Taipei for Kids

[Downloads: May's Suggested Itinerary for Taipei]

We have never been to Taiwan but I decided to bring the children on a holiday. Without the daddy this time. Yes. Alone. I do not know where I found my courage from but I thought through our itinerary from departure to arrival and I saw no difficulties at all. The most I'll get out of this is sheer exhaustion but not without having a swell time with the Ewan and Faye. I was really positive about the trip and told concerning friends, "Taking a plane is easier than taking a bus! We will be waited on by the stewardesses! No sweat man." True enough, Ewan and Faye slept half the flight and I managed to eat my meal in peace with a bonus of watching Zootopia for the first time. That's a flight to remember! However, on our trip back home, I finally understood what sheer exhaustion meant. It was not exactly nap time so unless I forced them to sleep, they would most likely be awake. Faye had to spill a full cup of cold water over herself [on purpose] which drenched her and her seat. Then do it again with the Apple Juice packet when I was not looking. They did not want me to sit in between them and I eventually crouched in front of them both in that tiny legroom space just to ensure they finished their meals. *rolls eyes* Argh! I went home knackered for a few days. Taking a plane is not a walk in a park after all.

One thing I have to remind you moms who are inspired to do the same is, take all incidents/accidents in your stride. It doesn't matter if your son [Ewan in this case] peed in his pants at the boarding gate or your daughter [Faye obviously] tore up her brother's boarding pass while I cleaned him up. Just remember not to miss your flight. I threw away his soaked underpants and apologised to the staff that the boarding pass was torn up quite unintentionally. Probably most intentional by Faye but well, so glad we flew on time anyways. Of course I was really mad and I thought what my husband might say, "Told You So! It's going to be tough doing this alone!" Then, I changed my mindset and moved on. I will not be defeated! A positive attitude wins all battles!

Here are some How-Tos to ease your travels when you solo-parent a holiday:
  1. Request for assistance from the airlines. Singapore Airlines provides a meet-and-greet service at disembarkment to whisk passengers-in-need [case by case basis] through immigration and luggage pick-up at no extra charge. I thought I should ask Eva Air [the airline I booked]. They assured me that they will have us covered from Sin to TPE and vice versa. Sadly, communication lapse had me bringing the children on my own through immigration at Taoyuan Airport. No one met us at the aerobridge but I got us out of the airport easily. At the luggage pick-up, fellow passengers were eager to lend us a helping hand. 
  2. Consider JetQuay services. They provide support in Singapore on arrival and departure. Instead of checking in at Eva Air counter in Terminal 3, we arrived at the CIP terminal and had JetQuay assisted us with the nitty-gritties. All we did was sat and lounged. When it was time for boarding, we were brought straight to the gate via a buggy with our personal assistant. Read detailed blog
  3. Arrange for a designated driver/guide in TaiwanTour Taiwan was highly recommended for their driver/guide service by our dear friends from Life's Tiny Miracles. We were given more attention because well, who wouldn't worry for a mom outnumbered on an overseas trip? 
  4. Book hotels that welcome children. An establishment that is family-centric will help you win half your battle. There are a whole list of children-friendly hotels in Taiwan, slides in bedrooms included but none in Taipei. I trawled the web only to find Hotel Cozzi most suitable for my needs with storybook rentals, children bathroom amenities such as toothbrushes, bathrobes and baby and adult bathtubs. Always settle with a hotel with a bathtub because it is a life-saver! Chuck the kids in for some extended water play time and take your own shower at the same time.
  5. Work on a kid-centric itinerary. I filled every day with amusement park visits, playground time, eateries with play area and everything fun for Ewan and Faye. Why? So I can write this Taipei for Kids post! *hahaha* Well, life has changed after children and I naturally skew my itineraries towards them on our travels just for our sanity. If it had been impossible for me to shop and sight-see in Singapore with them two, it'll be impossible for me to do the same in a foreign country. I am not a shopper to begin with, lucky kids. 
  6. Choose a country where you have friends you can catch up with. Yes! We caught up with long-lost childhood friends who spent two full days with us! We've never been to Taipei before and people called me crazy for choosing a country I'm totally unfamiliar with. But hey! I have friends there who I can turn to if in need!
  7. Buy travel insurance. Placing it last on the list doesn't mean it is least important. I will never travel without a travel insurance on my own. Needless to say with kids. Besides claiming for lost baggages, you can claim for illnesses and accidents as well.
As with all my travel stories, I will touch on the chosen accommodation followed by all the fun I had on itinerary for Ewan and Faye in Taipei.

