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There is an on-going contest happening on our review of the hotel. Head over there to win a One Night Stay at Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel in their Family Suite! This contest is open to international followers and ends on 21st of December 2016. 

We would have never considered Macau as a holiday destination if not for a contest I joined earlier this year. I wrote about how my husband and I desperately needed a getaway - just the two of us - from all the work we’ve done parenting the kids. It is a full-time job and a little break after four years seemed fair. I won! Return tickets via Tiger Air from Experience Macao.

Yet, we ended up bringing the children because they did not want to stay over with anyone else . Not even with their favourite grandparents. Well, since we are really experienced with holidaying with our children, what’s one more with them? Our couple trip will have to wait until they are ready to let us go.

Oh but thankfully we brought Ewan and Faye with us on this trip because without them, there will not be a Macau for Kids post! Then again, what is Macau for two adults who do not know how to gamble?

There are a few big tips about Macau that every family should know:
1. Currencies Accepted in Macau include MOP and HKD. They are 1:1 [as of 2016] so whichever works well for the family. Do note that in Macau City, goods and services are 3% cheaper than in the Cotai Strip if you use MOP.
2. The Airport is in the Cotai Strip. Meaning, you can spot your hotel while landing! It is that near. As we were touching down on the tarmac, I could see Sheraton Grand, The Venetian, Conrad, Wynn Palace and all its neighbouring hotels from my window. It takes only 10 minutes to arrive at your hotel along Cotai Strip form the airport.
3. Free Shuttle Buses are available in every hotel along the Cotai Strip. They provide free shuttle services from airport-hotel-airport, ferry-hotel-ferry and inter-hotel transfers between Cotai Strip and Macau City. But hey, bus drivers aren’t necessarily polite. Think old Hong Kong when it comes to service quality because they are the same.
4. Every Hotel has a Kids Club available to the public at a fee. The Parisian has Qube Kingdom, Sheraton Grand has Kung Fu Panda Academy, Grand Hyatt has Kids City and the list goes on. There is so much competition between the establishments that the Kids Programmes that they put up are all very impressive! 
5. Avoid Winter [December to February] to enjoy the awesome water parks in various hotels [Galaxy, The Parisian and Studio City] all around Cotai Strip. They look so good that I feel slightly disappointed that we had to give it a miss.
6. A Stroller or Carrier is a Necessity if you have toddlers who cannot walk for long periods of time. The Parisian is connected to The Ventian which is connected to Sands Cotai that brings you to Holiday Inn Hotel, Sheraton Grand and Conrad Hotel. Each of these hotels have a mega shopping mall within and with so much space [and no buggy system], you will have to walk and walk and walk. Check with your hotel prior to flying if they provide stroller rentals to avoid bringing one for the trip - Sheraton Grand Macao has this provision for free with a MOP1000 [SGD200] deposit.
7. No Need to Purchase Data for your mobile phone because as you walk from one integerated resort to the next, you are connected fully from their free wifi. Simply log into the respective networks and you shall be connected. Sheraton Grand Macao provides a portable handy that guests can bring along while travelling in Macau with a strong wifi hotspot to connect to.
8. Do Your Research and I did mine from googling and following @lotusandphoenix [a full-time mom living in Macau] and [the official IG of Macao Government Tourism Office]. But really, all you need now is print this post and follow it religiously.

We were invited to stay at SHERATON GRAND MACAO this trip and they truly lived up to their name to being Macau’s most family-friendly hotel. There are so many attractive luxury hotels along Cotai Strip that beckoned me to stay for the night but I doubt none of them boasts a children’s programme like Sheraton. We were just a lift away from Dreamworks! Kung Fu Panda, King Julien and his Madagascar party, Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon and Shrek right out from the swamp were all there! Every single day, in our hotel. Read our review on the hotel.

Cost: Free
Time: Daily, 1200 to 1500 hours
Locate: Paradise Gardens, Level 1, Sands Cotai Central
[on the ground level of Sheraton Grand Macao where we stayed]

Oh the Paradise Gardens is such a beautiful place! It sits indoors, away from the heat and cold, with a center court filled with a beautiful flowers and a feature fountain to admire. In the four corners of this brightly-lit space, sit four colourful backdrops for photography opportunities with DreamWorks characters from Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon. 

