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Our Angry Birds Adventure Room at Doubletree JB came entitled with two free tickets to Angry Birds Activity Park. We had a grand total of six adults and five children for this short weekend getaway. So two tickets was definitely insufficient. As a hotel guest, you are extended a 10% discount off ticket prices when you purchase them at the hotel and that was what we did with our extra tickets. 

Who Enters for Free? Faye and Grandparents! Children below the age of three and Senior Citizens above the age of 60 have complimentary entry to Angry Birds Activity Park.

When we arrived at the park in KOMTAR JBCC, we were greeted with a picturesque setup of Red and a Sling Shot! It was hard to walk past without posing for an Instagram-worthy picture. At the entrance, the children were mesmerised by the Angry Birds cartoon showing on a flat-screen TV. It is the best marketing tool to get people into the park for sure! Oh and there are six kiddy rides [not operated by Angry Birds Activity Park] in front of the park which rounded up the children's time in KOMTAR with a big bang.

There are three fixed sessions to ensure overcrowding is kept at bay: 1000 to 1300 hours, 1400 to 1700 hours and 1800 to 2200 hours. As long as each session's cap for crowd control is not met, your ticket allows you for multiple entries throughout the day. Surprisingly, there was no queue at all when we arrived first thing Sunday morning, fulfilling the 1000 to 1300 hours slot. Yay! 

I am not a fan of indoor playgrounds because my children often come home sick with fever including vomiting. Sad to say, they get really ill from the indoor playgrounds in Singapore. We were in and out indoor playgrounds in Taipei with zero issues because they were vigilant on sanitisation procedures, temperature and hand checks. Since I was there at Angry Birds Activity Park for a review, my top-on-the-list check was Sanitisation Procedures. My only gripe was, "They Did Not Sanitise Us." I looked around and found a bottle of Sanitiser at the entrance but it seems like each family is responsible for their own. Yet, we cannot bend on that can we? That aside, I was thankful everyone went home healthy, bouncing, kicking and totally over the moon after a morning's play at Angry Birds Activity Park. Do not forget to sanitise yourselves before and after play with the park's sanitiser that can be found on the Reception counter. 

The children ran amok after slotting their shoes into the cubby holes! All the adults did was Ran After Them!

Here's introducing you to the park from Ewan's lead as he ease through the stations via its layout plan:

[1] ANGRY BIRDS SPACE [attempted by Ewan and Faye]
There are three shooting facilities here and players are encouraged to shoot astro-pigs down with sponge balls. We were so excited! Then... Where Are The Balls? Ah! Look down! They are hidden behind the fence and under the guns! We almost walked away without engaging in play because they were pretty much out of sight and there was no staff to help us. Woohoo! Kudos to mommy's relentless search for the balls so that her children can have all the fun they deserve.

[2] LAZER MAZE SPACESHIP [attempted by Ewan]
This mini lazer maze is housed in a metal pig spaceship. With the maze built in total darkness, Faye was not willing to give it a shot but Ewan did. He did not understand how it works initially but a quick explanation got him on all fours, doing a commando crawl under the green laser belts.

[3] SPACE DROP AIR BAG [attempted by Ewan and Mom]
I wasn't quite sure if Ewan would take this leap of faith. It is after all a Free Fall from a one-storey high platform. Minus the height of the air bag that awaits, it was less than a storey. I wanted him to give it a try and Ra-Ra the activity with a lot of hype by dashing towards it! He ran with me and said, "I will jump first!" To be honest, I was so proud of his bravery and yet, so afraid to jump off the platform myself! It really doesn't seem too far off the "ground" from the picture but when I was up there, I definitely hesitated a little.

[4] LAZER BIRD SCOOT [attempted by Ewan and Mom]
Ewan deemed this his Favourite.
No staff was attending this station. There was no indication on the age limit until much later when we walked past it again. A signboard read, "10 Years And Above." Woops! Ewan and I went on it on our own and he was only four. So basically, we tried our scootering skills illegally on this ramp and it was AWESOME! He had always been a good balancer and handling a two-wheel scooter is easy-peasy for him. This is a skateboarding ramp made fun with a kick-scooter.

