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When I first saw pictures of Baan Bon Khao, I blurted out, "This is Tony Stark's home!" This sharp contemporary villa is set in a stunning location on the top of the premier Gated Estates on Koh Samui. The hill is so steep, we were all holding on to our breaths when we went on that uphill climb towards our home for the next four days. Willing ourselves not to utter a word during the ride to prevent jinxing a roll back.

The villa curves around a full 180 degrees of the hill top, offering spectacular ocean views in all directions. The only words I heard from my friends [kids included] for the next thirty minutes was "Wow". That kind of moment where we entered a temporal loss for words as the villa manager walked us through the grounds.

It is literally seated at the top of a summit where the road led to a dead-end which happened to be where we were staying - Baan Bon Khao.

Our car stopped gently at the driveway and we unloaded ourselves with much anticipation, wondering what goes on beyond its gates? The children ran amok, pushed themselves through and explored the grounds like curious little kittens.

There are four levels to this villa. We had our guards up, telling the children to stay close and thread carefully up [and down] the many stairs through the house. It was nothing like Ban Haad Sai where we felt safe to let them head anywhere they liked. Here, it is almost felt like a mansion to us! If we were to lose one kid, it will probably take more than five minutes to locate him! A five-minute disappearance can be daunting, too hard for a mother's [frail] heart.

The top-floor is a huge open-plan living and dining area with a fully-equipped western kitchen and breakfast bar opening on to landscaped gardens and waterfall. Our dining table of 12 was perfect for our party and we spent our meal times bonding over Thai food and laughter. Oh of course including cajoling kids to finish their food before running off to the movie room, pool table or the swimming pool.

We needed to decide on our daily menu at least 24 hours in advance because our chef had to go marketing for fresh produce. It doesn't work like a hotel where you get to order Spaghetti Bolognaise at 0200hrs. We decided on heading out for lunch on a particular day but changed our mind the night before.

We tried looking for our villa manager, Pui, but she had retired back to her room [which we didn't know where it was]. The three staff who were assigned to us, stayed in-house in a separate sleeping quarter - beyond the six bedrooms the villa boasts. Janice gave her a quick text on the phone to enquire if we could make a last-minute change to our meal plans. Instead of getting a reply back on text, Pui walked up to her bedroom and spoke to her personally! I found that commendable.

Did we get our lunch settled the next day? Oh we sure did.

However, Am [our villa manager at Ban Haad Sai] was a lot more attentive in my opinion. Although she transferred the children's car seats from the beach villa to Baan Bon Khao, Pui hadn't remembered to have them installed in our transports when we were heading out to the waterfalls or the airport. It was more reactive with Pui and proactive with Am. Oh it is a dreadful thing to compare I must admit but inevitable when we moved from villa to villa in the same week. That said, we had our rooms refreshed twice daily by our housekeepers and meals well-cooked. The service from Pui and team had never been too intrusive.

A floating staircase from our living room leads to the pool, sunbathing day-beds and a sala complete with lilies and fish. With such a stunning 25m infinity lap pool beckoning to us, we swam every single day. That is all we need to make the children happy. Who needs to go sight-seeing?

The games room with a full-sized pool table for the daddies to indulge a game or two looked absolutely welcoming. Unfortunately, their games were always interrupted by our children who insisted on joining in.

There is also a movie room which is highly popular amongst the children where 3D glasses were provided in the drawers for us to catch Avatar with! It is equipped with bespoke art-work and high-tech zone-based audio where speakers from outside the movie room is connected to the system. So hey! We played lounge music from the inside and chilled by the pool with music on the outside!

On the same level as the pool, there are two large double bedrooms which my family took. The villa has two master suites and two more large double bedrooms at the bottom two levels beneath the pool - all with air-conditioning, roof-fans, stunning en-suite bathrooms, private terraces and spectacular ocean views. Most bedrooms have sofa beds to offer sleeping options for children as well!

Although this villa is a lot more impressive than Ban Haad Sai [the villa on the beach], I felt more at home in the comforts of traditional Thai living. Maybe the ocean at our doorstep made the difference. Being close to nature slows you down as you surrender comfort and and control. While living in a modernised state-of-the-art premise just made me felt like I was back in Singapore.

However, Janice had a different take. She decided this hilltop villa her favourite and in her words:

"The friendliness and attentiveness of the staff made us feel well taken care of. Coupled with the tranquility of the premises, our stay was a pleasant one and exceeded my expectations. The pools in both villas as well as the TV rooms were a big draw for entertainment! We needn't travel out and could stay in the whole day! We had nothing but the word WOW when we entered the premises which sprawled across the hills. We were totally mesmerised by the space and design of the villa."

Are you a beach or hilltop kind of person?

Booking Information
Price stated on the website for Baan Bon Khao starts from USD1,145 per night inclusive of daily continental breakfast. However, each booking or enquiry gets bespoke quotes from the villa owners depending on season, availability and number of people in the travelling party. It is important to enquire for a quote for the villa of your choice instead of depending on the indicative rates stated on the website. 

Asian Luxury Villas offers vacation villa rentals in Thailand (Koh Samui and Phuket) and Bali. They have a portfolio of more than 330 carefully selected villas for an authentic holiday experience in Asia. 

Thank you Stephanie Hornby for photographing us at both villas. Read Five Reasons to Hire a Family Vacation Photographer when we went out to the beach with Stephanie for a location shoot! 
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August 2017 - Ewan at 5 years old and Faye at 3 years old 
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