HOTEL COZZI is a four-star business hotel - modern, chic and family-ready. It is a 10 minute stroll to the train station so if you asked me, it is not convenient to a point where you can be brought between places in a jiffy. There is still that walk to take to the station but I enjoyed that with the children because we get to sight-see along the way and experience a little bit of local.

We were booked into the King Corner room which has a full stream of natural daylight shining into the bedroom and bathroom. Most importantly, they have a bathtub. Putting them kids in there after a day's fun allowed me to pack up a little and straighten things out before I pick them up again.

At the lounge, where we partake our breakfasts, we could borrow storybooks for the entire stay. Bedtime stories are a must and I didn't want to pack anymore than I already had. Absolutely grateful that they've got us covered with kiddy bathrobes, toothbrushes and a step stool in the bathroom too! Otherwise, I'll have to make them brush their teeth over the toilet bowl again. *eeks!*

There are three Hotel Cozzi branches in Taiwan and it is unfortunate that I had to be in Taipei because their Ximen Tainan property is so cool! They have a beautiful Playroom, a kiddy race-track called Funky Field on Level 4 and Xbox-themed rooms! [pictures below extracted from Hotel Cozzi Facebook Page]

TIP: I did not bring any formula milk for the children this trip. There is a coffee machine in the lounge that allows you to dispense warm milk, available 24 hours. I did not know that of course and went across the street [literally opposite the hotel] to the 7Eleven to buy a carton of milk for the kids.

No. 178, Sec. 2, Minsheng E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan

Nearest Train Station:
XingTian Temple MRT 行天宫

Facebook | InstagramWebsite | Email

TOUR TAIWAN is the guide-cum-transportation company that we used for our stay in Taiwan. The owner, Xiao Lee, saw to our needs from start to end. We could have hired their tour guide services as well but travelling with children with mostly a kid-centric itinerary, sight-seeing was not quite feasible. Many Singapore Mom Bloggers engaged Tour Taiwan while on their Taiwan escapade and all returned with only praises.

I was thankful that safety was put on priority for the children. Ewan had a booster seat and Faye, a child seat fixated in his vehicle at all times. He also had other vehicles in his fleet but chose to drive us around in the Hello Kitty MPV because he thought that would make Faye happy! I appreciated the gracious attention given to us.

Facebook | Instagram

METRO TAIPEI [台北捷运] is the cheapest, most convenient and simplest way to make your kids happy. Taking the train is an adventure in itself. Not to mention the special chop-chop activity located on a silver table at every station! We went around hoping in and out of trains just to collect these station stamps! Be sure to bring along a book or piece of paper for this fun activity. Ewan and Faye were fighting to stamp their mark on the paper and so did I.

There were many, "Me first! Me first!" at that silver table. Do note that the tables are situated outside the gantries. There is a need to tap out to partake in this stamping fun.

Look out for instant photo booths in the train stations as well! We took our first picture in a booth and it was a fun experience. The children were intrigued by it.

TIP: They have a 24-hour, 2-day or 3-day EasyCard for purchase and they promote unlimited rides. I do not recommend that because these cards are not allowed for use when you visit Taipei's Children Amusement Park [you need to pay by tapping in every ride at the amusement park]. Be sure to purchase a general Adult EasyCard. The remains can be refunded before you leave Taiwan.

TAIPEI'S CHILDREN AMUSEMENT PARK [台北儿童新乐园] is so much fun! For my four and two year old at least! There is also a Souvenir Park Stamp at the ticketing booth as well to include in your Metro Taipei stamp collection.

This is unlike many other amusement parks that cost a bomb to play. The entrance fee for an adult is NT30 [SGD1.20], free for children below 7 years old and NT15 [SGD0.60] for children aged 7 to 11! *gasps*

If you do not have an Metro Taipei EasyCard yet, it can be purchased at the park. With this card, you can also go on the Metro! There is a separate fee to every ride in the park but don't fret just yet because each ride is only NT20 [SGD0.80] per person. It is really very affordable.

We spent half a day at the park from 0900 to 1300 hours. It was a good four hours and we played almost every ride that could cater to children 100cm tall and below. Before we conquered the park, I went to the Visitor Centre to rent a stroller. I was not ready to fight tired kids and the stroller was the best thing to handle two on my own. If you have lots of bags to carry, there are lockers available as well at NT40 [SGD1.70] for a large sized compartment.