A different character from each cartoon will come out to mingle with the children over the three hour slot at different intervals. Do not expect them to be there throughout the session though because they do need their breaks as well. If you do not see any characters when you arrive, do not fret. Simply wait or check with the DreamWorks counter by the side to confirm the next character appearance!

We managed to catch up with only two very lively characters before we left for the airport. 

Cost: Free
Time: Daily, 1600 to 1620 hours
Locate: Level 2, Shoppes at Sands Cotai Central
[on the second level of Sheraton Grand Macao where we stayed]

I heard so much about this parade and I had to make this happen for the children. Unfortunately, 1600 hours is still nap time! So I managed their naps by pushing it to 1630 hours. While they took only five minutes to fall asleep, waking up was very difficult. They refused their dinners and were so cranky the rest of the night. Point taken: they need their rest. 

That aside, we followed this ultimate party parade around the shopping arcade featuring a cast of up to 32 performers including Po, Tigeress, King Julien, Alex the Lion and the favourites of the DreamWorks characters! Truth be told, I have never seen a more energetic group of mascots ever! Watch to believe it and focus on Po, the Kung Fu Panda, because he stole the show by running and doing a kung fu kick! In a huge panda suit, I just say this can only happen because he is very passionate about his job.

    Cost: MOP238 Adult | MOP138 Child | MOP688 Family Package [3 family members plus 1 child]
    Time: 1000 to 1130 hours [Saturday - Monday] | 0900 to 1030 hours [Tuesday - Friday]
    Locate: Level 4, Urumqi Ballroom, Sands Cotai Central
    [on the fourth level of Sheraton Grand Macao where we stayed]

    To Reserve:

    We were all very excited about this special breakfast with Po from Kung Fu Panda! Who wouldn't when your favourite cartoon character dines with you as you indulge in his famous home-made noodles? 

    Not only was Po there, he brought along his friends from DreamWorks All-Stars! The array of food was truly a feast as its title suggested. There were themed dishes and desserts that took after Panda and Shrek which obviously was a hit amongst the kids. We were so busy watching the exclusive stage performances put up by the mascots that we failed to feed ourselves as much as we should. 

    Besides dances on stage, Tigeress from Kung Fu Panda invited all the children up to join her for an ad-hoc kung fu practice! She displayed a few stances and the children were supposed to follow. Frankly speaking, I think we adults would have done a better job at it because we [I] really wanted to be part of the play as well! 

    While some photo opportunities with the characters [on the stage] needed us to queue, the rest of them came to us table by table to say Hello! It felt almost like a wedding dinner where the bride and groom stop briefly at each table to take photographs with their guests. The energy level was high! The mascots were cheeky and they played really well with the children with tickles & fist bumps. We took photos with EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER! 

    Cost: MOP200 per Child [includes one accompanying adult] | MOP100 per additional adult
    Time: 1130 to 1300 hours or 1400 to 1530 hours [Saturdays and Sundays Only]
    Date: 5 September 2016 to 5 February 2017
    Locate: Level 4, Tian Shan Ballroom, Sands Cotai Central
    [on the fourth level of Sheraton Grand Macao where we stayed]

    To Reserve:

    This is a drop-off kids programme recommended for children aged 4 to 12 years old but knowing our four year old, that's not going to happen. Besides, we have Faye too and she definitely cannot be left alone. Nevertheless, it was fun for parents too! Since adults enter for free with one accompanying child, we joined them for 90 minutes of fun as well. To be honest, it wouldn't be as exciting for the children if daddy and mommy weren't there.

    Upon arrival at the Academy, families were invited to sit down for some colouring fun. Oh but it isn't just regular colouring! Your Kung Fu Panda comes to LIVE with the DreamWorks Create - Color App! Unfortunately, it can only scan and detect pictures from DreamWorks colouring sheets. But the beauty of this app is, there are many colouring activities in there as well which you can fill in your own pictures and bring them to live. It definitely turned a dull colouring activity into something exciting for the whole family! Download the App to try it right now.

