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This is our 4th trip for 2015. If you understood our travel lifestyle pre-kids and how both my pregnancies had me confined not only in Singapore but on the bed, you'd recognise my need to travel with a vengeance when I finally am able to! That explains why we've been travelling so many times this year and lugging our children with us isn't a deterrence.

Before we dive into this post filled with activities down-under, I'd like to share some Travel Reminders:

  1. A holiday is for the whole family! Be sure to plan your itinerary to cater to the adults like wine-tasting and whale-watching & playgrounds and parks for the children.
  2. Map those playgrounds down so that you can do a pit-stop while on the road from one destination to another. They are the perfect antidote to get them really tired.
  3. Research on kids-friendly restaurants. Moms and dads will be able to indulge in their meals a little while their tots have some fun by the side.
  4. Put away gadgets. You are on a holiday! There is absolutely no need to watch Dora The Explorer on YouTube when you can explore the beautiful grounds of a new country.
  5. Maximise daylight hours by sleeping early and waking early! It was winter in Australia when we went and the sun goes down by 1830hrs. Get the most out of the sun while you can!
  6. Say NO to package tours. Children are too unpredictable with sudden poops, pukes and tantrums. A stressful set of parents trying to meet tour designated times will make a holiday more exhausting than work.
  7. Raincoats! We brought along boots and raincoats for the children because we heard it was raining every day at no end. We shall not let any kind of weather stop us from all that we've planned. I wasn't ready to just sit in the apartment or car watching the Australia rain pitter-patter away.

This holiday to Western Australia was planned to bring together three siblings living in different parts of the world. A reunion. My father-in-law (Singapore), his elder brother (Perth) and his younger sister (Switzerland). It was a memorable trip but one of the roughest for Ewan. The poor boy was feverish on the morning of our departure and it never left him till our return to Singapore. That is nine days of fever but I was glad we rode it out without antibiotics. I do not usually bring along medications on our holidays because I've got my trusty Young Living oils and insurance to cover any doctor's visit. However, I brought Paracetamol and Zyrtec along this time because he had four bouts of fever in May and June. I was afraid it might return this July on the trip which it did. *sigh*

As if running a temperature wasn't miserable enough, Ewan dislocated his elbow the day before our departure. I had always declined his request to play hand-swings (holding each hand and swinging him off the ground) because I was afraid of hurting those arms. Alas! This time, he got his appeal acceded to by his aunt and grand-aunt which had him landed in the A&E of Busselton Hospital.

The pain was unbearable. He cried the house down. I appreciated the swift and easy disposition of the staff at Busselton Hospital that put me at total ease. I rang the bell at the reception and a male nurse came to greet us, heard our story and suggested first-off to give Ewan some painkillers just to calm him down. Instead of making a decision on my behalf, he presented me with two choices - a regular Paracetamol or a stronger one with Codeine. I took the former. We were attended to immediately and within the minute, we had the syringe of Paracetamol in our hands. The last thing I wanted from this saga was to wait two hours in A&E with a screaming child. Thankfully, the whole process from entering A&E to getting his arm fixed took only 20 minutes. I must say I was impressed. Just a little tug from the doctor-on-call and we were sent along on our way. Ewan was screaming in fear and couldn't even be bribed with a large-size rainbow popsicle. My poor three year old. Please make sure you always get your travel insurance purchased before your holidays. Our bill came up to $369.20 for a dislocated elbow, three-quarts of which was administrative fee.

We planned this trip with accommodations booked in this order: Perth -  Margaret River - Perth. The best decision we've made was to bring a kick-scooter for Ewan. He tends to want daddy to carry him and that can be a killer with his weight (plus winter wear). We deliberated upon a stroller because that's one more item to lug besides our children and luggage. It was only the day before our flight that we decided to give the kick-scooter a shot. We will never travel without it anymore. What a breeze! He scooted everywhere with us!

This is Western Australia for Kids and I would like to bring you into our travels starting with Margaret River, Augusta, Busselton and ending with Perth. First stop: introducing our accommodation at Margaret River! We stayed in the most beautiful house overlooking the sea. 

