
1. Bloomingville Elegant Contrast Vase
2. Bloomingville White Pineapple
3. Bloomingville Alberte Serving Board
4. Blushing Confetti Floral Desktop Calendar
5. Blushing Confetti Pink Polka Weekly Planner
6. Hübsch Brown Origami Vase

I had these two shelves customised by my carpenter because it was so difficult to find wall shelves that fit the length of our dining wall. With limited space in mmlittle家, I think it's most ideal to keep things off the floor. Wall shelves will save floor space!

So I have 19 sections in total on my shelves. What am I going to fill them with? It is a big project. To me at least. It is easy to just dump decorative items on it but how about making it look aesthetically good?

Oh! Definitely add some aroma scent in the room because it lifts any kind of spirit, any day.

The little girls' room! It cannot be spared from 3LittlePicks can it? I mean, there are so many gorgeous products For Little Ones in store! What's even more exciting is that they are now having a SALE for this category!

First off, Faye's bed has so much potential to decorate and re-decorate. I must have redecorated her house bed three times to date. Putting drapes, adding fairy lights, hanging star garlands and more! I just can't stop but I have to because Mommy's tired now. Happy with our current configuration filled with picks from my favourite store.

There are currently four items from 3LittlePicks on her bed:
1. Spinkie Star Garland Ivory
2. Spinkie Cloud Light Grey
3. Spinkie Pom Pom Garland Grey
4. 3LittlePicks Fairy Lights

Going up to Faye's playroom, I added paper flowers to make the climb more excitable! Well really? I just want to create one more Instagrammable spot in her room! It is an excuse but a beautiful one. Absolutely loving every flower, leaf and colour in this.

Previously, these flowers were sold in a pack but 3LittlePicks realised that not everybody can afford to put eight large paper flowers on one wall. So, they've now open up an option to have these flowers sold individually instead!

1. 3LittlePicks Individual Paper Flowers
2. 3LittlePicks PACK Bright Pink Paper Flowers
3. 3LittlePicks PACK Mint and Cream Paper Flowers
4. 3LittlePicks PACK Pink and Ivory Paper Flowers
5. 3LittlePicks PACK Pink and Light Gold Paper Flowers

Up in her Play Room, I have more beautiful pieces to decorate the space! Oh these gorgeous GF+M Child Storage Houses! I use them not only for decoration, they house Faye's soft toys or cooking toys that I want to keep away from the floor. There are also money boxes options where we use it for savings.

Sitting against these buildings is Spinkie Cafe Delice Lady Doe! She's so sweet right there.

It's all about Batman and Monochrome colours over here and I found quite a number of items for Ewan's bedroom from 3LittlePicks too! Amazing how just one shop became my one-stop shopping centre right here in the comfort of my home. I love Online Shopping!

Items here on Ewan's bedroom wall:

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