Gypsie Re-Unites With Her Siblings

Happy Fifth Monthsary Gypsie!

On your Fourth Monthsary day, I presented you a gift and that was meeting your brother Bowie for a doggy-date. It was such a sweet reunion and I was determined we expanded this to include more of your siblings.

Your gift this month is more epic than your last! You got to meet five of your siblings all at one go! Six of you, three boys and three girls, were such a sight at Botanic Gardens. You played crazy and I was half hoping you won't jump into that pond again like you did two weeks ago trying to take a short-cut towards Ewan. Thankfully you didn't and you furkins wrestled the morning away looking so adorable!

People asked me if you doggos know you are related. I’d like to believe so. As I had observed, you react differently with other dogs on first meetings. You'd back off or bark at them, wary of danger. Yet with your siblings, you go straight for a nose boop, head-butt them with your imaginary Triceratops horns and wags your shaggy tail with your bum in the air! So hey! I guess you guys kindaf know you once lived together.

It was so hard to photograph all of you puppies looking at the camera! *hahah* I guess we must first train you furkins at obedience class first before we attempt again. 

No birthdays or gatherings should go without gifts! Celebloons who does gift customisations chipped in on this birthday get-together with personalised water bowls for Gyps, Bowie, Panda, Kiyo, Lukas and Sydney! What an extremely sweet gesture and I love the quality of the bowls too! 

Too many exclamations marks but that’s because I’m excited we found your litter. Hopefully the next time we come together again, your other two sisters will join us. That'll make it all complete with the eight of you. 

I think of your mommy and daddy all the time. I do wish they are well and that they know you are with a family who loves you very much. 

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