THE ROOZEN RESIDENCE is the kind of home I'd live in for the rest of my life. As Condé Nast Traveller proudly reviewed, "You don't get oceanside retreats more beautiful than this architect-designed, concrete, copper and glass beach house overlooking the surf, with 180-degree Indian Ocean views from all three rooms."

The address wasn't in the GPS that came with our rented car so we took a little longer to look for the house (ask for detailed directions when you book). On arrival, you've got the house all cleaned up for your stay but unlike a typical hotel, no one is there to greet you. What a modern way to a self check-in process! An email was sent to us upon reservation confirmation on Steps To Collect The Key To Your Home. There is a box on the side of the garage with a passcode which you enter to retrieve your key. Wa La! You are the new owner to The Roozen Residence for as long as you're booked in for. It is called a Beach House but it isn't set on the beach. You are atop a hill with the view of the surf over your toes when you wake. It is pure luxury.

The pantry was stocked on arrival, probably by previous guests and we too, left behind our condiments for incoming guests to enjoy as they whip up home-made meals. We were also pleasantly surprised to find plates and utensils suitable for children in the kitchen drawers! Is it family-friendly? A BIG FAT YES! Ewan and Faye were greeted with books on the shelves, cartoon DVDs, playpen, toys suitable from age 0 to 60, a garden perfect to be let loose and buckets & spades for an evening out to the beach.

We went as a family of five adults and two children. There are two seperate guest wings housing 3 large bedrooms and 2 bathrooms providing luxury accommodation for six people to sleep. As we were there in winter, we had not only heated floors but heated blankets! How spoilt were we? It was such a beautiful accommodation that staying home to relax is activity enough. We paid approximately $600 a night. If you are thinking of splitting the cost with friends, it is definitely affordable at $300 or $200 a night depending if you'd be splitting two ways or three.

Tip: You may choose to walk or drive to the beach. You will not be able to catch any sunrise (I woke way before the whole house to find out) but the sunset is divine.

Floor Plan:
Click to Open

Prevelly, Margaret River
Western Australia

The Roozen Residence

To Book:
Season and Special Offers


JESTERS FLAT EQUESTRIAN is suitable for everyone from beginners to the experienced, young and old. We went on an authentic Australian experience and explored the rambling beauty of the Margaret River countryside. As long as your child is able to sit on her own, she will be allowed to ride. Faye was only 14 months old and they've prepared a pony for her too! Why of course one adult will have to walk alongside the children. The pony-riding experience was not confined only in the ring. Ewan came along with us on an easy ride along the winding bush tracks. He had an experience of a lifetime! Felix and Fleur are the names of the two ponies the flat owns. They are very tame, perfect for young children.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted with hot towels and a change in boots lest you dirty your shoes from stepping on horse poop. A rider's hat comes with the deal and you might get a whip in hand if you'd like a faster ride. Wa la! You are looking like an experienced rider geared from head to toe. Before touring with your horses, you are allowed to take group photos in the ring while the trainers fill you in on basic horse handling techniques. 

Faye and Grandpa decided to stay behind while we ride out through the beautiful sheltered forest. Non-riders have a variety of activities to choose from as well! There are free snacks and beverages in the clubhouse, children's indoor and outdoor play areas, meeting their pet kangaroo Rosie, learn how to crack a whip, marshmallow toasting and even wine tasting.

If you want a bigger adventure, camping is also available for only AUD20 per person per night or AUD40 for a family of 4. There is a shared kitchen area in the old railway carriage and an ablution block with hot showers. You will get to cook over the open fire in winter or use the indoor facilities! There is no reason to skip Jesters Flat while in Margaret River.

1549 Rosa Brook Rd, Margaret River, WA 6285, Australia

Jesters Flat Equestrian

Opening Hours:
Opens everyday at 1000 hours except Thursdays

Price List:

Email to Book:

CAVES are plentiful in Margaret River and we've been to them all (famous ones) before we had children. I wanted very much to re-visit a couple of caves this trip but with the children in tow, I was skeptical about successfully making it. Questions flew threw my head, "How are we going to manage those steps?", "Will they be terrified of the dark?" and "What if they cry halfway through the tour?".