Faye, being just two years old and below 100cm in height, she could not join Ewan on most rides.  My son went on most of them alone! I was really surprised by his bravery but secretly happy to see him enjoying his time thoroughly. He got the hang of learning how to queue, check height, tap in and keep that EasyCard safe in his pocket. Whereas my daughter could only ride on the Ferris Wheel, Monorail, Carousel and played to her heart's content at the playground. I absolutely loved the Ferris Wheel and Monorail because the cabins were air-conditioned! Can you imagine what a good respite it was for us three when the sun was blazing down at close to 37 degree celcius?

We found an arcade, fully air-conditioned, and that got the children really excited! They played till their coins ran out! There were many kiddy rides and even an excavator to pick balls from an enclosed pit. Ball games, water games, motorbikes and racing cars. They would have continued playing the day away if I hadn't ran out of coins!

In the corner of the arcade was an indoor playground that got them two jumping for joy, "PLAYGROUND! I want to play!" We went on a Sunday and of course, there was a crowd. There were many chairs lined up in a queue outside the playground and was barricaded with a sign "Full". Oh dearie me.. we had to queue for this!

The schedule board states the time of play of each session. They capped each session to a fixed number of children and adults at entry. Period of play is 50 minutes and children under the height of 90cm is not allowed to play! Another Oh-Dear moment because Faye has not reached 90cm yet. She was going to kick a big fuss if she knew she could only watch her brother play. I persuaded Ewan to skip the indoor playground but he really wanted it and I was not ready to leave with a disappointed tot.

The next slot was 1200 hours. It was lunch time and I came up with a brilliant idea! I bought their lunches and we sat in the queue to eat as we waited. To avoid disappointment for the 1200 hours slot, we joined the queue at 1115 hours. 45 minutes to eat before game proper!

I loved how they upkeep the cleanliness of this indoor playground. We had our hands sanitised upon entering and were requested to move out of the playground 10 minutes before the next session begins so that they can sanitise the playground as much as they can.

Faye was struggling and kicking up a very big fuss when Ewan jumped into the ball-pit without her. I kept her locked in the carrier but nothing I do could appease her anger. I had to release this little monster and was ready to be reprimanded by the staff if they found a below 90-cm girl in the playground. Thankfully they closed one eye for us! So so lucky.

TIP: Socks are required in the ball-pit of the indoor playground so do not forget to bring them along!

No. 55, Section 5, Chengde Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Friday and Sunday - 0900 to 1700 hours
Saturday and Summer/Winter Vacation - 0900 to 2000 hours
Closed on Mondays


DA'AN FOREST PARK PLAYGROUND [大安㚞林公园] is a massive playground with a large sand pit, a sand playground with a dinosaur slide, a big kid playground, a toddler playground, and swings to cater for older children and toddlers. You could spend a good morning at the park with the children to expand their energy! I read about this playground while planning the kids' itinerary to Taiwan and had to put this on the list. Free Play yet Lots Of Fun!

TIP: Take Exit 5 at Da'an Park Station and you have the playground right before your eyes.

Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

Opening Hours:

ISLAND - PIRATE THEMED RESTAURANT [小岛泰式料理] is not situated in the heart of Taipei but in New Taipei City. It is 17 minutes by car from our hotel, which in my opinion, is absolutely manageable for a lunch visit. Besides, we will be treated with the best of Thai food in Taipei and the children, transported to the buccaneering period in a pirate ship!

I must compliment the chef for the spread we had that afternoon. It was totally satisfying and I dare say, my best meal in Taipei this trip! I am really bad at food description and photography [that is why am not a food blogger] so take my unelaborated words for it. Trust me when I say it is worth the go!

There is a pirate ship playground in the restaurant! Ball pit filled the bottom in blues and whites, portraying the ocean. A walk-in compartment at the bottom of the ship with a hidden treasure chest and if you want to play captain of the ship, you may! There is a ship's wheel at the deck just for young adventurers heading out to sea. It is not a huge playground and boasts only a single slide. However, its architecture attracts children like bees to honey.

At any one point, there is a cap of 15 people in the playground to avoid congestion. We were lucky we went on a weekday and my children were the only kids in the house. They played to their hearts' content and my only problem was getting them to sit at the table for lunch.

Right at the entrance of the restaurant sits a sand-pit. We did not attempt to play outdoors though because the weather was too hot! The children weren't that keen to try it out either. Especially when they saw that big pirate ship inside! I was impressed that the complexity of balloon sculpturing was at an Expert level and these balloons were twisted by the restaurant waitress herself! The restaurant management made the right call to multi-skill their staff.