    There are five adventure zones at the Kung Fu Panda Academy to keep the kids high on adrenaline:

    Zone 1 - Choose Your Kung Fu Style
    A Kung Fu Master must follow the style of combat that matches their inner-most self. Chi requires a mastery of self, so only by being true to yourself and your natural skills, will you learn to master Chi. The children chose to be Pandas! Masks are provided on the tables with stickers for the children to paste on to complete the look. 

    Zone 2 - Help Your Friends Restore Their Chi
    Chi is the energy that flows through all living things, the state of eternal Peace. Before your friends can help you on your journey, you must first help them! Basically, this is a puzzle game with with three stages - Easy, Medium and Hard. The children are encouraged to use their wisdom and skills to restore the puzzles to their normal state.

    Zone 3 - Free Your Family And Learn Lesson From Your Elders
    Kai has taken the children's parents! We were put in a prison and our kids were supposed to find the ancient scroll from a container filled with styrofoam. In there lies the key to release us! But first, they have to go through an obstacle course without touching the threads. Otherwise, the bells will ring and they will have to start again. My children are quite bad at it. The bells rang a million times! *hahah* But the fun factor? 10!

    Zone 4 - Fight Your Way To The Panda Village
    This is by far Ewan's favourite. He loves throwing so this Bao Throwing Game was his thing! High in the mountains is a secret Panda Village, an ancient place of healing and powerful Chi. To harness the healing powers of Chi from this land, we need to defeat Kai’s army of Jade Zombies, who were all once Kung Fu Masters themselves!

    Zone 5 - Show Down With Kai!
    Moving on after making it to the Panda Village, KAI was waiting for us! He can only be stopped by a true Master of Chi, as told in Oogway’s prophecy. There are feet sensors around the battle ground and we were supposed to run as fast as we could on it. With teamwork, Kai can then be defeated. 

    The big finale at the Academy was meeting Po himself. Upon achieving every stage, the children were whisked to the changing area to have themselves suited up as Kung Fu Warriors. A graduation photo opportunity with Po is mandatory!

    Cost: MOP100 Adult | MOP80 Child | MOP85 Senior
    Time: 1200 to 2000 hours [Monday - Friday] | 1100 to 12100 hours [Saturdays, Sundays and PH]
    Locate: Level 3, Studio City
    [diagonally across the road from Sheraton Grand Macao where we stayed]

    This is the world's highest figure-8 Ferris wheel. Well, that's because it is the ONLY figure-8 Ferris wheel in the world. We got to enjoy the horizons of Macau 130 meters up in the air. It sits in between two Art-Deco hotel towers through Studio City's main façade. There are 17 spacious Steampunk-themed cabins accommodating up to 10 people each. A small rectangular glass bottom sees you through the cabin to level three where the garden sits. 

    More attractions at Studio City here.

    Cost: MOP200 1 Adult and 1 Child; 2 hour slot
    Time: Daily 1000 to 1900 hours
    Locate: Level 3, Studio City
    [diagonally across the road from Sheraton Grand Macao where we stayed]

    We visited the Warner Bros. Fun Zone on a weekday and few were practically the only visitors there! Imagine 40,000 sq. foot worth of playground all to ourselves! Nice.

    Packed with all the popular Warner Bros., DC Comics and Hanna-Barbera characters, the kids couldn't decide which ride to go on first.  If you cannot visualise what 40,000 sq. foot is like, mmmm it is actually not very much but there is something for children of all ages.

    This wonderland of themed play areas and facilities offers a variety of play experiences from wall climbing, driving automobiles in the DC Comics Super Hero Raceway race tracks and jumping to heroic heights at the playground. There is also a modest arcade gaming centre at Warner Bros.

    For very young children like Faye, there is a TOM & JERRY Picnic Playground filled with toddler-safe apparatus designed to look like giant fruits, cheese and food packaging.

    Fun Level? Hmmm I do think it is quite small a place. It is similar to Angry Birds Activity Park in Johor Bahru but it's more fun there at Angry Birds in my opinion.

    More attractions at Studio City here.

    ACME Bounce-O-Matic
    Get launched up the dual jumping towers before descending vertically with a series of short drops. There were so many squeals and laughters from the children in the beginning. But towards the end, Ewan suddenly got bored. This guy needs more thrill than a bouncy descend!

