The Ritz Kids in Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place

We flew by Scoot and lived by Ritz.

It wasn't quite worth the money to spend double the amount for a mere 80 minute flight but worth every penny to luxuriate in Ritz-Carlton for our four-day-three-night getaway. This isn't the first Ritz-Carlton we've checked into but the first we've experience Ritz Kids at!

There are two properties in Jakarta and we've chosen to stay at Pacific Place where Kidzania Jakarta resides. With technically just three full days to spend in Jakarta, we decided it would be a good idea to spend one-third of it travelling not [since Jakarta is famous for its traffic jams].

Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place is in the heart of Jakarta. According to my husband, we are in the epicenter of the worst place to be in terms of traffic. As he would be out for work, he advised me to stay put in the hotel since our stay had all meals included with our stay! There wasn't even a need to go out for lunch or dinner.

Staying at Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place would ensure we have easy access not only to Kidzania Jakarta, but to the shopping mall as well. It will be with utmost convenience to be able to walk up to Mothercare to get some pyjamas or the supermarket to buy a packet of milk.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotels of Asia Pacific have rolled out an inspiring new campside adventure, as part of an enhanced Ritz Kids program. Ritz Kids is the first globally consistent, immersive programming from a hotel company to build on the adventures of travel for children.

The introduction of this new in-room campside adventure had Ewan and Faye screaming in delight when they saw it! Faye said the most unthinkable,

"I'm so happy I'm gonna cry!"

Where could she have learnt that from? She must really be overwhelmed with emotions when she saw that specially-created adventure in the corner of our room just for Ewan and her!

They discovered their new home is more than a guest room with personalized kids welcome and turndown amenities. The room has become an in-room campsite adventure complete with a tent, lantern, a rolled-out carpet grass peppered with toy animals, storybooks for bedtime reads, bedroom slippers and bathrobes and cuddly teddies! It is not just an imaginary plaything. The team fluffed it up real good to have it turned into a bed for the children to sleep comfortably on!

At check-in, Ritz Kids welcome children with a Welcome Pack filled with tons of activities for them to discover. We were brought to the Club Lounge by our Guest Relations Officer, Kezya, and instead of rushing to room us, we were given ample time to relax with our drinks to a view of Jakarta's cityscape. She stayed with us, chatting and playing with Ewan and Faye, learning more about these little guests she will be spending time with for the next four days.

She did such an amazing job welcoming my children, Ewan asked for 姐姐K [big sister K] every morning and when he finally sees her at work, "I have been looking for you alllllll day!" He misses her company, her contagious laughter and someone to talk about his day.

Ritz Kids has reimagined the guest experience through the eyes of a child between four and twelve. It builds on the adventure they experience through travel and creates a journey of memories they will treasure for a lifetime.

The Ritz Kids campsite adventure can be booked at Rp. 1,500,000++ or S$143++ per tent per night (maximum 3 nights).

Baby cot can be arrange with compliments and rollaway beds are charged at RP. 750,000++ or S$71++ per night including Club access.

With a remarkable 74sqm [785sqf] of room space, it is one of the largest entry level room in Jakarta! The floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the Jakarta skyline welcome lots of natural daylight into our room. Even with the Ritz Kids campsite in place, there are still lots of space for the kids to tumble about.

The bathroom is Ritz's signature. It comes with a sunken bathtub with city views and a 17-inch LCD TV. The children had been deprived of a bathtub since we moved to our new place. They were in the Ritz's tub every single day, playing with bubbles!

All rooms in Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place comes with Club Access and they welcome children at the Lounge! The lounge offers a dedicated concierge and complimentary food and beverage offerings throughout the day. The food was good! I wouldn't want to go anywhere else to have my meals.

Complimentary food and beverage including breakfast, light lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, dessert, wine, beer and spirits daily. There is also complimentary pressing daily for two garments per room, complimentary wireless Internet and complimentary parking if you do drive.

In my honest opinion, S$350++ per room per night packs in lots of punch in the value for money you pay. The rate fluctuates daily depending on occupancy and it excludes the S$143++ per tent per night if you are looking to set up a Ritz Kids campsite experience.

I asked what was their favourite activity in Jakarta. I actually meant if they enjoyed their Kidzania visit, going to the cinema or playing arcade games at the biggest Timezone I've ever seen.

They replied separately, "The Swimming Pool"

The service at Ritz was exceptional. I am usually more attuned to how service can be rendered since I had been trained by one of the finest hotel in the world [Read: When I was a Butler at Raffles Hotel Singapore].

I was telling Meyer that the Ritz-Carlton work culture deemed their staff as Ladies and Gentlemen. They are to conduct themselves as Ladies and Gentlemen, serving Ladies and Gentlemen in the hotel. What I was most impressed was that the Operator whom I spoke to was up to the mark as well [hardly the case in many well-established hotels]. He was well-trained, answering politely and reaching out to the right people to address my request that threw him off-guard. I was impressed because calls tell a lot about the training a company provides to the staff.

Two very prominent staff I could remember are Gita and Kezya.

Everyone knew who we were and I expected that since there are only 62 rooms in the hotel. Guest relations should be at its epitome best. I was greeted as Mrs Yang everywhere and they knew Ewan and Faye belonged to us.

Meyer was busy on a call at the Club Lounge one day and the children were getting bored. I decided to bring them to the swimming pool to have a look and briefly told Gita at the Club Lounge as our lift door began to close, "I'll be going up to the pool. Will be back!" I wasn't sure if Gita heard me! Knowing Meyer might wonder where we would have gone, she relayed the message to him and he came looking for us at the pool when he was done.

Another time, the kids and I had our dinner on our own at the Lounge because daddy was back late from work. Ewan told me at bedtime, "Oh I forgot to bring up my toy dinosaurs!" I told him that's alright. We will pick it up again the next day when we head in for breakfast. But we had the toy dinosaurs back that same night! Meyer went for dinner at the Club Lounge on his own and the staff passed him the toys Ewan left behind.

I say that's impressive because I do not expect a staff from a regular hotel to recognise Meyer as the dad since we dined separately. Of course the Raffles standard would have and so would the Ritz.

Kezya, our GRO, had been one of the best thing that happened to us. I always believed People are the heart of the hotel and you just need one to make your stay memorable. Kezya was our One. Whenever she turns up, Ewan and Faye light up! She would bring them to the Ritz Corner at the Club Floor and accedes to their requests of turning on the Lounge TV to watch cartoons. Instead of leaving them, she brought them milk and sat with them while Meyer and I finished our meal. They talked about some kind of a ball pit and before I know it, she had someone send a big packet of plastic balls and bowling pins to be placed in a Playpen for the kids to jump into in the comfort of our room!

Then she did the most unthinkable, she came back on her day off to bid farewell on our departure day. Thank you for sending us off with a Lion backpack each for the kids! You and your colleagues lived up to the brand. Even the porter who helped us [I did not get his name] at check-out, he made sure everything was taken care off including buckling Ewan and telling the driver which airport to send us to. All we had to do was walk straight into our car.

See you again the Ritz-Carlton Ladies and Gentlemen!

Our little Travel companions 
March 2018 - Ewan at 5 years old and Faye at 3 years old 
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