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Be The Best Version Of Yourself

I do not know how these amazing entrepreneurial moms can start up businesses when their babies were just born.   I was derailed when I had Ewan and holed up in my home the entire year trying to figure out what he wants whenever he cried. All I looked forward to every afternoon was putting my babies to nap so that I can, too, take an afternoon nap. 
 These moms are powerhouses. I feel powerless.  But it's okay. --------- I do not know how influencer moms can keep up with trends or even bother to dress up nice every time they head out for tea. They will bound to have beautiful pictures posed-unposed of their cafe trip with their kids for the gram. I have those too but it's getting lesser as I age. When I finally feel like going out for coffee to unwind, I really do not want to pose or dress up for any cameras. Do you know how tiring it is to get all the photos out of the way before we can all, as a family, sit and enjoy the moment? These moms are hardworking momsies. I’m just pl

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