The Making of #mmlittle家 - Faye's Loft Wall Mural

I love Mrs Mighetto's prints and the fantasy it exudes in its pictures. I thought, "How beautiful a playroom it will make if I had a wall to match the posters Owl Bliss sent us?" 

In recent years, I had been obsessed with wall murals. Oh I chased artists' works from Tiong Bahru to Penang and absolutely loved those quirky murals along the breakwaters of Bondi Beach, Sydney. I am not an artist and I cannot draw for nuts. However, I have this quiet appreciation for Art and secretly wished I could paint up something astounding on my non-existent easel. So I had been thinking who I could engage for this job! Since Mrs Malin Mighetto herself doesn't reside in Singapore *haha*

Hanzhi and I had known each other for seven years now, from a Hair For Hope campaign where we were both shavees. She photographed my mom and I [she graduated with a BA in Photography!], put up a showcase of female shavees at  Esplanade MRT Station and shared our stories to the public. She was still in school back then!

Then we collaborated [after our hair were long again] for a party planning business she started called A.Muse where all party props were single-handedly designed by her. Fast forward three years later, she is now the humble owner of The Joy Troopers, a wedding styling company who hand-make customised props for your big day. Oh she had even hand-made forest friends masks and tails for Faye's First Month Party goody bag for every child! Did I mention how she popped in at my place to help me construct Faye's second birthday ice-cream cart too? 

Hanzhi had always been experimental and never once declined my requests to work on a project I have in mind. Even if it was something she had never dabbled in before - just like this wall mural.

It is quite unbelievable to hear her say she had NEVER done anything like this before? Never and still, produced something so beautiful as if she'd been painting watercolour walls for a living! I tell you Hanzhi, public announcement here on the blog, that you should consider doing this on top of everything you've been working on at The Joy Troopers. Whoops! Unless you are already swarmed.

We brainstormed different designs together and it was Hanzhi's idea to work on a watercolour wall [since Mrs Mighetto's works are all watercolour based]. No, we are not going to plagiarise. But we found inspirations from Mrs Mighetto's dreamy Mr William prints.

I love the carousel and fairy lights are whimsical! Oh a little girl's playroom should be full of dreams and fantasy.

All thanks to Nippon Paint, who came on board this pet project, we got premium paint to work with! She chose four colours to create this effect - Baby Bud, Tempest Brown, Mysterious Blue and Fountain Blue. Of course, white too. The paints arrived and they are all from the low odour range. Truly, the painting process was a pleasant one. We weren't affected by horrible paint fumes engulfing us in that small space above.

Hanzhi arrived at 1000 hours and was finally done at 1730 hours. It took a full day's work and she took her time to perfect every brush and every sponge. I think she is amazing and definitely a pearl in the ocean waiting to be found!

I couldn't help hovering around her shy self, photographing and filming the process.

I asked Hanzhi if she was going to pencil in the picture first? Isn't that how artists start? But she said she was just going to go for it! I love her confidence when it comes to her Art and of course, I left her to it. They say, never to disturb an artist at work.

The children came home from school after lunch and when they took a peep at what's going on up at Faye's loft, they couldn't resist their little hands. They picked up a brush each and started painting! On papers of course. I was so afraid that the wall might be accidentally ruined or that they may kick a tin of paint on the floor. As I photographed them [because every moment needs to be captured], my heart was racing! I hurried them to be done and shooed them out of the loft.

But hey Ewan did a beautiful smiley face on paper and I like it a lot! He did it upside down and only when it was done, did I realise what he was drawing.

I cannot wait to style Faye's loft but I am also afraid that I may spoil it all! This is her playroom and library. I was thinking how beautiful it will be to style a lounging spot just beneath the canopy of lights. But getting the right props can be tough and I have no visualisation just yet on how I might style it.

Also, Faye had been asking us for a toy kitchen! I searched high and low for the perfect kitchen to fit the room but none caught my eye. They were either too childish or too pink. Alas.

Let's see how it goes and a comprehensive post featuring her room will follow.

The question you've been dying to know. Yes! Hanzhi is for hire. Contact her at or +65 91739513. Follow The Joy Troopers on Instagram!

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