PRINT FEATURE: Square Rooms Issue 154 February 2018

When I received an email from Square Rooms in November 2017 sounding out their interest to feature #mmlittle家, I was overjoyed! Meyer and I put in a lot of effort in designing our latest home [finally somewhere to reside permanently for at least the next decade] and I came out of it feeling all battered and worn. It hadn't been easy overseeing renovations on my own especially when my better half was mostly away on work and study trips. This is my prize. A trophy for all the pain, sweat and sleepless nights put into the home amidst other motherly duties.

However, in November, I was hardly ready for a photo shoot! We didn't have a functional living room, the dining room's shelves weren't filled and our study table in the master bedroom was not even in the planning pipeline! I guess this offer of a feature came in timely to get me up and going again. I was tailing behind after moving in and was in no mood to finish up with the designing of our home.

They were targeting to put us on the February 2018 issue and the latest date to do the shoot was in the first week of January 2018.

I kid you not, December was so stressful putting everything together, I was pulling my hair off.

My husband said I shouldn't have taken this up if I was feeling all that stress? Oh but I want this! Who wouldn't? It'll be awesome to have this documented!

We completed the lasts of our renovations just one day before the photo shoot. I am grateful that Square Rooms acceded to my request of arriving early at 0800 hours on the first Wednesday of 2018. They wanted a family portrait but the husband and kids needed to get to work and school. Shooting us at 0800 hours would mean they could go on time! What an awesome team. Who works at 0800 hours in the morning?

Most importantly, the kids were not that difficult. We had them out of the house by 0830 hours.

As the team of four walked around our home deciding which space to shoot first, Germaine [writer of Square Rooms] sat me down for a casual interview. We talked about everything needed to fill in the text for this eight-page spread. Germaine was a gem to work with and I enjoyed reading how she put together this story and even titled it, "All About Us"! It is beautiful. I love the fact that I am finally reading a story about my family written by someone else *hahha* You know what I mean! I've always been the writer. It's great to be sitting on the other side this time!

The photographer, Weiliang, was very efficient too! He knows his work and I appreciate that. For someone else, they would have taken all day to get #mmlittle家 shot. With him, I had time to get myself lunch before picking the kids from school!

When we walked into the master bedroom, I was informed, "We are going to use this as the front cover for the issue." Okay. That's good. Few minutes later, someone else rang the doorbell. A stylist came. Wow! They are serious with their work aren't they? I didn't even need to suit things up to make the space presentable for the photographer! Square Rooms hired a stylist!

I whispered to one of them, "Wow! That's serious!" and she repeated, "That's because your bedroom is going onto the front cover of February 2018 issue."

"WHAT? Oh my goodness! It is? I thought you mean the front cover of the article! You are putting my master bedroom on the front cover of Square Rooms!" I exclaimed.

Well of course they needed to hire a stylist to make sure it looks impeccable! She even brought a handheld steamer to straighten our my bedsheets! So that's how beds in magazine look so crisp and clean. They've been steamed!

This is our one month of fame on print. Our story about how we took up the daunting task of coordinating our home's renovations without an interior designer. All you really need is a solid design concept and the courage to make adventurous choices as quoted by Germaine.

There are a few more people I would like to give credit for who weren't mentioned in this article but had their products up on the page.

Hanzhi, The Joy Troopers, who patiently and professionally painted Faye's wall mural. It is quite unbelievable to hear her say she had NEVER done anything like this before! Never and still, produced something so beautiful as if she'd been painting watercolour walls for a living.

3LittlePicks for their unique picks that decorated our home so beautifully. Thank you! I shared on a separate post on how I styled the home with 3LittlePicks. They were such a joy to work with; filling up our dining room shelves with so much poise.

My contractor, Uncle Jerry! I had known him since five homes ago. He first did my parents' home at Fairways in Year 2000 and went on to help us with four more homes we moved into thereafter. It's always easier to work with familiar people and trust is important for forging good working collaboration. The familiarity eases my stress from solo-parenting the home renovations because I knew I could count on him to get a job done.

Square Rooms February 2018 issue is out on the newstands now! Grab a copy and read all about how you can find your perfect bedding and how to keep it organised in a petite bedroom. They have also included ideas on how to transform your bathing space into a spa-like haven as well as the latest surface trends for your utilitarian spaces.

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