I remembered clearly that JEWEL CAVE had a lot of steps to climb and it wasn't as spectacular as the rest. It wasn't a crime to skip that this time. So while we waited for Aunty Margaret and Yolanda to do their Jewel Cave tour, we lunched at its lobby. The food wasn't memorable but I want to highlight on the children-friendliness level for our non-touring junior visitors. There were books, toys, a retail shop with lots to see and toilets with baby-changing facilities. I was very impressed!

We took the chance to visit LAKE CAVE as well. It is a stunning crystal wonderland which features the famous 5-tonne ‘Suspended Table’, that appears to hover mid-air over the lake. Equipped with a better camera this time, I wanted to indulge myself once again with this beauty created by nature. However, I was worried that it will be a difficult to bring Faye through the guided tour with steep steps and I recall visitors will get to experience how it is like to be in a cave, pitched-black and totally silent. I wondered if she will be able to handle all of that. The ticketing lady saw how torn I looked and very kindly offered, "Why don't you go for the tour. Bring her along and if at any point she isn't comfortable, come right back up and I'll refund you."

I beamed in delight! What a swell idea! We will do just that. My husband baby-wore Faye and off we went. She was a darling junior adventurer. No fuss, no complains and totally enchanted by the wonders of nature. We changed hands deep in the caves when she decided she wanted to nurse. We enjoyed Lake Cave without disturbing the rest of the group with a crying baby and I am proud to say that I've nursed my child in one of the deepest and most beautiful limestone cave in Western Australia. [Ewan was taking his afternoon nap with grandpa in the lobby].

While at Lake Cave, do enjoy the interpretive centre where children can go on the Cave Crawl. CaveWorks is the educative headquarters of the Augusta Margaret River caves of the Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge where you can learn about the formation and history of caves around the world. A good distraction for non-touring kids while they wait for their parents to come back up.

MAMMOTH CAVE is another beautiful cave I would recommend to families for a visit. This is a different kind of cave where you will be given audio guides (with headsets) and get into exploration mode on your own. We didn't have the chance to visit the Mammoth Cave this time but I recall it being children-friendly. They will not understand its audio-guided content but it'll make an unforgettable experience as you teach them about the formation of a cave. It is probably best to go with older children who wouldn't ask to be carried or babies like Faye whom you can baby-wear. However, I am confident Ewan and Faye would have taken this cave without much trouble even with those up climbs (by stairs) to ground level. There are many chambers to a cave and the first chamber to Mammoth Cave is Hallelujah wheel-chair friendly!

Caves Road, Margaret River


Daily except Christmas day

Guided Tours:
Every hour from 9.30am to 3.30pm

Choice of single cave ticket or a Grand Tour pass to see three caves (Lake, Jewel and Mammoth). Also an option of an Ultimate Pass to see the three caves plus Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. Free for children below 4 years of age.

To Book:
Buy over the counter when you arrive

LAURANCE WINES was recommended to us by an Instagram follower on our last day in Margaret River. We were gearing up for our road trip back to Perth when this message came in, "Try Laurance Winery. Beautiful setting at Caves Road."

Gorgeous. I was glad we managed to put it in as a lunch pitstop before we continued our journey. As you turn into the winery, you will be greeted by "The Garden of Eden" tree with one of its tempting red apple and a sculpture of a 3 metre lady covered with 24ct gold leaf suspended on a blue pole in the middle of the lake. She is called "Free as a Bird". Their beauty made my heart skipped a beat. I couldn't wait to get out of the car and take photos!

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a bird bath that read "In Memory of Steve Irwin". The children loved it because it meant Water Play! I had to change them out of their wet clothes before we left Laurance Wines. The manicured lawn boasts a 1,000 rose garden which we had no luck to relish in because we were there in Winter. Nevertheless, it is serenely beautiful. The building has a rustic charm which reminds of me Italy.