TIP: Bring a sock along!

No. 693, Changrong Rd, Luzhou District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 247

+886 2 2847 3399

Opening Hours:
1100 to 2300 hours

FERRIS WHEEL AT MIRAMAR ENTERTAINMENT PARK [美丽华摩天轮], a 70-metre tall ferris wheel is erected on the roof top of Miramar Shopping Mall. I paid SGD6 for an adult ticket and the children went for free! Children under the height of 110cm get to enjoy the ride at no extra charge. Whether you take the full-glass cabin or not, the price remains the same. Of course I chose to wait for the glass cabin to come round [only two out of 48 cabins] and it takes 17 minutes to finish a circle.

We had intended to visit 猫空 that evening to experience the full-glass cable car cabin. Unfortunately, they were closed from bad weather forecast. We had to make do with this Ferris Wheel instead and I was glad we came! I later learnt that 猫空's cabins are not air-conditioned and it can get really uncomfortable on a hot Summer's day. Oh we were treated with air-conditioned cabins here at Miramar's Ferris Wheel and although I thought 17 minutes was a long ride, we were back on the ground before we know it.

I got myself connected with the shopping mall's free wifi and could FaceTime family while we were on the ride!

TIP: Your Ferris Wheel ticket allows you to enjoy 1-for-1 carousel ride at the foot of the Ferris Wheel. Treat your kids to more fun! There is also a Tom's World [game arcade] and iMax cinema at Miramar Shopping Mall too.

No. 20, Jingye 3rd Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 104

Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday - 1230 to 2300 hours
Friday - 1230 to 0000 hours
Saturday - 1100 to 0000 hours
Sunday - 1100 to 2300 hours


The following four recommendations of play for kids are located within the same building at Living Mall! They are located at Level 7 [Baby Boss City and Kidsburgh] and Basement [Game Arcade and Bouncy Castle] respectively. A building filled with fun for children of all ages!

BABY BOSS CITY [職業體驗任意城] made it to on my list without a doubt! Everyone sang praises of Baby Boss City. By hook or by crook, I will have to make this happen for Ewan. It is Kidzania in Mandarin! No problem! He can converse in his second language quite well.

Yet, I am giving it two thumbs down from our experience. I might just be the only one who will persuade you to take Baby Boss City out of your itinerary.

Unlike Kidzania where every establishment has staff stationed in it, Baby Boss City works on a time schedule. I had thought we could jump into any jobs Ewan wanted as soon as we entered only to find that the only available job he could undertake was the Kiwi Fruit Farmer activity. We went on the 1550 hours time slot which took 30 minutes, ending at 1620 hours. We had to look through the time sheet to find what jobs are opened from 1620 hours and make a dash for it. We had the choice of Security Guard, Policeman, Manicurist, Pizza Man or Soy Milk Factory Worker. These were jobs starting at 1630 hours. Which meant, we had 10 minutes to rush over [Got to know how to read maps!]. However, it doesn't mean you can be a Policeman even if you wanted because the queue might have been full! So what is the next time slot after 1630 hours? None. Sorry, can't be a Policeman this trip! *disappointment* We were lucky we went on a quiet weekday and managed to be a Policeman for his second job.

Sigh.. and that was about it. He only accomplished two jobs during our visit to Baby Boss City because after fulfilling his role as a Policeman, it was 1700 hours. He wanted only to be a Pilot or an Astronaut thereafter. Unfortunately, the next Astronaut job is 80 minutes away.  We could have been a Pilot but we missed the time slot for boarding and the next one is at the same time as the Astronaut. What are we to do? We tried hanging around for 80 minutes doing nothing but taking photographs. It was too long a wait and he got really upset that his sister was playing somewhere else, possibly more fun than Baby Boss City. "Let us go find 妹妹." he said dejectedly and we hopped over to 小美人鱼的家 on the same floor where they had a blast!

Best thing about Baby Boss City is the availability of free wi-fi, allowing me to connect with my friends who were taking care of Faye across the hall.

TIP I: Study this time schedule and plan ahead of time on the jobs your child might want to experience. If you miss it, the next wait could be two hours later.

TIP II: You can buy tickets online indicating you are a tourist. You will get to enjoy 20% off.

TIP III: There is a morning and afternoon session. We chose the 1500 to 2000 hours slot because it was booked out by a school on ur day of visit. Email or call in advance to check availability before heading down.