    DC Comics Super Hero Action Arena
    Climb, slide and explore the thrilling sets of the Justice League. This is an indoor playground within the Fun Zone which Faye technically couldn't enter because it has a minimum height of 94cm. Although she is tiny, she has highly equipped to do high slides and climb up ladders without aid with her polished gross motor skills. We got her in with daddy's parental guidance. She looked like she had a lot of fun!

    DC Comics Super Hero Raceway
    Race towards the checkered flag in your own DC Super Hero sports car! Ewan raced towards it and insisted it was to be his first activity at Warner Bros. Fun Zone. I think he must have went round five times in five different cars.

    Sky High Scramble
    Test your vertical limit or strafe left and right like a super hero in this unique climbing experience. There are four walls in total and children between the heights of 100 to 120cm can only climb the lowest walls. Our kids conquered the lowest ones!

    Tom and Jerry Picnic Playground
    This playground is in fact one giant mousetrap devised by Tom. This is legally appropriate for Faye, aged two. She did not fancy it that much though because under her brother's influence, she has already been introduced to the big boys' playgrounds. This is too kiddish for her but still, ball pits are always a hit.

    Warner Bros. Hypercade
    How cool! We found a 4D ride within the Fun Zone itself! Put on a 3D google and with a gun in hand, confront evil Warner Bros. villains! It is exactly the same as Legoland's latest Lego NinjaGo ride where you can not only experience a three-dimensional game play, the four-dimensional effect comes in the form of heat and wind. I must say this has better effects than the one we played at Legoland!

    Warner Bros. Kid Quest
    Kid Quest? More like Adult Quest! My husband was going on and on with these games. I am not a gamer but he insisted I played. It was so funny how I found a photograph of Tom copy-catting me while I gamed!

    Cartoon Club
    An exclusive clubhouse for kids to enjoy Warner Bros. cartoons from Looney Tunes to the heroic adventures of their favorite super heroes. It is situated next to the Clubhouse Diner where parents can sit and chill while the kids indulge in screen time. Although we didn't steer our kids there because what's the point of watching cartoons when you paid for the rides!

    Character Meet-And-Greet
    I would recommend a weekend visit because all the Warner Bros. characters like Bugs Bunny, Sylvester Cat, etc will be out to meet and greet friends! We only had Tom for Thursday. *sobs*

    Cost: MOP130 1 Adult and 1 Child; 2 hour slot
    Time: Daily 0930 to 2130 hours
    Locate: Level 6, The Parisian
    [directly across the road from Sheraton Grand Macao where we stayed]

    Qube Kingdom is The Parisian's Kids Club which is opened to the public at a fee and accessed via the guests' lift. The newest, cleanest and most beautifully designed - reasons I chose to bring the children to Qube Kingdom over Qube [at Venetian Macao] and Qube 2 [at Sands Cotai Central].

    The playground measures over 20,000sqft and covers both indoor and outdoor play areas. It is designed to be the perfect antidote for boredom at any age – climbing nets and slides sit next to a carousel straight out of Les Jardins de Luxembourg. Frankly speaking, it was the carousel that sold me to this place.

    There is also a ball pool perfectly placed for a pretend snowball fight and gaming consoles offer a more low-key option for tweens [and daddies].

    I absolutely loved the design of Qube Kingdom. It is a spaceship!

    TIP: Keep your receipt from Qube Kingdom because it gives you 20% off ticket price up the Eiffel Tower.

    Cost: MOP160 per person [weekday] | MOP180 per person [weekend]
    Family Package for 4: MOP480 per day [weekday] | MOP540 per day [weekend]
    Time: 1000 to 1800 hours in Summer
    Locate: Level 6, The Parisian
    [directly across the road from Sheraton Grand Macao where we stayed]

    Next to the outdoor play area of Qube Kingdom sits Aqua World - the brand new pay-for-play area for little ones. The fabulous water features and the wading pool are perfect for Faye while Ewan would go crazy with the water guns on the pirate ship. Older kids will find thrill in the bigger waterslides high up in the tower. With the Eiffel Tower in the background, it makes such a picturesque sight lounging and watching the children play.

    What was the temperature of the water when we went as we close into Winter? 27.6 degree celcius. Yay to heated pool!