They dish up glorious casual food too with a reasonably priced menu. The best part of it all is the playground! As they run and tumble on the vast expanses of rolling lawns, we get to enjoy our food and wine while keeping an eye on them! We could spend hours on end here. Probably until they need their nap. While it's time to have the children seated at the dining table for their meals, they were presented with an activity bag filled with colouring and puzzle materials to keep parents from pulling out their hair. What a place to unwind and chill with family or friends. Oh that baby changing room. It was done up so beautifully, I changed Faye's diapers at ease and felt like an aristocrat for a split second. *hahhaa*

3518 Caves Road, Wilyabrup WA 6280


Cellar Opens:
1100 to 1600 hours

Kitchen Opens:
1100 to 1500 hours

Book a Table:
Call (08) 9750 4000 or email cellar@laurancewines.com

VOYAGER ESTATE is the luxury end of winery. Here, you can treat yourself to fine dining and taste wines with sommeliers in gloves. This is my second time to Voyager Estate and I am going to make this a Yang family tradition - To Voyager When In Margaret River. It was the gardens and architecture that won me over. Oh no wait, I think the food and ambience played a very important role too. I missed it so much I had to return since our last high tea session in 2010.

The grand entrance features an enormous Australian flag that welcomes us as we drive through their gates. It flaps in the wind as if saying Hello. The expansive manicured lawns aren't just a large patch of green. There are fountains, cobblestone pathways, formal flowerbeds, reflection ponds, rose gardens and iron-cast arches that add to the flawless Cape Dutch architecture. It definitely gave me a duchess kind of experience as I photograph my children playing in its gardens and vineyard.

Their lunch menus are priced at $60 for a 2-course menu or $75 for a 3-course. Each dish has an optional recommend wine match to explore food and wine pairing. The food was so good (and the children were a handful),  I didn't have the opportunity to photograph them. I lunged into my mains and desserts like a wolf and savoured every mouthful of gastronomic goodness. The Voyager kitchen serves up morning tea, luncheons and high teas only. I would definitely recommend an advanced booking to avoid a full-house situation. Children's colouring on the dining table is provided for as well.

How about baby changing room? Yes they have that too!

Stevens Road, Margaret River WA 6285


1000 to 1700 hours

Book a Table:

WHALE WATCHING has been on the Mister's list for the longest time. We had to put this in our itinerary even though it seemed like a difficult trip with two young ones. Remember, a holiday is for everyone in the family. Factor in activities that mom and dad will enjoy rather than satisfying only the needs of our children. Eventually, we managed! We always do.

Ewan was feeling quite ill the morning we went out to sea. He was medicated, lethargic, feverish and fell asleep on daddy's shoulders halfway through. The waters were very choppy and the rhythm of the waves probably rocked him sleepy. We were thankful he managed to catch a few debuts from humpback whales - a fin here and a tail there. Ewan was really excited when I pointed them out and he could totally relate to whales from all his whaley storybooks like "The Snail and The Whale". It was a prized experience for this young boy. As with Faye, she obviously had no clue that she was to look out for surfacing whales. She enjoyed (or probably not) the cold wind in her face, the pretend-play as she took the wheel on the boat and definitely satisfied from being able to nurse on board. I had no idea how I could nurse with so many layers on me but it proved to be a breeze.

We whale-watched with Legend Charters. It was a 3-men crew that took 12 of us out for two hours. From June to August, keen eyes look towards the waters of Augusta’s Flinders Bay, where the migrating humpback and southern right whales gather for a little rest and play before continuing on their journey north to the breeding grounds. We didn't get to witness any whales breaching or spy-hopping. Just tiny little tail slaps here and there. Hoping for better luck next time!

Not only can you whale-watch in Augusta, Legend Charters brings you out to Busselton, Dunsboroughm, Margaret River and Geographe Bay too. Depending on which months you visit, whale watching would be most successful at different regions.

After your trip, do drop by Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse which is 5 minutes drive away!

Davies Road Boatramp


Tour Times:
0800hrs (June Only), 1030hrs and 1330hrs

Tour Prices and Inclusions:

Book Here:

BUSSELTON JETTY extends 1.8km across Geographe Bay; the longest timber-piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. Anything longest, largest, smallest and most significant is always worth a visit. You may choose to walk the length or take the train ride to the end of the jetty where the underwater observatory sits. Take the spiral staircase down 8 metres to the ocean floor and look out on some of the 300 different marine species that live beneath the jetty. There are 11 viewing windows at various levels within the Observatory. Although all profits contribute to jetty maintenance and improvements, I find the jetty train and underwater observatory a little pricey. Not to mention you are required to pay AUD 3 just to take a walk. We walked.

