Legoland Malaysia Hotel: Adventure vs. Kingdom vs. Pirate

Book LEGOLAND® Hotel and get FREE 2-day combo tickets for up to 3 kids, save up to RM675! 

With this Kids Go Free promotion, parents will be able to bring their children to enjoy the slides, rides, attractions and shows at both the Theme Park and Water Park free of charge when booking online. 

Packages inclusive: 
- Overnight stay in The LEGOLAND® Malaysia Hotel 
- Daily buffet breakfast 
- 2-Day combo ticket (Theme Park + Water Park): 
2 paid adult tickets + up to 3 kid complimentary tickets

Room Type: Themed and Premium Themed 
Booking Period: 1 Oct - 20 Nov 2016 
Stay Period:10 Oct - 30 Nov 2016 

Booking Tips: 
Please select "KIDS GO FREE" at the hotel booking page in order to enjoy the special rate. 

I could not decide which themed room to book! There are three themes and they are categorised as Standard, Premium and Deluxe/Suite. What is the difference between these categories and which room decor will appeal to the family most? I had so many questions that needed answers to and thought many might face the same dilemma too. 

So here's the Big Picture in a glance without having to trawl the web to look for answers:

I was disappointed that there are no tubs in their rooms other than the Kingdom Suite but seriously? At Legoland? They'd rather be out soaking in the Water Park than in the room's bath tub.

After experiencing all the room categories, I would strongly recommend the Premium rooms for all stays if you have a family of five or less that is. No other choice if you have four kids or more because it will have to be the Pirate Deluxe or Kingdom Suite instead! As to which theme to choose from? That will have to be decided by your juniors. After all, this trip is made FOR them.

I bet you they will not want to sleep on your bed after seeing their kids' room.

Dare to embark in a journey through Egypt with dessert spiders and scarab beetles in the Adventure themed room?

Dream of knights battled dragons and sleeping beauties awakened by a kiss in the Kingdom themed room.

Ahoy mateys! If yer' wanting to find the buried treasure, "X" marks the spot in the pirate themed room!

The additional theming in each Premium room is worth the top up. There are more embellishments with heavy drapes and augmented decor to make the room more themed than it already is. Impress the family with a fully decorated room for an immersive experience. I bet your child will feel like a total knight if you suit him up in a costume and make him walk in with an armour on his chest! Engage in imaginative play as a family while you play a WELCOME TREASURE HUNT game upon arrival [in the comfort of your room!]. If you get the right combination top open the treasure chest, the goodies in there are yours to keep!

How To Play:
1. Look for a Clue Sheet in your room
2. Complete all the questions
3. Enter the combination based on your answers on the latch
4. Enjoy the loots in the treasure chest when you get it right!

Hint: You can call the Front Desk for help if you can't seem to get the right answer.

I had a burning question about the TOILETRIES as well. Are shower gels, shampoos, toothbrushes and toothpastes provided for? I do not usually pack our own toiletries because I prefer traveling light so knowing what's included in room amenities will help a whole lot!

There are children and adult-sized disposable toothbrushes, children and adult-sized basins,  disposable combs, shower caps, body lotion, disposable shaving kit, vanity kit, wall-dispensing 2-in-1 soap and shampoo for adults and more then enough towels. I was most impressed with the thoughtful addition of the children's basin. No longer will I need to lug heavy chairs from the bedroom to the toilet or have them gargle over toilet bowls while brushing their teeth!

However, I recommend bringing their own kiddy-sized toothbrushes from home. The disposable toothbrushes are more suitable for primary school children; the heads are too large for my pre-schoolers. Mmm... and I prefer my own kiddy soap and shampoo too.

All said and done, we cannot miss giving the LOBBY a mention. It is refreshing to see a Pirate Ship and a Castle right smack in the middle of the lobby! For the kids, it was Blimey! The bottom of the ship and castle are filled with LEGO bricks for some building fun and these aren't just stand alone structures? You can run into it, turn the wheel of the pirate ship and basically bring pretend-play up to the highest level!

Towards the back where the lift lobby stands, there are more playthings to entertain the children! Xbox 360 where kids [and adults! me!] get to dance all day, Lego-filled foam pits to jump into and LEGO bricks to build while waiting for an empty slot to jump into the Xbox dance-off.



SERVICE-WISE, I would say they have surpassed their friendliness and attentiveness as a themed hotel with above 70% occupancy on a daily basis. No one staff was rude or seemed impatient with our requests even when there's a long line of work ahead of them. Most importantly, they were great with children - always spending a little extra of their time to throw a hi-5 across or communicate with children who wanted to engage in a conversation.

Like everything, nothing's perfect. I had to have a taste of some service glitches during our first stay. We were woken up at 0630 hours with a wake-up call in the morning which we never asked for. A service request to the operator to get a laundry bag and chit for soiled clothings was miscommunicated for a notepad and pencil [I laughed when they came to the door]. But the worst was a wet-patch on the blanket in one of the children's bed which seemed like a urine patch from the previous guest. Hmmm.... I may be wrong but I still spent some time speaking to the front office about it. I loved it that the response I got was genuine concern and they were very apologetic for a less than favourable stay. Sometimes, that is what every unhappy customer needs - to be sincerely heard. Service recoveries are a bonus after that.

But how was our experience on the second stay? Wonderful!

The hotel is a playground in itself. Of course, there is always the question to stay one night or two nights? Some important timings to note: Check-in time is at 1600 hours and check-out is at 1100 hours. Because they are normally full, you may not be able to get your room by the morning. So the plan is to hit the parks first and come back for the room in the afternoon.

If you are planning only for a night's stay, I would recommend,
Day 1 - Water Park | Check-in
Day 2 - Check-out | Theme Park

I am suggesting the Water Park on Day 1 because it'll be a lot more comfortable to head back to your room for a nice hot shower. Besides, it is so much easier to load sweaty kids into the car after checking out than wet kids.

However, to fully enjoy the hotel [remember, it is a "playground in itself"], it is best to do a 3 day 2 night stay if budget permits.

Take advantage of November's hotel promotion [shared at the start of the post] because it is an AWESOME deal!

Our little Travel companions 
October 2016 - Ewan at 4 years old and Faye at 2 years old 
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