    Cost: MOP168 Adult; MOP138 Child [weekday] | MOP188 Adult; MOP158 Child [weekend]
    Family Package for 4: MOP528 [weekday] | MOP590 [weekend]
    Time: 1000 to 2200 hours
    Light Show: Daily from 1820 to 0000 hours every 15 minutes
    Locate: Level 5, The Parisian
    [directly across the road from Sheraton Grand Macao where we stayed]

    Note: No light show from 2030 to 2130 hours on the first Tuesday of every month in support of Earth Hour

    TIP: Keep your receipt from Qube Kingdom because it gives you 20% off ticket price up the Eiffel Tower. Not applicable for Family Package.

    It is pricy in my opinion and whether or not you'd like to head up to this Eiffel replica or the real one will be a very personal call. It was a beautiful experience and lots to admire in the night - the glitz of Macau. It may not appeal much to the children and they may be more eager to head back down the elevator. Nevertheless, go for it if mommy or daddy wants a go at it because the holiday is not always about kids. 

    Cost: Free when you board the sky cab from Lake Station up to Wynn Palace Hotel | MP100 per person for round trip
    Time: 1200 to 1900 hours daily, performs every 30 minutes | 1900 to 0000 hours performs every 20 minutes
    Locate: Lake Station, Wynn Palace Hotel
    [10 minutes walk from Sheraton Grand Macao where we stayed]

    I heard so much about the Wynn Fountain, I had to make a trip to see it myself. There are two Wynns in Macau so make sure you visit the right one. The one with the Sky Cab because that is a bonus ride for the kids.

    Graceful plumes of water dance a romantic ballet or soar into the sky with power and precision: As the signature attraction at Wynn Palace, their Performance Lake has been designed to evoke a variety of emotions, from a pure appreciation of its elegance and beauty to a wide-eyed sense of awe and wonder.

    Buy Tickets from Sistic which entitles you to a free upgrade A Reserve with a B Reserve ticket.
    Locate: City of Dreams
    [opposite Wynn Palace Hotel]

    Tip: I do not recommend the Splash Zone because the audience do look uncomfortable wearing a raincoat while watching the performance.

    Synopsis: The story begins on the coast of Coloane. We follow our fisherman as he is taken by a mysterious force to a place and time of legends. He meets a young brave Stranger who survived a terrible shipwreck and together, they enter a magical kingdom. The Stranger and the beautiful Princess of the kingdom fall in love but are cruelly separated by the Princess’s evil stepmother, the Dark Queen. Without hesitation, the Fisherman and Stranger join forces to fight against the Dark Queen and rescue the Princess.

    I wanted very much to catch The House of Dancing Water while in Macau but was not sure if Ewan and Faye will take well to it. Mainly because video previews on YouTube showed displays of rain, lightning and thunder which doesn't sit very well with my first-born. He could find The Good Dinosaur a bad movie just because there was a thunder scene. So we invited the grandparents along as well just to help with babysitting the kids should they decide to leave the show prematurely.

    To our surprise, Ewan sat through the 90 minute show which was filled with many thundery showers. The acts were too exhilarating to give it a miss even though he watched those parts with his hands covering his ears! The show reminded me of the movie Moulin Rogue - some kind of eccentric, full of fantasy, perfect execution in its acts with immaculate costumes!

    Faye had her eyes on stage the whole time, totally mesmerised by the water performances, stunning stage and dangerous acrobatic stunts. I didn't think she would know how to appreciate it but she clapped her hands together with the audience whenever a spectacular act was put out.

    If there is only one day in Macau, you should still put this on your list. Like what a friend said, she bought a ferry ticket from Hong Kong to Macau for a day trip just to catch this World-Class performance.

    I compiled this clip into a 7 minute preview and it gives a perfect introduction to what you can expect from The House of Dancing Water.

    Cost: MOP120 1 Adult 1 Child [weekday] | MOP150 1 Adult 1 Child [weekend]
    Time: Daily 1000 to 2000 hours
    What To Wear: Long-sleeve shirts (covering wrists), long pants (covering ankles) and socks. Parents should also wear socks
    Locate: Level 3, City of Dreams
    [opposite Wynn Palace Hotel]

    Tip: Go on a weekday because all arcade games on weekdays are FREE whereas they are chargeable at MOP5 per game on a weekend.