Credit: Various Sources from Google Images
Busselton is a great pit stop between Margaret River and Perth. We stopped for the hospital one way and stopped over again for lunch the other way. I highly recommend The Goose by Busselton Jetty. Beautiful scenery with seagulls at the breakwaters, chic atmosphere and delicious food. Ah! Free WiFi too. What's not to love when you finally get connected after a couple hours of drive?

Busselton Beachfront (beach end of Queen St), Busselton WA, 6280


Opening Hours:

Ticket Prices:

Note: Children (3 to 14 years old); Adult (15 years and above)

WHITEMAN PARK is a haven for children. There are so many things to do at Whiteman Park that you probably have to take two days to cover everything they've got to offer!

Do click on the links to find out more about what they have to offer as I will only be touching on the Caversham Wildlife Park and Vintage Train Ride in this entry.

CAVERSHAM WILDLIFE PARK was our choice of zoo this trip to Perth. It is a very popular zoo and I must say the most interactive one in Perth that includes a sheep shearing show, up-close photo opportunities with animals and the chance to feed kangaroos and pet goats in their enclosures. The downside of it is, You Cannot Hold A Koala. You haven't been to Australia if you haven't carried a koala? Oh man. Caversham Wildlife Park used to allow it until recently they lift it off its regulations. We understand that a lot of parks in Australia are not allowing visitors to cuddle koalas any more because they are already considered extinct in Avalon, north of Sydney. They are also in danger of disappearing from many parts of Australia. The iconic animal that tourists queue up to cuddle is suffering the ravages of disease and sustaining injuries on logging plantations. So there. You can only stroke them with the back of your hand at Caversham Wildlife Park. Aha! But I do know that Cohunu Koala Park allows you to cuddle them for a fee.

We brought back several great memories including Ewan bottle-feeding hungry lambs, milking a cow  like a pro and not to mention those close encounters with rather feisty goats. I was almost running away from them goats because they frightened me with their over-the-top hospitality! Can you imagine they were chasing after my shoelaces and park map? One of them ate up the map in Meyer's hand! Horrified!

I enjoyed the kangaroo enclosure thoroughly because we could literally kiss them! That was how much freedom we had with these marsupials. However, beware of kangaroo poop. Pellets of poop EVERYWHERE! I had been to other kangaroo enclosures before and never had issues sitting on the grass with them for a picture. Here at Caversham, you'll probably be sitting on poop. Nevertheless, the pictures all turned out really nice. There are food available (free of charge) at the start of the enclosure.

Kangaroo Enclosure Tip:
- Bring along a plastic bag and fill it up lest you run out of them as you walk deeper into the inner sections.
- Meet the kangaroos first thing in the morning because by lunch, they would have been so filled up they couldn't take another mouthful of food.
- Go straight to the back of the enclosure. The kangaroos are friendlier and they had a prettier playground (nicer photo opportunities).

There are certain shows that have timings so do plan your trip well. I'd recommend going for each one of them in the following order to maximise your hours at the park in half a day: 0900hrs Feed Kangaroos - 0945hrs Molly's Farm - 1000hrs Farm Show - 1100hrs Meet Wombat & Friends - 1130hrs Meet Koalas. Alternatively, here are the schedules to each of their special features at Caversham Wildlife Park.

Farm Show 1000, 1300, 1500 hours
Meet Wombat & Friends 1100, 1400, 1545 hours
Meet Koalas 1000 to 1300 hours and 1430 to 1630 hours
Feed Kangaroos 0900 to 1730 hours
Molly's Farm 0930 to 1630 hours

Whiteman Park


Opening Hours:
Daily from 0900 to 1730 hours except Christmas Day

Park in car park 8 at The Village. Parking is free.

Admission Prices:
Adult $27 | Child (3 to 14 years old) $12 | Student $19 | Aged Pension $19

WHITEMAN PARK VINTAGE TRAM RIDE made the children extremely happy! I remember seeing Ewan, Daniella and Faye's faces lighting up with joy when we walk towards the station. It was the littlest one's expressions that made me especially pleased with my decision in choosing the vintage train over the electric tram ride. We didn't have a lot of time in Perth because we were going down to Margaret River region for more exciting activities. Otherwise, I would have spent two days embarking on every fun activity in Whiteman Park.

