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The first purchase I made at GiveFun was a set of eight flower pom poms. I had a vision of how her nursery would look like and pom poms were to replace the usual boring Brahms Lullaby cot mobile. They do not sing a happy tune but they swing to any hint of a breeze. 

GiveFun carries a total of 18 colours to their range of pom poms. Frankly speaking, I find it very hard to settle on a colour theme. I was spoilt for choice! Eventually, we decided on light brown, baby pink and cream. No, they do not come fluffed up in balls. You will have to Do It Yourself. Instructions are included in the package and it is so simple to set up. Even a non-crafty person like daddy dearest can pull it off rather easily. We hung them up using 3M Command adhesives and bought a reel of thin fishing wire to hang the pom poms up at various lengths. 

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On Ewan's 2nd birthday, we ordered a 16-inch Number 2 gold foil balloon and a dozen of purple & silver helium balloons. There is an option for home delivery or self pick-up. When you choose to pick your orders, GiveFun will drop you a whatsapp message to confirm on pick up time and venue.  I love how personalised they are rather than dropping an email that we might miss.

We organised a birthday party in Ewan's school but was cancelled due to a possibility of him contracting Hand Foot Mouth Disease from daddy. On the same morning, Faye was rushed to the A&E at NUH to check for bronchitis. It was a happy day turned disastrous and I was supposed to pick up my purchase from GiveFun on the same day! Very quickly, I informed them of the situation and re-scheduled the pick-up to another time slot. They were extremely accommodating and even okay-ed to my request of dropping a couple of balloons to the order because we could not make it to the school party. A cash refund was made on the spot and I was extremely grateful to the flexibility they exercised. Of course, that is because the balloons were not blown up yet. Big Mental Note: Please do not abuse their kindness and insist on a refund should you over-order alright? Be an ethical customer.

We celebrated Ewan's birthday at home with no invitees but the balloons from GiveFun lightened up the whole mood! We had fun taking pictures for keepsake and singing Happy Birthday to the boy who turned Two. 

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The best thing out of this order is: I get to re-use them! The 16-inch Number 2 gold foil balloon can be deflated by sticking a straw to the bottom and releasing the air out. Little Faye can use it once again when she turns two! As for the helium balloons? They lasted only eight hours and when they fell to the ground, I took the chance to set 17-day old Faye up on a flying expedition.

My next order was beyond imagination. I cannot commend GiveFun enough for this shopping experience. I was already in the hospital awaiting for Faye's arrival. I could not sleep from too much excitement and decided to make an urgent purchase on a set of buntings at 4am. I visualised Faye in her hospital cot, lined with buntings to celebrate her first day. I checked out my purchase with a courier service. The buntings actually arrived in the hospital on the same day at 12pm! They've processed the order first thing in the morning and got it sent out immediately. I got the buntings in time for Faye's debut.

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As usual, I found a different use to the buntings when we got home - set the book nook up with party vibrancy! They were blu-tagged on the wall and side of the cot. Also, I had them cut up into threes instead of a 2.3m long bunting. How do you like the idea?

For Faye's first month party, we had F.A.Y.E in 16-inch gold foil balloons and 35 helium balloons for all our little friends! After the party, I had F.A.Y.E deflated and kept in a box. Should we need any letters (or number) in the near future, I'll just stick a straw in and blow it up!

Thank you GiveFun for sprucing up the party and a bigger thank you for extending a storewide 10% off to all our readers for an extended period!

Discount Code: mayxgf
ends 31st August 2014

Pick-Up Address: Blk 2, Holland Drive
(by the way, if you are wondering, we could fit all 35 balloons in a 4-door saloon car)

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