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We were due for Legoland for the very long weekend since the kids' had their school closed from last Thursday. Unfortunately, a boy in a sling is not likely to take any rides at the theme park and so we had it cancelled. 

Now what are we going to do? Four full days of solo-parenting. I needed a break badly. The first few days after Ewan fractured his collarbone were tough. We had been having disrupted sleep. First night, he woke screaming for company. Second night, he woke from growing pains on his right knee. Third night, he woke screaming [not just crying now] from very very bad growing pains on his right leg [shin, thighs and knees] followed by wetting his bed. It seems like growing pains get worse when the kid is ill. Fourth night, he woke up crying from pain on his collarbone [then Faye wet her bed too]. So basically, I had been massaging legs, bathing kids during odd midnight hours, washing bedsheets and more. Oh gosh. How is my body reacting to insufficient rest? It is far from good. So maybe, just maybe a staycation will do us all good.

One thing's for sure! I do not have to wash any more dishes or change any more bedsheets.

I finally booked a Premier View Room at Hotel Indigo Katong just a day before we checked in. I had been procrastinating but finally hit the BOOK button after feeling all so worn out by Wednesday. Oh I wish we could stay there forever. I needed this getaway.

Need housekeeping? Press the Please Clean Up button!
Need plates? Call Room Service!
Need someone to talk to? Head to the Reception.
Need breakfast? Go to BaBa Chews!

This new boutique hotel, opened only on 30th June 2016, has claimed a special place in my heart. I know we will return [just like how we always go back to Capella Sentosa]. At just S$172++ per room per night with breakfast [Advance Purchase Rate], I think we found a gem! If you are a IHG Rewards Club member, you get another 5% off that.

Note: Rates change on a daily basis so check online before booking. I paid S$230++ per night because I booked it only the day before.

Everyone who knows me would go, "Oh May. This is so you."

I love everything vintage, Peranakan, cultural, eclectic, design-inspired and most of all, charming. Now this room? I went clicker crazy with my camera while the children went absolutely high on the fact that they were STAYING IN A HOTEL! That helped a lot with happy pictures. The only thing you cannot get out of these still shots are their squeals.

The first thing the children noticed when they stepped in was this unique looking "coffee table" that looked like a game board. I introduced Carrom to them that day. The objective of play is to use a striker disk with a flick of the finger to make contact with and move lighter object disks called carrom men, which are thus propelled into one of four corner pockets. Well, with a two and four year old, what can I expect? We had carrom men found under the sofa and cabinet after each game. Ahh.. that's alright? I have a housekeeper who comes twice daily. Pardon this mom on lazy mode but I am not really keen on picking up after the kids whilst holidaying.

The beautiful sofa seatings are dressed in perfect watercolour red covers. *sigh* I admired it with so much lust and wished I could bring it home. We played caroom, sipped tea, received guests and partook our meals in this area of the room with much laughter and fun.

Oh the tiles in the bathroom are to die for. I cannot stop taking OOTD and flatlay pictures with those Peranakan-inpsired tiles that not only lined the floor but the walls of the shower room as well! We had our wash basin sitting on a Singer sewing machine bottom which added a whole lot of culture to the space. The old-fashioned spittoon was our dustbin and a traditional foot bath bowl sat in the corner filled with a Good Morning towel and foot scrub waiting to be used. Totally spa-inspired, the children played spa therapists for mommy [without water] and laughed till their tummies ached!

Our mirror mirror on the wall lights up too! It was so beautiful the children screamed as the looked in, "Mommy! Mommy! There are so many Mommies!" Indeed Indeed. There were so many little Ewans and Fayes as well. *smiles*

Our bed is a King-size. Hallelujah! I know they are little and a Queen bed would do just fine for the three of us but wait. Hear me out. Both kids want a part of me and so I have to sleep sandwiched between them. Well, we wouldn't want them to roll out of bed as they take the sides would we?

So look.

Pillow - Faye - Mommy - Ewan - Pillow

Technically, we have five "people space" taking up the bed. Of course I need a KING!

Our view on the 14th floor faced Singapore's first heritage town, the Joo Chiat neighbourhood of Katong. My recommendation when you decide which view to take? The Premier View.

And if you are lucky to get a Premier View with Bathtub, why not? Soak in bubbles and watch the city turn day into night while sipping a glass of champagne i.e. if your stay is without children.

For tourists, Hotel Indigo Katong rooms come equipped with complimentary wi-fi and a portable handy you can bring out with while exploring the sights and tastes of Singapore.

I love how the entrance of the hotel is covered with greens. Do you know the building proudly claims BCA Green Mark Platinum status? How about supporting a property that does its best at bringing out the bests of energy? I heard the air-contioning systems in the rooms are motion-censored, first in Singapore hotels.

