Four Seasons Resort Langkawi is Family-Focused

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Children Activities in RED
Adult Recreation in BLUE

KIDS FOR ALL SEASONS is open from 0900 to 1700 hours daily and welcomes children of all ages. Only to note that juniors under 4 years of age are to be parent-accompanied. There are daily activities for the older children we can sign them up for and mind you, they are not just boring indoor activities. Action-packed ones! Walk right up to their Kids' Club, which they had aptly branded it to Kids for All Seasons, and be thrilled to find your children taken care of for the day with rock climbing and catamaran sailing. Let the children go while you reawaken to the Four Seasons magic between yourself and your other half.

To the left of the resort, couples will find a tranquil oasis to where they can unwind from the bustles in their lives. While you, the one coming for a family getaway, will find yourselves whisked away to the other part of the resort where Kids for All Seasons and the Family Pool sit. It makes perfect sense to be accommodated adjacent to where our children may find Fun at. The vivid murals, overhanging traditional kites, bright ball pit and interactive playground attracted not only Ewan but me as well!

I was eager to work on a BATIK PAINTING when I saw the studio at Kids for All Seasons. While Ewan was determined to figure it out on his own, I find it hard to refrain myself from lending him a hand. As he dotted the paint in (mostly greens), I wanted so much to colour in the parts with colours I wanted! The novelty of doing a Malayan traditional art and craft is too compelling. I wanted to have the rights to walk into Kids for All Seasons to play to my hearts' content as well.

Batik painting was not recommended for children below four years of age because they do not have the stability and technique to hold a paint brush correctly. Needless to say, a delicate artwork that required patience. It was a privilege for two-year-old Ewan to have a go at it. Art has no rules; that's what makes it art. I admire with pride Ewan's work of art. 

The PLAYGROUND at Kids for All Seasons is neither small nor large. It is a great size for a group of eight to fully utilise it without clashing into one another. I liked it that it boosts creativity with its wobbly bridge, "treehouse", climbers, slide and a wooden swing. It has been a while since we frolicked a playground filled with sand. Our playgrounds of yesteryears are now replaced by rubber mats. It felt different, for me at least, that we are at one that is made out of wood instead of plastic with a whole lot of sand to dig our toes into.

As our children are not of age to be put independently at Kids for All Seasons, Four Seasons Resort has the option of family excursions and activities. We did everything as a whole and although it was exhausting (I kid you not with very little ones), the experiences were unique on its own. Many of which were our firsts even as adults!

The itinerary planned for us was a well-rounded one. It not only encompassed activities that would make Ewan go wild, there were adult recreations for mommy and daddy as well. They wait no longer than the first day to show us how we could enjoy the best of both worlds at the Four Seasons Resort. After we ran down the beach to FLY OUR FIRST KITE as a family, we were buggy-ed off to Rhu Bar for EVENING COCKTAILS to catch the sunset.

There is no schedule to kite-flying. If you felt like flying a kite any time, just let the staff know and they will hand you one for a fun time on the beach. There are different sizes to suit different kids. The younger ones would get smaller, manageable-sized kites while the older ones have the privilege to try those large impressionable ones.

To be honest, I was there at Rhu Bar to quench my thirst. It was hard to catch the sun setting while we kept a watchful eye on the children. In a split second, the sun went behind the mountains. Nevertheless, the ambience was an unforgettable one. You should never give sunset cocktails a miss.

We made sure we timed ourselves well for breakfast so as not to miss the morning PONY RIDES outside Serai restaurant. These are scheduled daily at 1000 hours for 30 minutes. If you missed it because you slept in or met with an unfortunate downpour, you would have to wait till tomorrow. There will always be two ponies on site to cater to more than one child. In fact, they are two different sized ponies in case a parent decided to join in the fun which we did!

I expected a reluctant Ewan but he showed enthusiasm mounting the pony. His first! The boys did a few rounds with their ever-smiling guides. They made me felt very comfortable leaving Ewan in their good hands without having to chase after him with my hands open wide lest he falls. We were lucky to experience this newly-added land activity. Of course, if you are a seasoned rider and would love to bring a horse out cantering alongside the crashing waves, you are welcomed to make a booking for it.  We are just happy to ride the complimentary ones at 1000 hours outside Serai.

It seemed like this holiday marked a whole lot of Firsts for the family! It was Faye's first swim in the FAMILY POOL. She was hesitant and insecure, especially when she could not recognise her daddy behind those dark sunglasses. After soaking in the cheerful atmosphere of children splashing around in euphoric giggles, she started to feel a lot more settled in the wading pool. Shortly after, we moved to the main part of the pool for those thunder-thigh kicks.

The family pool overlooks the beach and the Andaman Sea. Four pools in one, its unique design incorporates different areas and depths for maximum privacy and safety for all ages, alongside waterfalls, fountains and underwater jets.

