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We did not hire an interior designer for all our homes and the reason is simple.

10 years ago when we were putting together our matrimony home, we decided on the theme "Resort Living". It was all about trees, earth, wood and daybeds. We did our research through magazines, dog-earring pages that called out to us. Interior designing is not a walk in the park and we toyed with the idea of hiring a professional to do the job. 

Going from one interior designing company to another, we realised all they did was put our concepts into drawings. Hmmm... we decided to take matters in our hands and Did It Ourselves. 

Today, in this age of social media and technology, a mood board can be easily put together by scouring the web. Think Instagram, Pinterest, Google Images, Home and Decor, Qanvast, Renopedia, etc! I spent days and nights bookmarking and extracting designs I liked. These visual collages of inspiration provided my contractor a clear idea of what I was looking to achieve. It definitely helped with my shopping as well! 

I think I will not stop trolling the web for ideas even after we move in. It has turned into an addiction, thinking how to style each room and space. Doubting myself every moment [awake or asleep] if the colours and designs are going to match. Painting starts in three days and  I am still questioning myself on the paint choices I have made! Oh it drives me crazy! 

That is why I say interior designing is not a walk in the park. 

Here's sharing what I visualise #mmlittle家 to be. Well, all these pictures look so beautiful! Only wishing it will turn out not too far off from what I imagined it to be!

My least favourite colour is pink. I never liked pink even as a little girl. It reminds me of fever medicine! When I was pregnant with Faye, I made sure I steered clear from pink clothes, hair clips, blankets and bedsheets. It puts me off really.

Funny how when I was designing her room, I was attracted to the shades of dusty pink. Now her room is almost on its way looking like these!

Rachel from Urban Li'l has been working with me rather closely on customising this house-framed bed for little Faye. We discussed at length the dimensions of the bed and how to paint it so that it looks a little rustic but still maintain the whiteness to the frame. Of course, we talked about the price and because it will be fully customised [made in Singapore, not Taobao], I had a lot of options to play around with. Should I elevate the bed off the ground? Hmmm would a chimney look cute on it? We have finally come to an agreement after weeks of discussion and she even provided me a 3D drawing of the bed frame! Talking about professionalism here.

It was not difficult to find a wallpaper that complements the design of Faye's room because I found LayerPlay Design! They do wallpapers, stretched canvas, art prints and posters. It is in Robin Sprong Wallpapers that I found these beautiful illustration called Satyrium Occellatum by Daleen Roodt. He carries a collection of bespoke illustrations and prints from various artists around the world and LayerPlay Design is their partner in Singapore!

The first picture on the top left is exactly how Faye's Urban Li'l customised bed will look against the Satyrium Occellatum. All thanks to Hanzhi from The Joy Troopers who superimposed the wallpaper onto this picture I found on Google, I could better visualise how it will look! I am also engaging Hanzhi to work on a 2x1.4m mural wall up in her playroom. Oh this will be a surprise and will have it revealed when it's done!

Mrs Mighetto is too dreamy and beautiful to exclude from her room's styling. We've got our posters delivered to us by Owl Bliss already and I cannot wait to hang them up!

Yes. Faye is going to get a lofty room. It is a full-timber decking of 5sqm in total and of course I am having it in white. I sent this picture I found in Google [again] to my contractor and had his carpenter replicate as close as he could to achieve the same feels.

It is going to be MONOCHROME!

He is a boy and I believe he can deal with the blacks, whites and greys. I didn't think it would be easy to convince my husband to have a monochrome room but I had the perfect plan to convince the boys to let me go ahead with my plans. Which boy or man would say No to a Superhero themed room? The only monochrome kind of Superhero would be The Dark Knight and that got Ewan jumping with joy to know that he will have Batman in his room!

Owl Bliss has the perfect props to put this together cleverly. The Super Hero Mask Wall DecalBat Wall Hook and Super Hero Mask Wall Hook are just waiting to be put up!

Ewan's room will have two feature walls and they will be executed fully by paint [Nippon Paint Mozzieguard]. Because his room is monochrome, nothing much can go wrong with styling. It's all about finding the right accessories for the right spaces!

