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We are Sentosa Islanders and frequent Sentosa as if it was our playground. It makes sense especially when we live rather close to the island. Even a simple monorail joy ride would set . 

Every time we ride pass the Merlion [in the monorail], the children will scream, "MERLION!" Oh little did they know they will be in for a big treat! We were invited for a night in Le Méridien Sentosa's Merlion Suite and what a delight to wake with the Merlion right before our eyes in the morning!

The hotel provides luxury creature comforts for the modern traveller along with a taste of Singapore’s colonial history in the spacious Heritage Wing, which dates back to the 1940s and restored to its full glory. The Merlion Suite is housed particularly in the Heritage Wing and we all know how much love I have for historical buildings. One of the reasons old buildings are attractive to me is because they  speak to us of another time, of particular events and even of historical characters.

If a hotel is sliced in half with a new and old wing, you are bound to find me requesting for a room in the historical building. Le Méridien Sentosa is one such property that has contemporary meet heritage, beautifully separated by their glass tank lap pool.

Le Méridien Sentosa is an unfounded pearl in the ocean. I am surprised by how family-focused they are.

I am jumping straight into what bought my children over as soon as we entered the Merlion Suite [because even the daddy was impressed].

Besides the larger-than-life Merlion statue at our window being the outright winner, right there on the coffee table were two gracefully crafted plates of pastries to welcome my humble family for the staycation. It is in the details and personalisation that I appreciated. One of the chocolate platter was put together for the parents and the other, my children!

Ewan and Faye were squealing in delight when they laid their eyes on the rainbow animal-themed kueh lapis! They cannot decide which made them happier really - the jellybeans, cakes and chocolates or the Lego toys that came with it!

It wasn't difficult for the children to figure out which Lego toys were meant for them. Ewan reached out for the Lego City pack while Faye instinctively held on to the Duplo, appropriate for her age. My first thoughts were, "Well done Le Méridien. You really gave this a good think through."

From a parent point of view, I find hotels who go the extra mile for their littlest guests reap the highest rewards. Children's testimonies to great service are indisputable.

My husband questioned, "Hmmm do all guests receive the same welcome treat or is it just because we are invited?"

I had to clarify with Le Méridien Sentosa and very heartened to share it here that if you indicate your travelling parties [including their gender and age] upon reservation, the hotel will see to it that the little ones shall be wowed.

With an average size of 45sqm, I wouldn't say it boasts an impressive amount of space for a suite. However, it was more than enough for the needs of my young family of four. In fact, it was more than perfect!

When the door to the suite opened, we were welcomed into a lengthy lounge area where a three-seater sofa sat. We worked on our laptops while the kids napped in our bedroom which is partitioned away from the living with a white French door. While there was only one King bed but four of us, we planned to have Faye sleep in between us on the King bed that night and tuck Ewan in on the sofa.

Come nightfall, we were pleasantly surprised to find the sofa turned down into a double bed for the kids! All our problems solved from having a restful night without some kid kicking our ribs at 0335hrs! I loved it that the sofa bed wasn't high and we needn't worry about them falling off with a bump on their heads as we sleep away from them. Needless to say, the kids were extremely excited to witness this awesome transformation. On our part, there was no need to pay for an additional rollaway bed which costs S$117.70per night!

The occasional sighting of their favourite ride [the monorail] in Sentosa was enjoyable to watch. We sat to watch the clouds and the people in the Merlion's mouth, recounting our own experiences when we brought the kids up on Ewan's Trollific Birthday Party.

Our bathroom is lengthy which fits perfectly a bath and standing shower, two wash basins and a separate toilet room for privacy. Did I not mention a walk-in wardrobe? How they fit so many luxurious pockets of space in a 45sqm room, I have no idea. The credit has to go to the architects who built this place!

My only gripe is the sound proofing. When I put the kids to bed at night in their pull-out double bed, I could hear people chatting outside our door as they return to their rooms. I could also hear the traffic [trucks mostly going to a construction site next to the hotel in Sentosa] at 2300 hours from our bedroom. Well the consolation was, after I knocked out, I heard nothing and wasn't awakened by any loud noises.