Every morning was fun-filled to the brim, we anticipated 3-hour naps from the children in the afternoon. With that, mommy and daddy sneaked out for a 120 minute SPA SESSION each on two separate days. The Four Seasons team were optimistic about having us in for their couple's retreat, leaving behind our toddler and baby in the care of their babysitters. As much as we would like to give Raja & Ratu a try, we thought it would be less stressful on every one if we took our turns on separate days to watch the kids.

Raja & Ratu (King & Queen) is a 120 minute designed for couples to experience together. This ritual focuses on three specific chakras - sacral, heart and crown - to maximise emotional and sexual connection, love and universal blessing. Exquisite oils of mawar (the oil of love), bunga limau (bliss) and bunga melur (for stimulating the flow of love) result in a beautiful union of mind, body and spirit. This journey of love concludes with a traditional blessing ceremony.

Regretfully, it is a ritual that needs to be done as a couple. So, we had to give it a miss and experience an individual treatment from The Geo Spa instead. Spas after Spas after Spas I had patronised but none like what I experienced at Four Seasons Resort. As if I was hypnotised, I fell into a sleep so serene I woke up felling invigorated. The kneads and gentle touches from my therapist took all my tensions away. It was then that I realised that I much needed this break from the daily routines at home. It felt like a dream.

Mommy's Geo Spa Experience includes a massage and a facial.

URUT MELAYU | Long, rhythmic strokes, kneading and the use of grounding oils epitomise the urut technique, used by Malays for generations to relieve tension, release endorphins and lull stressed bodies and minds into peaceful slumber.

ANANDA FACE THERAPY | Meaning “divine bliss” in Sanskrit, this delicate yet nourishing treatment uses purest ayer mawar, an essential oil that is deeply regenerative for both body and mind. Gentle connection with specific energy points removes tension and toxins, opening the energy centres of the face and working with the body’s blissful higher energy to restore inner harmony and glowing skin.

Daddy's Geo Spa Experience, the MASCULINE VIGOUR AND VITALITY is a ritual that uses powerful indigenous herbs and targeted techniques to strengthen and boost male vigour and virility. Purification with kemenyan smudging is followed by an invigorating scrub, a steam and a deep tissue Keringanan Massage using tongkat ali oil, an indigenous testosterone-enhancing herb known to promote masculine energy. Strengthening shilajit, cedarwood, akar wangi and chendana support the process, while kidney packs and a tongkat ali and fresh ginseng cell wrap intensify healing blood flow to the body’s centre of reproductive control.

There are six "floating" spa pavilions flanked by towering limestone cliffs. The dramatic spa complex draws on an abundance of natural resources long revered by Langkawians for their healing benefits. It reconnects guests to the Geopark's natural heritage. To the left of the spa, we will be treated with pavilions situated in the setting of lush rainforests. To the right, pavilions give out an earthly aura with ancient rock formations as its backdrop.  The Geo Spa experience is always unique, depending on each therapist and pavilion.

Now tell me. Have you heard of any Spas that welcome children? This one does! FAMILY “KELUARGA” RITUAL is a family bonding Geo Spa treatment! A nurturing and unifying ritual for parents and children that is both beneficial and fun, comprising a salt scrub, mud wrap, cleansing bath, crystal massage and special celebration of togetherness. I am more than pleased to find out that children are always treated as guests, even at their spa.

With all these pampering we received, we got more energetic by the day. These action-packed activities are catered to older children and they were uncertain [as much as we were] if Ewan would want to have a go at ARCHERY, ROCK CLIMBING AND JET-SKI. Despite that, they still planned it into our stay for the experience. Even if Ewan backed out, daddy could have some great fun as well.

Within the resort lies a quiet bend into a canopy of luscious greenery that they had transformed into an archery range and rock climbing site. Azmani, our archery and rock-climbing instructor, took us by a buggy to scale an impressive 12-metre limestone cliff and a hit bulls-eyes onto the target. Not as simple as it sounds!

The archery range enables beginners and intermediates alike to shoot with a recurved longbow and a full-sized target board. Azmani guided both Ewan and daddy to a quick game of a dozen arrows. At an impressionable age of two, it is not easy to keep Ewan's attention for too long so everything we do, it needs to be engaging and accelerated. He was intrigued by the colourful arrows and could not stop playing with them. When it came his turn, Azmani took him right in front of the target board and showed him how to hold, aim and shoot! It must had been a pretty amazing experience for him.