I am also excited to receive the bedding sets that PocketPig Diary will be bringing in for us! Oh I bet you didn't know they do more than just children clothes right? They do have Shop Home tab if you haven't noticed and by entering "MAYPPD10" at check-out, you will bag away your purchases with 10% off for the rest of the year [minimum purchase of S$40]!

Ewan's room is also a loft, came built-in by the developers. We will have his sleeping quarters up on the upper deck and small play area downstairs.

Oh yes! Thinking of customising a Wall Neon Light with Neon Project too, with the Batman quote "What You Do Defines You". What do you think?

Oh our master bedroom isn't anything to shout about really. But I have to pen it here that it took me a million years to decide on the bed I like! I dragged Meyer [on the days he was in Singapore] to bed shop after bed shop but there was nothing that caught my eye. In fact, I was almost on the verge of believing I won't get the bed of my dreams.

It all started with my girlfriend sending me this photograph and that was it. I WANTED THIS BED! THIS LOOK! THIS!

Obviously, I couldn't find this bed frame in Singapore. Nothing even close. It was by sheer luck that I walked into Arete Culture at Tan Boon Liat Building and put my money down for a customised bed without my husband with me! Meyer was on-route to Japan when I was in the shop and I couldn't ask him for his opinion. Yet, I really did not want to walk into another furniture shop to look for that perfect bed. This was the one for me! Customisable, beautiful and within my budget! I chose a Duck Egg base for the headboard with Grey trimmings.

It will sit against Louis, the wallpaper we have chosen from Robin Sprong Wallpapers [installed and managed by LayerPlay Design].

We have knocked down a wall [The Making of #mmlittle家 - Renovations] to combine two bedrooms into one Master Bedroom for ourselves. Our idea was to create an en-suite living and bedroom like the hotels we have stayed in. New developments are very miserly with room space and this was the only way to make our mouse hole [ya I call our original master room a mouse hole] more livable.

In the en-suite living area, we will be putting in a sofa in front of a Home Theatre System. There will be a blank wall and Meyer thought it should be filled with a work of art. We chose the illustrations of Donna Solvei. In particular, Red Lines and Circle.

I know... I am giving myself a lot of trouble by wanting to give our corridor new colours as well. However, this picture had me at Hello. And so, we will be painting our doors and frames white, walls blue, pendant lights gold and that exact same runner!

The only difference in our corridor as compared to this inspiring photograph is our lights. I found beauty in this Brass Pendant Light from Meraki Decoration and bought a pair to line our long corridor.

The space that creates the first impression for all guests. The space that makes you feel welcomed when you return Home from a hard day's work. Will we be able to make it restful and comfortable? Yet, bold and chic?

We have a rectangular layout in our living and dining room. Oh what I would give for a square room.

I always believe that a living room is meant for conversations. Real interactions. Definitely not a space to sit around having our eyes glued to the television. I was inspired by my Grand Uncle whose house was the only home we visited over Chinese New Year that does not have the TV turned on. We would have 10 families gathering in the main hall, spending time laughing and catching up on lost time. All because he doesn't have a television placed in the living room!

I wanted that for our home and thank goodness my husband agrees.

But how about having our living space [the bigger area] turned into the dining room instead? Most of the time when guests do come over, we would be chatting over drinks or snacks. To do that on a dining table sounds a lot more practical. To dedicate a bigger area to a place where we will be spending most of time at, sounded most down-to-earth. Then this picture came up on my Instagram feed and I had the idea sold to Meyer.

This will be our dining table, where we work, where the children get their homework done and where we shall receive guests. But I don't think I can handle live plants! Hopefully we can find some beautiful and affordable artificial for the home!

And we did! The first artificial fauna we are going to have is in the form of a wallpaper. Robin Sprong Wallpapers have it all for us. We will be installing Patricia Braune's Island Frond Moonlit. It is blue-based with gold stalks. I fell in love with it the moment I laid eyes on them.

With a one-metre wall-skirting put around the living and dining room [exactly like that in the picture below], painted in a Nippon colour called Blue Collar, I assume our first impression should be good.

What's going to happen to our dining-turn-living room? We bought a two-seater sofa for the grandparents to chill on should they find our Bo Concept dining chairs too boney to sit for long hours. That's if they do come to visit us for hours on end! 

For the rest of our friends, come visit and be our guests. 

[We have a patio too and for now, I have no clue as to how I should get it styled]

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