My only complain is, I couldn't find any staff at the driveway to receive me. I mean, hmmm how about a valet and porter service? I was looking forward to hopping out of the car and heading straight to check-in with the kids without lugging any bags or parking my own car. Alas. I did all that with no help.

By the time I reached the lobby with our very very heavy bags [and very very impatient kids], I was slightly angered. Then the sincerity and warmth I received at the reception changed everything. I smiled with everything that Ariel had professionally done for us.

The check-in was swift and service was not compromised. I judge hotel staff all the time [sorry, occupational hazard] because I was once a hotelier. Having worked in Singapore's oldest hotel and being trained by English butlers from London, I have little tolerance for mediocre service. So frankly, I have zero complains about the staff in the hotel [not even the technicians who came to fix our air-conditioning. Hmmm but probably not so pleased with the service I received at Baba Chews].

The lobby is filled with interesting artworks like a mosaic-tiled wall for Reception and gigantic Chinese porcelain vases as art pieces for the lift lobby. I appreciate such not-so-subtle centrepieces to bring out a kind of charm that is uniquely theirs to boast.

This must be my second favourite space in the whole hotel [first is our room]. The vibrancy of the pavilion is brought together by the carpets, furniture and multi-coloured lanterns overhanging from the center of the room.

The pavilion is a lounge cum business centre - a space where Ewan and Faye loved coming into.

Not only are the computers accessible, they are accessible with free internet! I allowed them to enjoy the start of their staycation with YouTube. Oh boy oh boy were they excited. Little did they know, there are games like Donkey, Flying Aeroplane, Five Stones, Chap Teh and more 1970 playthings hidden in a cupboard at the Pavilion.

When they uncovered this treasure trove, this pavilion became their playroom.

This restaurant and bar took over the old Joo Chiat Police Station. Built in 1928 along East Coast Road, it has been given new life as a swanky Peranakan-themed boutique hotel. As I sat, sipping my Teh Tarek away, I observed every corner and pillar at Baba Chew. Hoping to be be transported briefly back to how it used to be.

Back to reality, I had fighting kids in front of me. It was time I played referee. *sigh*

The breakfast spread at Baba Chews was beautiful. We were given a choice to pick our bakeries, juices, cereals, fruits, milks and cheeses from a small section fitted in the back of the eatery. Here, my kids go crazy picking out their breakfasts.

Then a separate hot food menu was presented to me with a delectable choice of western and asian breakfasts. I was spoilt for choice! Not to mention, there is a daily breakfast special on the board of Roti Prata or Mee Rebus and Fried Carrot Cake too!

I love it that I am finally eating my meals and having real hearty ones to start the day with. I felt pampered. The quality of food exceeded my expectations and although there are a lot of local breakfasts in Katong, I suggest taking a room rate that includes breakfasts at Baba Chew because we deserve to be pampered even during a staycation.

Talking about service, I do find the waitresses working in a rather clock-in-clock-out fashion. There were little smiles to go around and well, you know which smiles are just there to patronise you. Also, I do not quite enjoy drinking my camomile tea from mugs. On our first day, I was offered Tea or Coffee. I asked for tea. Alas. I didn't touch my tea at all because it came in a mug. Call me fussy but please serve tea in teacups?

I understand this is Peranakan-inspired and a lot to do with Asian cultures. We are not English and we do not wake up drinking tea from bone china tea cups with tiny handles of lady-like fingers. I thought about it from a hospitality point of view and tried understanding the F&B's rationale. So here's something I would like to say: "Sure, serve Teh O or Teh Tarek in a mug. But if you want to serve English tea, serve it the English way."

On Day Two at breakfast, I ordered a Cuppacino instead because I couldn't bear to drink English Breakfast in a mug. I specifically requested that my Cuppacino be served in a coffee cup because oh gosh, how to drink a Cuppacino in a mug?

Then, it came in a mug...

With the stay Peranakan-inspired, I brought back nyonya food and kueh to the room for our enjoyment. There were dumplings from Kim Choo Kueh Chang and little kuehs from Glory Catering - both of which are available just across the street from Hotel Indigo Katong.

Ah yes Hotel Indigo Katong, a welcome treat of Peranakan Kueh Kuehs in the room would make it very memorable for your guests!

We extended our initial three day two night staycation to a fourth day because none of us wanted to go back to our lonely home. It was a decision made on check-out day and we are so lucky we managed to get it extended till Sunday.

Sunday! Sunday when daddy returns home from Shanghai! He took the red-eye flight just so we can have him for the whole of Sunday. Arrived at 0600 hours and headed straight to us at the hotel. The reception checked him in and saw him to our room where his children were still sleeping. He walked into the dark and I was the only one there to [silently] welcome him. Suddenly, as if the kids could sense him, they woke and screamed, "Daddy!"

When I turned the lights on and drew the curtains open, Meyer commented, "This is exactly how you would design your rooms. How you would design your hotel. Why don't you open one yourself?"

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