    Note: You will be given a wristband with a tracking system for when you purchase food and drinks or special craft works. The credits will be tapped into your wristband and you will pay only upon check-out.

    Covering 17,000 square feet, the brightly-lit Kids’ City offers indoor and outdoor fun for kids of different ages! The 4 main zones: Dream, Excite, Create and Explore are each equipped with the most innovative facilities. While the energetic ones can have a blast at the giant futuristic slide “Peak Adventure”, flex their muscles at the climb structure “Outdoor Explorers” or reach new heights in the “Bouncy Space”; those who have a flair for art can give their creativity free rein at “Art Attack” where DIY workshops are held from time to time.

    Other attractions include the “Arcade Matrix” which offers stimulating virtual experiences; as well as “Magic Wardrobe” and “Dream Theater” where kids can play out their fantasy of becoming a superhero or a fairy princess. On weekends and certain holidays, there will even be clown performances, plays and interactive games. Kids’ City also boasts the largest collection of Toy Capsule machines in Macau, offering endless surprises.

    Faye went straight for the Art and Crafting session where she painted a Christmas Bear with daddy. It was a special Christmas craft for the season and not part of the entrance fee. It costs MOP60 for a painting which now decorates the Art Table in our home.

    We were treated to a Bubble Show at the Dream Theatre during our visit and boy was it fun! It was the first time we got to be trapped in a gigantic bubble which was absolutely memorable!

    Not only did the children have loads of fun at Kids City, I kept losing their father in this huge space! He will usually be hovering around us, helping me with the children whenever I needed. But this time, he was nowhere in sight. I even took a peek into the shoe rack to see if he had left! Where did I find him eventually? Playing Wii and Xbox games in the corner, having a ball of a time himself.

    Cost: Free
    Locate: MGM, Macao City [not at Cotai Strip]

    This breathtaking 8-meter tall cylindrical MGM Aquarium gives a 360-degree unobstructed view of the aquatic lives. The cylindrical appearance of the MGM Aquarium is symbolic of endless luck and fortune while the multitude of fishes would bring wealth and blessings. I have seen many pictures of the MGM Aquarium in the past year, always dressed up differently to different themes. 

    For this visit, we got to experience MGM in Christmas. Stunning. Enjoy the lobby a little more by walking into their cafe for a high-tea which overlooks the aquarium because beauty needs time to be appreciated. 

    Cost: Free
    Links: Website
    Locate: near the Airport

    Glass Sledding! There is a 20-metre grass slide in Taipa Grande Nature Park that is fun for children and adults. Grab a tobaggan and slide down the hill! There is also a playground nearby for extended play with the family. We didn't find time for this and that's a huge regret.


    Cost: MOP468 per person
    Free Access for hotel guests: Galaxy Hotel, Broadway Hotel, Hotel Okura Macau, Banyan Tree Macau, JW Marriott Hotel Macau and The Ritz-Carlton, Macau
    Time: 0800 to 2200 hours
    Locate: Galaxy Grand Macau Resort, Cotai Strip

    MAINTENANCE NOTICE: SKYTOP RAPIDS, KIDZ ISLAND and SKYTOP WATERSLIDES are temporarily closed from 1 Dec 2016 to 28 Feb 2017. SKYTOP WAVE POOL will be temporarily closed from 29 Dec 2016 to 28 Feb 2017. Guest can still enjoy HEATED POOL and JACUZZI (closed on 10-17 Jan 2017) during this period.

    The Grand Resort Deck expanded to over 75,000 square meters in May 2015 with the world's longest Skytop Aquatic Adventure River Ride at 575 meters and more fun! Enjoy also the world's largest Skytop Wave Pool, a 350-ton white sand beach, and water attractions including exhilarating waterslides, beach lagoons, white water rapids, geysers, waterfalls and Macau's largest kids aquatic zone. The Grand Resort Deck is the only true resort experience in Macau, all set in our Asian themed tropical gardens. Enjoy alfresco dining treats with our poolside resort service including pool side restaurants and lounges, namely Surf Bar, Breeze Café, Pool Bar at JW Marriott, and Cabana at Banyan Tree Macau. 

    credit: Galaxy Macau

    May's Suggested Itinerary for Macau
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    December 2016 - Ewan at 4 years old and Faye at 2 years old 
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