No. 138, Section 4, Level 7, Bade Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105

+886 2 2171 3190

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Thursdays - 1000 to 1800 hours
Fridays to Sundays - 1000 to 2200 hours

Website | Facebook

KIDSBURGH TAIPEI-JINGHUA [小美人鱼的家] is located just across from Baby Boss City! There are eight Kidsburgh in Taiwan, scattered between Taipei and Taichung. While Ewan and I were at Baby Boss City, our Taiwanese friends brought Faye to 小美人鱼的家 [the Taipei-Jinghua branch]. It is an ocean-themed indoor playground and I would recommend this to children aged two to six. Any older, they will probably find it too childish.

HEAVEN! When Ewan saw the playground filled with massive ball-pits, slides, shooting guns, a bouncy house, mini-carousels and more, he explained, "This Is Way Better Than Baby Boss! Let's Go In Mom!" We had such a difficult time persuading the kids to leave!

It is a very clever initiative by the Living Mall to house two large indoor play area within Level 7 [Baby Boss City and 小美人鱼的家. While the older children indulge in play at Baby Boss City, the younger ones can have their own share of fun at 小美人鱼的家.

Tha Taiwanese are really good in designing children-themed playgrounds or eateries, centering all focus to the child's happiness index! And they never forget about what parents might need - Diaper Rooms! No matter where you are in Taiwan, you are sure to find a comfortable space in the toilets to clean your babies up from poop or pee.

TIP: Bring those socks!

No. 138, Section 4, Level 7, Bade Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105

+886 2 3762 2236

Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday - 1000 to 2000 hours
Friday to Sunday - 1000 to 2100 hours

Website | Facebook

TOM'S WORLD GAME ARCADE is located at Basement and Level 5 of the Living Mall. Oh yes! There are two game arcades within a shopping mall. Those kiddy rides were what attracted Ewan and Faye first. They scurried in like a mouse and Faye sat herself onto a Ducky ride going, "Money Mommy Money!"

We spent half an hour trying to figure out some games and riding on many others. Oh the nostalgic ticket collecting activity we used to have while we were kids in the 80s and 90s. Whenever we won something, the game machine returned us tickets we can collect in exchange for gifts!

The children chose a mini magnifying glass in return for their hard work winning games.

台北市松山區八德路四段138號 Basement(京華城購物中心)
No. 138, Section 4, Basement Level, Bade Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105

BOUNCY CASTLE [Ad-Hoc Event] this is in the centre atrium of the Living Mall at the basement level where Tom's World is. I understand that the mall changes the basement game play on  seasonal basis. They invite different companies to refresh the basement scene for families periodically. I do not know how often but that is what I found out.

So while we were there late June 2016, a gigantic bouncy castle await us in the centre court! Balloon arches welcomed us at the entrance and we were naturally drawn into it. The children were torn! Should they go jumping in the giant bouncy castle equipped with two-storey high slides [Yes! That Big!] or take a drive in a motorised car round the track created by the bouncy castle?

It was a very clever game play - a bouncy castle cum race track. While kids bounce, other children can rent a motorised car to meander INSIDE the bouncy castle as well! Awesome right? Ewan could drive his own vehicle but Faye is a little too young to manoeuvre on her own so we were given a remote control to guide her through the tracks! Clever Clever.

When you next visit the Living Mall, update us what's in store for that month!

台北市松山區八德路四段138號 Basement(京華城購物中心)
No. 138, Section 4, Basement Level, Bade Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105

After Taipei, we continued our trip in Leofoo Resort, an amazing experience on its own.

This trip was made because: Daddy has taken up an EMBA course and is required to study intensively on a daily basis for two full weeks in June. I chose his busiest week to go on our seven day vacation so that he can get the rest he needed in Singapore [while coping between school and work]. I think he secretly appreciated our absence though he didn't agree to it immediately. I worked hard to ensure that we will be well-taken care of from start to end, giving our loved ones a peace of mind while we travel. After submitting my proposal to Meyer and my dad, they gave us the green light to book our flights. Here's how JetQuay took care of our airport needs in Singapore.

May's Suggested Itinerary for Taipei
Baby Boss City Time Schedule
Kid Friendly Cafes in Taipei

Our little Travel companions 
June 2016 - Ewan at 4 years old and Faye at 2 years old 
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including our Leofoo Theme ParkLeofoo Resort and Flight on a Hello Kitty Jet posts!

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