There are many cabins to hop on to - first class seats, second class seats - but the most popular one was the Caboose. If it is full, you may like to wait for the next train. Alternatively, do not worry about it! The steam train stops at a couple of stations and passengers do alight. Just make a dash for it when they do. *haha* That was what we did. It carries not only you but a pile of coal as well! Real coal which blackened Ewan's hands! The scenery was primary a bushland loop. We didn't spot any animals along the way but it still made a very pleasant evening ride.

I have a big tip for you. The head of the train, a blue detachable car, houses all the exciting gears to get it moving. Who sits in there? Your friendly conductor. Who does he allow to sit in with him? Any child that requests for it. You heard me right! If you asked nicely, "May I sit with you while you drive?", he will prop you right up next to him and go Choo Choo-ing away while the rest of the passengers sit in their first class cabin or caboose behind you! How cool is that! Please make sure you do that for your child. What an experience that'll make.

Whiteman Park


Opening Hours:
1100 to 1300 hours Wednesday and Thursday
1100 to 1600 hours Saturday, Sunday and PH
1100 to 1500 hours School Holidays (weekdays)

Park in car park 1 at The Village. Parking is free.

Admission Prices:
Adult $8 | Child (6 to 16 years old) $4 | Toddlers $2 | Seniors $7

KINGS PARK SYNERGY PARKLAND is the perfect playground to lay out your picnic mat and watch your children go bonkers with fun! You get beautiful lawn grass that stretches out to the horizon. There is no better place than here for a family outing. I bet you adults will have lots of relaxing time biting through apples as you watch your tots roll and tumble about on their own. The nature that surrounds the playgrounds has so much to offer. We spotted a hollow tree trunk so large, we could run through it! I could stay here all day. I do not know about the weather in Summer but in Winter? Perfect!

There are three playgrounds and large-scale replicas of extinct Australian megafauna. Although they are particularly suitable for children over six years of age, my three year old had a lot of fun still. During warmer months, you will be pleased to know that they screen movies under the moonlight too! You can buy tickets and check on movie screenings here, next available from December 2015 to March 2016.

Once you enter Kings Park, simply follow road signs towards Synergy Parkland. It is very easy to locate so no fear about losing your way. When we parked, I literally skipped from the carpark to the playground with Ewan. I was as excited as he was!

Tip: Bring along a Frisbee or Ball! Imagine the squeals.

May Drive, Kings Park


0900 to 1700 hours

Ongoing Events:

FERMANTLE ESPLANADE PLAYGROUND was a lot quieter in 2010 when we last visited. There were no Ferris Wheel, Fun-Fare or Skate Park back then. Fast-forward to 2015, it has become a lively playground for the young and old. What a place to wear your children out most definitely!  Then ground is chip bark and pine needles. When the kids fell, their pants were all dirty from soil.  I didn't quite like that bit. However, a great feature on the swings were buckles! I could buckle Faye in without worrying that she might fall off her seat. Picnic-wise, I'd still recommend Kings Park Synergy Parkland for its serenity.

After an hour of fun, cross over to the fishing boat harbour for Fish & Chips! There are a couple of big brands there like Cicerello's and Kailis. Well, they are all very expensive but it is one of those things you've got to do as a tourist in Fremantle. Sauces are chargeable so if you are heading for lunch in a big group, buy a bottle of ketchup or chilli sauce from the supermarket. Beware of seagulls trying to pick on your food! They are the equivalent of our crows and mynahs here in Singapore.

The Esplanade, Marine Terrace Fremantle

Plenty of parking everywhere but they are chargeable

Ferris Wheel Operating Hours:
1200 to 2100 hours Monday to Friday
1000 to 2200 hours Saturday
1000 to 2100 hours Sunday

Ferris Wheel Prices:
Adult $12 | Child $10 | Family (2+2) $40

With regards to our accommodation in Perth, we stayed at Assured Ascot Quays Apartment Hotel. It isn't really worth a mention even though my mother-in-law raved about it from her stay last year. We chose this hotel because it was near to Uncle David's house and our purpose was to spend more time with the family.

