The Making of #mmlittle家 - Faye's House Bed from Urban Li'l

When Urban Li'l promoted their House Bed last year, I was sold. I didn't buy it then because we already owned an awesome tent bed by Maxtrix Kids. However, I had been waiting for that opportunity to arise to own one! 

Then, #mmlittle家 happened. 

It'll be perfect for Faye! Oh but the price is steep and I took a few weeks to contemplate. I looked for alternatives on Taobao which I've never patronised, scrolled through Carousell every day till I saw double and even considered other designs for her bed. 

Unfortunately, the alternative designs that I liked were of similar pricing as Urban Li'l's and the really cheap house-framed beds on Carousell and Taobao were oddly sized. They did not allow for customisation and the dimensions could not fit a single mattress properly! Oh I was not about to take any risk shipping over something from China that couldn't fit. 

Then a clever idea hatched! How about getting my carpenter to fix a bed from scratch for me? How difficult can a house bed be? I mean, just look at that. Child's play no? I would have easily constructed one out with satay sticks and super glue. 

My carpenter said, "这个啊。看起来很容易。做起来很多工啊。"

In English, "It looks easy to construct but it takes a lot of work to put this together."

When I shared with him the price Rachel of Urban Li'l quoted me, he told me without hesitation to get it from Rachel. He added that if he were to make this, he would charge me a lot more. 

At that moment, I sent Rachel a text and told her to GO ON AHEAD with my order!

I went through a lot in the making of this frame. Oh don't be mistaken. They were not exasperating texts that went back and forth with Rachel. She had been most helpful with all my ideas despite nursing bad morning sicknesses through her first trimester! 

What I meant was, I toyed with the thought of giving the bed legs to elevate it. I was playing with colours, size [Ikea or Asian single mattress size] and add-ons like, "Can I add a chimney to her house?"

I concluded that I wanted the bed on the floor so that even if Faye rolled off, she wouldn't hurt herself. It shall be white but slightly raw with hints of the original wood peeping out from the paint.  Lastly, that adorable adorable chimney.

Instead of going ahead with my "white but slightly raw" request, Rachel made sure she got my idea as accurately as possible. She sent me wood samples of how different paint techniques will look like on the finished product! I was most impressed by that gesture.

They came in a courier and we made our choice for the factory to do their job, through a simple text. 

The team that came to my house to assemble the bed was a weird combination of people. Two English-speaking uncles, a soft-spoken lady and a Caucasian with headphones behind his neck! Oh I'm not complaining! We had a good time chatting and laughing over the assembling of the bed and I told them what an odd team they make! They agree but they make a dynamic team too. 

Oh the bed wouldn't be complete without dressing up. 

I toyed with the idea of a flowing canopy but it will cover a good part of Faye's beautiful wallpaper. Then I thought about buntings or pom poms but it may make the room a little bit too noisy. 

So for now, here's what I've put together for Faye's room. 

The fairy lights have arrived and I should go shopping in a textile shop soon to add a soft translucent drape over one side of the bed just to soften the touch.

Oh! And how can I not include Urban Li'l's first personalised plaque I owned on the front of her house?

It means no worries

I can't wait to write about Faye's Room on the blog but it's going to take some time because her Play Room up on the loft is nowhere near done at the moment.

A hand-painted mural awaits for a wall up there and we will be getting it done this week. 

Stay tuned!

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Thank you Rachel for pampering my family with all your lovely creations.
You must be proud of your work because I am proud of you.

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