Legoland Malaysia Hotel: Ninjago Premium Room

 Receive a Brick-versary goodie coupon from 1 to 30 September 2017, with tons of attractive prizes like a free hotel stay or free tickets, free LEGO® merchandise and even the ultimate prize of a free trip to LEGOLAND Japan to be won when you visit Legoland Malaysia this September!

Every theme park ticket entitles you to one scratch and win coupon and I won one Buy 1 Get 1 Skill Game Free deal and two 20% off Hotel Stay coupons for our next visit!

We have a big fan in Ewan! He is mesmerised by everything Ninjago that he is advancing well in his reading skills with Ninjago's reader set that we borrow from the library. So much so that even Faye has learnt so much about the ninjas from listening to daddy read to her brother at bedtime [every night].

I, on the other hand, read the book out loud without registering anything. Do you get me or are you puzzled?

As the story goes, "Lloyd often gets mean comments from his classmates. That's because his dad is Lord Garmadon..."

I wouldn't remember that Lloyd's dad is Lord Garmadon not will I remember which colour suit Lloyd wears. I just read the each word in the best diction but daydream through the whole book about what I had accomplished that day or what I needed to get done after the kids sleep. 

Faye? She remembers everything! She recognises the ninjas, knows exactly what a dojo is and can pronounced SPINJITZU! Well, I guess that makes her a fan too. When I told them we were going on a road trip to Legoland Malaysia and staying over in a Ninjago themed room, they couldn't contain their excitement. Couldn't. It was the easiest morning to get them out of bed. 

I had written a low down on all three room categories at Legoland Malaysia in 2016 - The Adventure, Kingdom and Pirate. It is a pure pictorial walkthrough with a chart tabulating the difference between the standard and premium rooms.

With the hotel adding one more category to their collection, I had to share it to make it complete. Surely parents would like to know if the Premium Ninjago themed room was going to be worth their consideration!

My honest mommy review? I LOVE THE NINJAGO ROOM! It is fully themed at every inch of the walls and the swords above the master bed glow too!

Starting from RM810 per room, it is more expensive than the other categories. Oh why but of course. It made its debut just three months ago in June!

This trip was made with two other moms, Nat and Janice, and we had six pre-schoolers in tow. The objective of choosing 17th of September for this trip was to celebrate Ollie's 3rd birthday at  Legoland Malaysia! Ollie the mini-me of Mrs Natty. Ollie the shy guy who shares the same birth date [not birthday] and year as my Faye. Ollie Oliver!

He knew it was his big day when the staff at the Legoland Theme Park gave him a gigantic chest pin which read, "It's My Birthday!" We had a surprise birthday song sprung on us when we were dining at Market Restaurant. Nat had to ask me, "Did you arrange this? Oh my goodness! You got me surprised too!"

Erm... I actually didn't. It was purely proactiveness and initiation from the ground staff at Market Restaurant!

I however did arrange for a private birthday party in our hotel room that evening. Room service dinner plus a chocolate cake blow out. Ollie had his favourite playmate [his brother] and parents all in attendance to celebrate this special day with him. He didn't say a word the whole time but looking all so pleased when we sang him his song.

Happy third birthday Ollie boy! You are loved. Even though you don't find me very lovable *hahah*

Cheers to motherhood and the need to keep sane with [a bottle of] Sauvignon Blanc ladies!

September 2017 - Ewan at 5 years old and Faye at 3 years old 
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