Room Offer: Get 15% off the best available rates with the ESCAPE THE EVERYDAY STAYCATION from S$299 per night which includes two adult admission tickets to S.E.A Aquarium and Adventure Cove Waterpark! All hotel guests must present their hotel confirmation (printed or by mobile device) to enjoy complimentary access to Sentosa Island. Promotion ends 31 December 2017. To make a reservation, call +65 6818 3388 or online.

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A sudden downpour caught us by surprise on our first night after dinner. We went to Resort World Sentosa for pizza as requested by the kids. By the time we were done, it was raining cats and dogs!

We thought of our route back but the nearest we could get to the hotel without getting drenched was to take the monorail from Waterfront to Imbiah Station. After which, there is no sheltered walkway from the station to the hotel.

I decided to give the front desk a call, checking if there was any possibility to send two umbrellas to us at the monorail station. My husband told me that it was really too much to ask of a Le Méridien  Why would they do that?

I called anyway, half-hearted but still pinning hopes in the brand. The operator picked up the phone and I usually do not like to speak to the operators because they are always busy and aren't always given empowerment. Thus, I requested to have my call transferred to the front desk.

Instead of doing so, the lady behind the line asked if there was anything she can do to help? In my mind, I went, "I seriously doubt you can make a decision on this." But I told her the situation. She asked me how many people do I have with me and assured me that someone will be on his way to pick us up!

I was overwhelmed by the service standard! Especially when I didn't have to repeat myself all over again like I always do with less competent staff. She asked what we wore for her colleague to recognise us as "the guests who called".

As soon as we reached Imbiah Station, we had a gentleman with four brollies in his hand. This extra mile was made not because we were invited guests. She didn't know who we were when she acceded to my request. Probably only at the end when she asked for my room number. We were floored, dry and thrilled.

One word. Beautiful.

Everywhere is Instagrammble for OOTD [Outfit Of The Day] posts! I am sure I am not the first to claim this. There are lots of light streaming in from the full-glass windows. Natural daylight rushes in from the ceiling in the lobby as well, giving photographs texture, height and depth. Not to mention, our face don't turn yellow from the reflection of artificial warm lightnings.

Now photography aside, the grounds is beautiful. Let the pictures do the talking! They are the best testimonies.

It's a fish tank! A simple rectangular pool that sits between the Heritage and Contemporary Wings of the hotel. A juxtaposition of the past and present, distinctively yet seamlessly detached from each other.

The deck chairs lounge not on the grounds around the pool but in the shallow waters instead! It exudes a relaxing vibe to the lounger [me in this case] as she sits to watch her offsprings play. 

Although we had a good time, I must think the amount of screaming and laughter coming from my children would inevitably disturb the rooms facing the pool no?

We were treated to the Discovery High Tea Set on arrival. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief at the price! S$39++ for two? That'll make S$20 per person and that's really affordable if you are looking for sweet treats and savoury bites! 

Marrying the French culture of high tea and local tastes, award-winning Pastry Chef, Edwin Leow and his talented team came up with this Discovery High Tea experience with Chilli Crab Brioche and petit Le Méridien éclairs in local flavours like Pandan Kaya and Raspberry Coconut.

While we infused our afternoon away with TWG teas, the children were presented with apple juice! It sounds like an idyllic afternoon in Sentosa. Except that the children were little terrors at the dining table!

The room keys open more than just doors! Le Méridien offers complimentary access to National Gallery Singapore, simply by presenting their room key. This collaboration is on-going from now to 31 December 2017

Singaporeans like myself benefit from our citizenship and get to enjoy free entry to National Gallery so it really is not too much of a perk but I brought home the room keys with us - for our overseas guests who are visiting *winks*

This is such a wonderful initiative! What better way to allow tourists to discover more about Southeast Asia and Singapore's heritage through arts and culture. I do hope they extend this partnership, or better still, add more museums to the list!

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