[5] PANNA SOCCER [attempted by Ewan]
Balls and Goals! Which boy wouldn't like this one! A ball awaits on the pitch with an electronic board as goalpost. Each square on the board lights up when the ball comes in contact with it. I didn't notice any scoreboards but maybe that's because I had been too busy photographing Ewan scoring goals!

[6] TRAMPOLINE AND FOAM PIT [attempted by All]
Here, there is fun for everyone in the family. We threw ourselves [adults] into the Foam Pit, Ewan went crazy on the trampolines and Faye worked on her balancing skills on the slack line. The foam pits are made up of cubic foams and they were so difficult to get out of! I even lost a sock in there! It looked like a formidable task for my four year old to get out but this is a challenge of wits and patience. He got himself out without mommy coming to his rescue! Skills Unlocked. 

[7] CAPTAIN BLACK BIRDS SHIP [attempted by Ewan and Faye]
Faye deemed this her Favourite.
This is a Playground! Slides, steps, obstacle courses and tunnels! The kind you find in every indoor playground except this one is themed, ANGRY BIRDS! It will be hard for an adult to squeeze into the tunnels so your best bet is to wait at the foot of the slides and can catch them with their brightest smiles.

[8] ANGRY BIRDS GO! KART TRACK [attempted by All]
There are two sizes [children and adult-sized] for the Go! Karts. Ewan went on his own while Meyer rode with Faye on his lap. It looked like a whole lot of fun except that it was really hard to pedal. Ewan went two rounds and came out slightly frustrated about not being able to manoeuvre it properly. I reckon it's the weight of the Go! Kart. It was definitely too heavy for a little fella like him.

[9] BALANCE BIKE LAGOON [attempted by Ewan]
This activity is made for children below the age of five. It is similar to the Lazer Bird Scoot with humps and bumps. Only difference is, it is designed for the toddlers. Ewan took this on like a breeze. He has already upgraded his balance bike for a bicycle and he rode through this obstacle course like a pro!

[10] ANGRY BIRDS VIDEO GAME [attempted by All]
In my opinion, our children have no idea how to play the Angry Birds game. This is the game we used to play on our smart phones. Remember those days before Pokemon Go pro Tsum Tsum? Everyone had an Angry Birds game on their phones and here, it is enlarged to a much bigger tablet for patrons to try their hand on games and the different stages in it.

[11] CINEMINE [attempted by All]
This is a Cinema! What cartoon was showcasing within? Angry Birds of course! I could hardly tear the children away without a tempt of a playground they missed!

We were running after Bomb when he was out roaming in the park! Actually, more like the boys were running after Bomb and I was chasing behind to get this photograph. We do not know the schedule of appearance but I believe there is more than one mascot on the roam. However, during our time slot, only Bomb came out. Good luck on your mascot roamer an hopefully it is one that your child loves!

Hmmmm What a title to give this playground feature. It is situated next to the ticking counter and is a playground on its own. I love this one for the fact that it has no one in it! We were the only family playing our hearts out in it, even the adults! Here, it is a Jungle Theme with slides and obstacle courses. There is also a stage I believe is used for events or parties. No staff mended this area and we are to play at our own risks. Definitely a playground that requires parents to be involved so as to ensure the safety of your children while they are at play.

It may be tough to bring a whole Birthday celebration across the causeway but to our Malaysian friends, this is a party room to marvel at! The theme was well thought through with TNT boxes as chairs, a Pig's Throne for the Birthday Kid and thematic party hats for the little guests! Bird-Day Packages Available here.

I love how they worked on a theme even for the toilets! Don't you? I was really happy to find shower cubicles in there as well. These shower rooms are especially good for foreigners who are flying off with Angry Birds Activity Park as their last stop. We did see visitors coming into the park with their luggage and there are lockers to accommodate these baggages as well.

All in all, the cousins had a swell time playing together at the Angry Birds Activity Park. There were lots of squeals and laughters amongst them! Looking at their satisfied faces after our session was most satisfying and I cannot wait for the next trip out with the family.

Level 3, KOMTAR JBCC, Johor Bahru City Centre, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor. 
07 - 221 0260 / 07 - 300 5090

The walk between Doubletree JB and Angry Birds Activity Park is a mere 9 minute walk. We experimented walking and driving between the two locations and it was proven that our party got back to the hotel quicker by foot than by car [because of the traffic]. Should the weather be good i.e. haze-free, consider walking!

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