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From Birth Plans to Death Plans

The children had been schooled by the School of Life [and Death] two weekends ago when their Great Grandma passed away after a month's hospitalisation from COVID and Cancer. Due to the hospital's strict  rules for visitors, we were given special one-item visits only towards the end of her life. I had wanted to bring my children but the grands said maybe we shouldn't frighten them with how frail and unrecognisable their great grandma looked at that time. Maybe the kids should be kept away from the hospital where germs harbour.  But we all agreed they should be present at the wake.  Ewan and Faye amassed a wealth of exposure which will shape them to who they will be as grown adults. Well, at least I hope to believe that! While some feel it’s perhaps wiser I left the kids somewhere else while I busied myself at the wake, I felt strongly that they be present to understand what Respect , Family and Responsibility meant by hanging around.  They witnessed a mixture of emotions

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