The Making of #mmlittle家 - Faye's Room

It is finally ready but it'll never really be finished if you know what I mean. I won't be able to resist adding pretty little trinkets to her room. Oh but I've got to stop somewhere because I don't want to overcrowd!

The mood board I put together helped a lot too! Not to mention all the beautiful styling works of Instagram moms that inspired me so much like @hudson_and_harlow. I swooned over their photographs and was determined to do the same! If not for my daughter, for my own satisfaction.

Entering the door to her full-timber loft room, she is greeted with the bed I customised with the help of Urban Li'l. I have written a full account on the story behind this whimsical House-Framed Bed on another post which got many dreaming for a bed like that too! The best part of this is its ability to turn into a playpen after she's outgrown it. Hmmm... when she's outgrown it, will she still want to play in it?

I did not buy too many bedsheets and quilt covers. Just two, to be changed weekly. A lilac and a grey to match the wallpaper. Throwing in lots of cushions, it fluffs the setting up which makes it more inviting to jump into. Truth be told, these are later sprawled all over the floor to make room for her [and sometimes me + Ewan] to lie comfortably on her single mattress. 

The roof of her house bed comes with a customised chimney which she noticed the first day she lay on her bed. Looking up, Faye told me, "Oh look at the chimney! That's when big bad wolf will come crawling in right? But he will drop into the pot of boiling water and die."

Seriously, I don't like the series of Ladybird books. In every book, someone dies and they don't just die, they die brutally. In the Ladybird original Three Little Pigs, the wolf gobbled the two pigs up before going up to the brick house. I thought the pigs ran to the next house and all ended up with their brother in the brick house safe and snug? I digressed.

At least Faye isn't afraid of that chimney. She loves her bed a lot.

Her wallpaper was carefully chosen out of 870 designs from Robin Sprong Wallpaper Collection. I was steering clear from cartoony and kiddish designs, looking for something that is timeless. We found the perfect piece from Daleen Roodt's illustrations - the Satyrium Occellatum.

I did consider the Satyrium Poetry too because it'll give the room a taste of vintage. Well, daddy preferred the Occellatum instead and I love that one too.

I was a pleasure to watch the wallpapers go up. Layer Play Design brought a team of six to oversee four big walls we were going to cover. By the time they were working on Faye's room, I had to pick the children from school. I remember how reluctant I was to leave because it meant a lot to me to watch every piece go up.

This was a difficult piece to put up because of the loft. It wasn't a straight-forward wall and the installers needed to match the panels up carefully so that the illustration could flow seamlessly. A lot of skilled cutting and measurements were required to fit into the edges of the wall which is blocked by the timber decking of Faye's loft. Math and precision!

I am floored by their professionalism. To think they had to work not with a regular height wall but one that is 4.3m tall!

Quote "LIANG MAY" and you'll get 5% knocked off your bill with Layer Play Design till 31 December 2017.  

Directly across from her bed sits a clothes rack with dresses an skirts made out of tulles. I chose to display a couple of her clothes in shades of peaches and whites to match the room. A stark red won't do.

Made out of wood, it has whites painted on the tip of the stands. I searched the web for it [in particular, one with a swing] and finally found it in Carousell. Well of course the swing wasn't meant for a kid to swing on but it's such a pretty thing to add to the decor! We attempted a quick shot of Faye on it and the bar bent! Whoops! Thank goodness it bounced back to shape as soon as she came off it.

I swear I had never associated these clothes to her as "Princess' but she surprised me one day with, "I want to wear my Princess dress today."

Awww.... Look at her first pair of baby shoes! I hope I have the will to keep it till she becomes a mom to her own little one.

Oh this beautiful personalised height chart. I bought it from Tinyme back in 2014! It has moved three houses with us and the fabric [yes it is made from a special super-fine weave fabric coated with a repositionable adhesive] still stays good! Unlike most vinyl stickers, Tinyme height charts are not only removable but fully repositionable... over and over again.

I peeled it off from our old place very gently, afraid it might tear the paint but it came off perfectly fine and sticks back to our new wall like brand new!

Shop: Height Charts

Looking through my stash, I remember purchasing a sheet of Butterflies wall decal from Tinyme as well! Ever since Faye moved out of her baby cot and nursery, we've kept it in the drawer for the past 18 months. I wasn't sure if it was going to stick again but look! It's still sticking!

Faye's playroom is up in the loft. Up a very steep staircase which frightens many parents. The fall from up there is going to be hard to swallow. It is about 2 metres high so we decided that whenever any kid goes up to play, an adult will have to follow.

The highlight of her playroom is that feature wall, hand-painted by Hanzhi [founder of The Joy Troopers].  Her talent is evident. She paints, draws, sews, designs, holds a degree in Photography and is a wedding stylist! It is my privilege to find a friend in her.

Read: The Making of Faye's Loft Wall Mural

Inspired by Mrs Mighetto's watercolour paintings, Hanzhi recreated a fantasy wall of carousel lights for us! Using Nippon Paint, she added lots of water to each colour palette and started water-colouring this 2 x 1.4m wall to perfection.

We hung up Mrs Mighetto's Miss Vera and Miss Klara [Code: MMLITTLEE to take 20% off purchases at Owl Bliss], added a beautiful velvet bunting with a bell at the end of each flag to the ceiling, built up a kitchen for our Junior Masterchef and created a library in the same space.

Faye loves her books and she cannot get by a day without reading five books [minimum]. But when her kitchen came, she cannot get by each day without cooking up a storm! Just this morning before heading to school, she invited [insisted] her mom and brother up for breakfast even before we all had our teeth brushed.

Of course, that got everyone late for school and work. However, it was such a joy to watch her playing in the space I've created for her from scratch. The satisfaction is undeniable.

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