What's its problem for me? We were there in winter and there were no heaters in the bedrooms? Ewan, Faye, Daddy and I curled together on one bed just to keep each other warm. To think we had to wear a few layers to sleep and still fought for the blanket. On our last leg of the Perth trip, we were upgraded to their terrace house and I seriously think having my bed NEXT to a Jacuzzi is just too weird. I do not have photographs of the interior because it's just unworthy of SD card space. Too kinky for my liking! Plus there is no door for that master bedroom? How family-friendly is that if you are traveling with teen kids and you'd like to cosy up with your hubby at night? Not friendly at all. Then again, my husband reviewed it a 4 out of 5 on TripAdvisor. Ahhhhh! So how? My word or his? Whatever happened to my "no mention".

 Then again, the facade is beautiful. Only the facade.

Our little Travel companions 
July 2015 - Ewan at 3 years old and Faye at 14 months old 
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  1. May be going Perth next year, will take note of your recommendations. Looks fun for all :)

    1. Ah Madeline! Next year when? Winter or Spring would be nice. Summer is way too hot!

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  3. Great detail travel post! We went to Perth and similar route back in 2010 when my littlest was <1yo. Your sharing sure bring back many great memories of mine, including the breastfeeding part;).

    1. Awwww PC. 2010 is a long way back. It's almost time for a re-visit!

  4. Nice nice nice! Guess you and me went to the same place like Margaret River, Busselton and even The Goose restaurant. Love your detail post on this Western Australia travel. Cheers, Soon Koon

    1. Soon Koon, Busselton has changed much. I think I like the old quiet pier more than it is today.

  5. Poor E! It must have been really painful. My husband had that problem with both arms because of army training. Glad the doc got E's arm fixed quickly!

    The Roozen Residence looks gorgeous! It reminds me of the house that was shown inside the 冲上云宵 movie.

    Was hoping to make a trip there this month but ticket prices are exorbitant! Will get tips from your post when we do get to go WA, hopefully soon. :)

    1. Wah Both arms? that's horrible. I wouldn't want to experience that at all! Thankfully it was just a dislocation and not a fracture. Otherwise, we will have to check into the hospital man.

      It is an amazing accommodation, Roozen. Best to go with friends so that everyone can share cost hehe

      Hope you find a good time to go but I would say, avoid Summer. It'll be super hot!

  6. We are so going to Perth after reading your post! Such gorgeous photos and really heartwarming that it was a family reunion of sorts. Would you please email me your itinerary when you have the time so I don't have to plan the DIY trip from scratch? That way, I can just book the flight, the hotels and GO! :D

    1. Sent sent sent! Hope you have lots of fun when your time comes. I think 9 days isn't enough. You probably should do 12. To put in Penguin Island and Rottnest Island :)

  7. Wow you guys managed to pack in a whole load of fun despite a trip to the hospital! I am envious of the whale watching in Augusta - that looks awesome.

    1. *Sobs* that trip to the hospital. Ya I think we did pretty well and didn't spend half the morning lazing around in the apartment or half the afternoon sitting in a idling car for the kids to take their naps *haha*

  8. Wow. that is a really good compilation! It must have took you a lot of time to do this blog post. I love the home setting and Oh the CAVE!! This is really what we'll need if we ever travelling up to Australia!

    1. It took me FOREVER Phoebe! *haha* and I do not like to split my trips into different entries so many apologies for making you scroll through so much

  9. Oh gosh, I've seen that house online before and thought to myself how wonderful it would be to stay there! I love Perth and I think about going back all the time! Such a detailed and thorough post - thks for inspiring me!

    1. Stay with friends and split the cost! That'll make it super possible to stay at Roozen. When was the last time you visited Perth? Thank you for dropping by to read our adventures.

  10. Wa! I love the house at Margaret River! Puts those places I stayed in previously to shame. Will definitely check out this post again when I go to Perth!

    1. My Perth accommodation wasn't much as well. That's why I didn't bother posting pictures of it hahah

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  16. What a great trip! I'm so happy when I see other families traveling with their kids in Western Australia! We live in Perth and already visited Margaret River, Busselton, Pemberton, etc.! Lots of things to do for families!

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