Located at the same site sits a limestone outcrop with four different levels to suit varying abilities. A brief walk across the cliff followed by a thrilling abseil back to terra firma completes this unique two-hour experience. Ewan could not try this because the harness was too large for him. Children as young as five can become intrepid jungle explorers during mini rock-climbing and abseiling activities, scrambling up and down heights of up to five metres under the watchful eye of highly experienced staff. Azmani allowed daddy to choose his "level" and guess what he chose! The Kids' Level! *hahhaha* Oh well, I cannot blame that big strong man can I? It was his first try at rock-climbing. First step, second step, *OUCH* his knee was scrapped! Ewan supervised the climb as though he was worried for his father's safety and deserved an award as Best Supporter. When Meyer finally came down, Ewan gave him his loudest applause with a "YAY!".

Then the son said, "Daddy I want to climb too!"

WATER SPORTS is a Must-Do if you are going on a beach holiday. It was also our first try on the Jet-Ski. We prepared Ewan for the ride on land, bringing him to the water-sports hut where all the vehicles and gears were kept. He pretend-played on the stationary jet-ski, climbing all over it and holding onto the handles as if he was really riding it. When daddy was ready to hit the waters, Ewan screeched with delight that he was allowed to follow. He watched intently as the jet ski was brought down the beach and into the crashing waves; took precautionary steps into the sea and grabbed onto the handle bars really tightly. I photographed the father and son duo as they jet off further away from me. I thought to myself how brave my toddler was and he impressed me time and time again this holiday with all the new sport he was willing to try.

I could not stop laughing when daddy came back saying, "Your son kept telling me to slow down and when I am only riding at 30km/hr! I'm leaving him here with you and heading out myself. Ciao!"

Four Seasons Resort Langkawi is located in Southeast Asia's first UNESCO Geopark, home to ancient rock formations, mysterious mangroves, precipitous rainforest and endless beaches. Backed by towering cliffs and flourishing rainforest, is beach is just a short boat ride from the world-renowned mangroves of the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park, offering incredible up-close encounters with monkeys, eagles, mudfish, bats and fiddler crabs. We even saw a snake resting on a branch at arms' length. It was an eye-opener for us. What more did it meant for a boy like Ewan. The MANGROVE AND EAGLE SAFARI was an educational trip for the family. It is the highlight of many a family vacation.

A conversation daddy held with Ewan over ice-cream by Boat Quay in Singapore showed us how this boat trip had left a mark on him.

Daddy: Look at the boats Ewan!
Ewan: Where are the eagles daddy?

We took a five days four nights vacation to Four Seasons Resort in Langkawi. If we had one more day, we would explore Langkawi’s rural landscape by bicycle for a unique glimpse into the local kampong life on a guided tour and probably join the Asian Cooking Class & Junior Masterchef programme for a cook-out.

There are kid-specific, adult-only and family-friendly activities all within one resort. As they would call it, a multifaceted family fun resort. They did it for us and we are sure they will for you.

Four Seasons Resort, Langkawi
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  1. Wow I can't believe there are so many things to do at this resort and the pool is amazing! Almost like a mini Club Med! Would love to visit the Four Seasons Langkawi one day for a short getaway. Thanks for sharing :D

    1. Oh Yes Angie. Like a mini Club Med and I WANT TO GO TO CLUB MED! Never been to one in my life! haha

  2. Love your family photos. I like the fact that there are many activities that are suitable for older kids and this seems like a very nice place to go without my children complaining the indoor playground is too kiddy or boring. Thanks for sharing

    1. It's wonderful for family but unlike Club Med, everything is chargeable on top of the accommodation lor *sobs sobs* but it is also a very beautiful resort to go without the children. There's a separate adult pool that is so private and serene.

  3. With this many activities, 5D4N would definitely be too short. The thing about travelling with kids is that, everything seems to take so much longer. From toileting, transport etc. To really enjoy, I think I would need at least 2 weeks! :)

    1. hahahah I agree! If money wasn't an issue, one month also good hahahaha

  4. How come every time I hop to your blog, I am very sure that I have read it before and commented before, but I cannot find my comment?? Anyway I super love it that they allow young children on the jet ski in tandem.. Reminds me to the luge we went for!

    1. No comments leh. You definitely read it but probably didn't leave your mark =) They made it an exception for us and I was thankful. It was an experience I appreciated them for giving Ewan.

  5. So many interesting activities within the resort! Hope to bring my children there one day.

  6. Langkawi is a beautiful place!! I went on sort of a backpacking trip with my classmates after graduation. We just drove and drove and stopped wherever we wanted. Didnt know there is such an awesome resort. With the kids in toll now, family-friendly resort definitely helps make the holiday more fun!

    Shirley @ SAys! Happy Mums

    1. Oh Shirley, it's such a nice and small island to drive about. It's so easy to navigate there too =) I hope you'll have a chance to indulge in a Four Seasons experience some day!

  7. Wow, what a lot of activities within the resort including pony rides, water sports and rock climbing. Indeed a family centric resort.

  8. Love the Batik painting by little Ewan.Thanks for sharing this post. I love that there are so many things to do and you are surrounded by so much Nature. Will put this down as a possible destination for our short family trips. :-)


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